Best Outdoor String Lights With Timer In 2022

If you are looking for the best Outdoor String Lights With Timer, you are at the right place. Imagine preparing your garden for a party but having to constantly watch the lights in case they needed to be turned back on when there is a power dip. Well, no need to do that when you have an outdoor light set up with a timer.

A single set of string lights with a timer can make your home space unique and attractive by promoting outdoor space. If you put them on your deck or balcony railing or else Christmas tree you use string lights with the timer to decorate outdoor, So you will have a great creative scene.

For those who want to make every party occasion very good and special, these outdoor string lights with timers are the best and unique. Best outdoor battery string lights with timers have proved to be very useful and easy, especially you get string lights with the best timer facility for a very good and long time.

Here are many options for outdoor string lights with the timer to choose the lights. But if you come to confusion, which of these are to choose or which are of very good quality?

So for that, you can compare brightness, color, length, and price of string lights with a timer. Sometimes it also gets difficult. That’s why I’m going to review the best string lights with a timer and try to help you decide.

Top 5 Best Outdoor String Lights With Timer

Are you searching for a good deal on a review of the best outdoor string lights with timers?  There are a lot of options when it comes to outdoor string lights with timers. I’ve researched the top brands both on Amazon and Home Depot. I’ve included a list of what to look for, along with the pros and cons of each type of timer. I have made a list of the top 5 best Outdoor String Lights With timers on the market, read them to learn more.

Amazon’s ChoiceAmazon’s Choice
Minetom – Best Outdoor String Lights with Timer
  • Battery Time:24/7 Non-Stop
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Number of Lights:20
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Koopower Outdoor Fairy String Lights
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Voltage:‎4.5 Volts
  • Wattage:4.5 watts
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Amazon’s ChoiceAmazon’s Choice
Brightown outdoor string lights wirecutter
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Type of Bulb:‎LED
  • Number of Lights:40
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Amazon’s ChoiceAmazon’s Choice
BOHON outdoor battery string lights
  • Power Source:‎Battery Powered
  • Voltage:‎4.5 Volts
  • Number of Lights: 40 LEDs
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Amazon’s ChoiceAmazon’s Choice
BOHON heart-shaped lights decorations
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Voltage:4.5 Volts
  • Shape: Heart Shaped
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1. Minetom Outdoor String Lights with Timer

Minetom fairy string lights with a timer are very perfect and unique to create a harmonious and romantic environment for your home. When you put string lights in a glass jar the lights look like many stars shining. The switch to the left on the right has three positions. Press the switch between which you can turn on the timer function for 6 hours, and off for 18th hours. Timer batteries last for about 48 hours you can use them 24/7 without stopping.

Product Details:-

 Outdoor Fairy string lights

fairy LED string lights create brightness warm unique Atmosphere. Fairy outdoor string lights create the sparkling Glow.

Steady timer on or off

The switch to the left on the right has three positions. Press the switch between which you can turn on the timer function for 6 hours, and off for 18th hours.


Fairy string lights with timers are high-quality waterproof but the battery case is not waterproof. If you used outdoor these fairy string lights with a timer, Please wrap the battery in the waterproof box and use it outdoors.

Flexible and molded

Easily twisted into different shapes, Because of high-quality copper wire with flexibility. So you wrapped around easily Christmas trees, make different shapes for outdoor decorations, and wrap them on furniture, safe to touch.


The part of the string of the waterproof outdoor string light is waterproof, That’s why you can sink in water. Not a short circuit issue. They will not be hot even after hours of use and you can even touch them for fear of burning. Fairy outdoor battery string lights with a timer have unique brightness and make a warm white scene with warm white lights. 

These outdoor string lights with timers are easily wrapped around Christmas trees, wreaths, furniture, and more outdoor decorations. Timer with long time battery you used them 24/7 without non-stop. Perfect decorations for rooms, wedding centerpieces, Christmas trees, Valentine’s day, etc.


  • Wire Color: Silver 
  • Mason jars Lights Number: 20
  • Power Source: Battery 
  • Bulbs Type: LED


  • Flexible and molded
  • Timer with long battery time
  • Used 24/7 non-stop
  • Waterproof is even used in water


  • The battery case is not waterproof
  • Expensive

Best Outdoor String Lights With Timer

2. Koopower Outdoor Fairy String Lights With Rand Timer

The Koopower outdoor battery string lights with timer and timer fairy string lights Can resist water very effectively, dust and fog. This ensures that these, Fairy string lights can normally work indoors and outdoors, While freeing the socket.

Koopower battery-operated fairy string lights with remote and timer are ideal for wedding decorations, gatherings, home decorations carnivals, Christmas tree decorations, and birthday parties. It makes everyone happy by brightening the night and by making sweet memories with everyone that joins in a perfectly pleasant time.

Product Details:-

Easily remote controlled

Fairy string lights with wireless remote control and timer functions can be controlled by simply pressing a button.

Forget timing function

This remote control automatically turns off power due to the timer function, which causes you to free yourself mentally. When you forget by setting the switch on the timer, the set timer system automatically all the work about fairy string lights off or on.

Memory function and 8 blinking modes

These fairy string lights with timers have 8 variable blinking modes and provide endless possibilities for decorative demands. Bring a great visual invitation to you. This memory function ensures that the fairy string lights with the best timer will work in the same mode the next time the mode is selected.

IP65 waterproof & dustproof

Fairy string lights with timers are waterproof IP65 and dustproof, that’s why IP65 level makes fairy string lights decorative lights useful for outdoor and indoor.

Timer programming

Once these string lights with timers are selected then lights will start 6 hours timing setting at 18 hours off cycling every 24 hours. The timing setting lasts until the switch is turned off or the battery runs out. When reminding yourself to turn off the lights after lying on a bed or couch without a having that enables you to make the most of your time.


Steady on Fade slow Combination In waves Glo slow Flashing/chasing Flashing/twinkling Sequencing Cable clear in mounted, This outdoor battery string lights with timer mounted gives your Christmas decorations a beautiful head and fine unique attractive warmth and your all decorations.

Fairy string lights with timers are weatherproof and waterproof. This same rating of ip65 waterproof protects these outdoor Christmas lights from being destroyed by water, fog, dust, and rain, Thus outdoor string lights with timers are very unique to save your time from fairy string lights with timers from care under bed weather conditions.

Fairy outdoor string lights with timers are dimmable and bendable. Controlled to adjust the brightness of Fairy string lights just on the remote press the DIM – or press DIM+ as you prefer. Fairy outdoor string lights with timers are bendable and molded easily and make any shapes you want.

The best timer memory function is unique for saving your time to take care of these fairy string lights and timer functions. Best decorations gathering, home, living room, wreath, wedding Christmas trees, and outdoor all-over Decorations.


  • Manufactured by: Shenzhen Yi Feng Yuan
  • Color: white
  • Voltage: volt 4.5 
  • Bulbs type: LED
  • Battery cell types: alkaline


  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Bendable
  • Memory function in timer


  • Expensive

Best Outdoor String Lights With Timer

3. Brightown Outdoor string lights

These leaf string lights the vivid real maple leaves of these grateful lights look like real autumn leaves. Dynamic true color maple leaves create warmth and a natural environment. These best outdoor battery string lights with timer premium fabric maple waterproof leaf and waterproof strings. Thanksgiving & Halloween are perfect decorations for indoor and outdoor.

Product Details:-

8 modes of lighting

You can go up to 32 feet and control the remote while keeping it in hand. 8 modes of working you can choose easily, 1, Slow glow, 2. Combination, 3. sequencing, 4. Flashing and chasing, 5. In waves, 6. Steady on.

Timer and dimmer

The timer function on the remote turns on the lights for 6 hours and then automatically turns off 18 hours each day. You use the dimmer function to determine 10-level brightness.

Waterproof and safe

These leaf-led string lights are reliable and safe for use, even after many hours, there is keep lower temperature. Endurable and waterproof fabric maple leaf string lights and, The battery case will assure you of the expected light effect and quality.

Indoor and outdoor usage

These decorative Thanksgiving leaf string lights are used freely for outdoor/indoor decoration lights. Leaf string lights are freely used reason because they a waterproof. Ideal and perfect ambiance mood decorations for your living room, garden, balcony, patio wedding, and especially Christmas tree decorations.


Thanksgiving fall maple leaf string lights, Length 20 feet, Garland string lights with battery operated with timer, and premium lights beads. The battery box is IP44 waterproof, and you can easily switch your favorite flashing/twinkling mode by pressing a button on the battery box, You can easily place it anywhere because of qualified waterproofing. You just need to purchase 3AA batteries, these batteries are replaceable. You have 8 choices in these leaf string lights to create a joyful and warm Christmas/Thanksgiving atmosphere.


  • Maple leaf realistic:
  • Size of leaf: 9.5 in x 9.6in
  • Quantity LED: 40 LED
  • Quantity leaf: 80pcs
  • Material: silk cloth and plastic polyester
  • Vivid and durable
  • Color: Orange
  • Leaf shape: maple leaves
  • Bulbs type: LED


  • Waterproof leaf
  • Timer with waterproof battery
  • Safe to touch


  • Expensive

Best Outdoor String Lights With Timer

4. BOHON Outdoor Battery String Lights With Timer

If you are holding a children’s party, these creative acrylic outdoor battery string lights with timers are very good and unique for the children’s party. Children and other guests will love the atmosphere of very unique, beautiful effects made by the Bohon, and Bohon focuses on decorative lights.

These creative pumpkin string lights enhance your all parties. What’s more, You can easily change the modes of flickers by remote-controlled like your mood in the outdoor and indoor atmosphere.

Product Details:-

Charming decorations:

This orange decoration will make your party a four-moon charming little pumpkin in the form of lights. Ideal decorations for Christmas trees and outdoors.

Portable & waterproof

IP64 waterproof with the small battery box you placed and carry anywhere you like. Remote capable, 3AA batteries last approximately 30 hours.

Safe to touch

The special design of Halloween decorations is little charming pumpkin string lights. Pumpkin LED string lights are not overheated even used after many hours. No short circuit issue by rainy weather, dust, fog, etc.

Timer function

When you set up the timer, The pumpkin string lights will be 2 hours on and then 6 hours off daily.


Pumpkin string lights with timers are easily used for outdoor and indoor because qualified waterproof lights. LED pumpkin string Fairy lights are perfect for your wedding decorations, Thanksgiving, bedroom decorations, Christmas trees Halloween and other decorations. These pumpkin LED string lights with a timer make a romantic and warm atmosphere for your room and all over your house. Perfect and suitable for all types of decorations.


  • Lights number: 40 LEDs
  • Length: 10 ft
  • Shapes: pumpkin
  • Material: copper and plastic
  • Powered batteries: 3x AA
  • Bulbs type: LED
  • Voltage: 4.5
  • Color orange


  • Waterproof
  • Safe to touch 


  • Expensive

Best Outdoor String Lights With Timer

5. BOHON Heart-shaped Lights Decorations

These red heart-shaped twinkle fairy string lights have been specially prepared for Christmas and valentine’s day parties. And it makes a very wonderful and attractive environment on your special occasions.

You can apply these lights on a timer with remote control, and enjoy your party with your guests. These heart-shaped fairy string lights have an auto-timer function and save you time.

Product Details:-

Perfect decorations

 unique perfect and wonderful decorations for your Valentine’s gift for Valentine’s day, birthday party, wedding decorations, outdoor/ indoor decorations, and especially your Christmas trees and Christmas party, and other celebration occasions. It can easily be hung on Windows, walls, railings, doors, pianos, floors, gardens, and curtains.

Portable and waterproof

You put heart-shaped twinkle fairy string lights easily anywhere because they with a small IP64 waterproof battery box.

Timer function

You set up easily Timer and the heart-shaped fairy string lights are 6 hours off and the lights will be on hours per day. timer with dimmer, you controlled by a remote just press a button and chose the flicker mode, remote-controlled range is around 5 meters.


Energy LED heart-shaped string lights are not overheated and are safe to touch. These string lights are flexible copper wire molded and bendable, you make easily any shape, that you want.

The battery box is sealed by a silicone protecting ring, that’s why battery boxes are qualified waterproof and you used them in every weather Even in rainy and fog, and dusty weather. No short circuit issue.


  • Remote function: auto-timer: 2 hours/ 6 hours
  • Speed: speed up and down both
  • Color: red
  • Shape heart-shaped
  • Voltage: 4.5
  • Bulbs type: LED
  • Special features dimmable


  • Auto timer function
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive

Best Outdoor String Lights With Timer

Buyer Guide:-

How Do Outdoor String Lights With Timers?

Lighting is one of the most important elements in decorating your home for every event and Christmas. In our homes, Christmas trees and all kinds of decorations are enough to have these fairy string lights with timers.

These lights play a very important role to decorate the Christmas tree and all kinds of decorations. waterproof fairy string lights with timers can easily be used outdoors. And having an automatic feature in the timer of fairy string outdoor lights saves us time.

In any season of weather, it is easy to use the lights for decoration outside the house. Waterproof string waterproof battery box. Due to being waterproof, there is no short circuit in the rain. When you set up the timer once, the string lights will be 2 hours and then 6 hours per day. 

What Do You Need To Know About Outdoor String Lights With Timers?

Outdoor string lights with timers are indispensable lights. The pretty lights can help you create a romantic atmosphere for yourself and your beloved ones. They will be the best decoration for your wedding, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, etc. However, some people don’t know how to install string lights. So how to install the string lights? Here are some tips.

Best Outdoor LED string lights with battery-operated Timers/remote control battery-operated timers/battery-operated timers are best for every kind of decoration. These Thanksgiving fairy string lights have the function of dimmer and timer and lighting 8 modes, you can change easily by remote control and set up the timer.

These lights are flashing/twinkling, sequencing, Clear cable mounted, different modes, molded bendable flexible, waterproof, weatherproof, dustproof, automatic memory timer function, charming brightness, and warmth romantic Atmospheric color characteristic.

Perfect For Outdoor Decorations, like a wedding party, garden, patio, balcony, or Christmas trees, and easy hanging on Windows, walls, doors, curtains, and wrapped around Christmas trees, furniture making different shapes for outdoor decorations. You may use them as a Firefly to decorate the party and they keep you relaxed and happy.

How to add a timer to battery-operated lights?

You could use a mechanical timer that can be set to turn your lights on at certain times of the day. For example, if you buy a mechanical timer that can be set to turn on your porch light, then turn at 9:00 pm, then come back on at 6:00 am.

The only problem with these types of timers is that they can be a little more expensive than some of the newer digital timers. The other option would be to use a digital timer, which would be more affordable and easier to use.

It is very easy to add a timer to battery-operated lights. You can buy a timer from a local hardware store, or from an online electronics store, and start wiring. Follow the photo below to wire it:

Can battery-operated lights be put on a timer?

It is possible to put battery-operated lights on a timer. But first, you have to make sure the lights are indeed battery-operated. If they are not, then it is impossible to put them on a timer. If they are indeed battery-operated then it is possible to put them on a timer. Just be sure to buy a timer that is compatible with the type of battery the lights are using.

Yes, you can put them on a timer. The simplest way to do this would be to buy a timer that operates at 120 Vac. Timers are available at most hardware stores. Plug the timer into the 120 Vac outlet, plug the lights into the timer, and set the timer to turn on and off. You can also use your computer to operate your lights on a schedule. I set my lights on a schedule so they don’t stay on all night long.

How do you turn on the LED with the remote?

You turn the LED on with the remote by clicking the Color button, then the LED button. You can also do the same with the buttons on the remote. The remote control can turn on the LED of the bracelet. If you want to turn on the LED of the bracelet, the remote control has to be close to the bracelet. If you do not use the remote control for a while, the LED will turn off automatically.

What Kind of Outdoor String Lights Do I Need?

You have a few options when it comes to selecting outdoor string lights. You can choose from different styles, sizes, and colors. For example, you can choose between pendant lights, chandeliers, or even solar lights. These are all great options.

You should always make sure that you are purchasing the right kind of outdoor string lights for your needs. For example, if you are planning to hang your lights from trees, you will need a special kind of lighting. If you are hanging your lights from the ceiling, you will need a different kind of lighting.

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