8 Best Green LED Light Strip For Home & Office

Green LED light strips are great for decorating. Both interior and exterior. In fact, these lights can create a beautiful effect near your patio doors or around your garden. They can even provide a memorable atmosphere at parties and celebrations. More so, they are relatively cheap in price compared to other options such as lighting design. For this reason, they’ve increased in popularity in recent years.

Green led light strip is a new technology developed rapidly. This light is mainly used for indoor lighting. The main material of this light is the green phosphor material, which has a very good effect on people’s eyesight. If you need the coolest and most useful invention, the Green LED Light Strip is the one. A Green light strip can improve your mood, and it will bring a fresh ambiance to a room.

Best Green LED Light Strip

If you are looking to buy a green led light strip, then you’ll have more choices than you imagine. There are many different styles and types of green led lights for different purposes.

Some are cheaper than others, but there’s not much point in buying cheap green led lights as they will not last nearly as long as some of the more expensive options. Don’t just grab the first one that you see; consider what it is being used for before making your purchase.

1. SUPERNIGHT Green LED Light Strip

SUPERNIGHT Green LED Strip is the ideal product for creating an atmosphere with indirect lighting. The LED flex strip is suitable for home decor, shops, and Christmas decorations. Thanks to the self-adhesive tape on the back of the LED strip, it is easy to install on smooth surfaces even by an unskilled person. Fast connectors can be purchased separately, which would make installation easier and quicker.

The LED strip covers all areas of holiday lighting, from practical applications like task lighting to fun and festive areas like holiday wreaths. It is an extremely flexible and durable LED Strip. The non-waterproof version has 2 ropes of LEDs on it. It is easy to install, just plug in and play.

This Green LED strip light is an amazing decorative solution for various kinds of purposes. You can use the light strip for themed parties, bars, and clubs, home decoration, holidays, or even some special occasions like stage lighting, shopping centers, even your car interior, or outdoor use in suitable weather.


2. Sengled Smart LED Strip Lights

With the Smart Home Sengled Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights, you can create a customizable light display in any room. These WiFi LED lights are great for adding an accent color, or decorative lighting to your home theater, back yard, kitchen, and more. They are also perfect for entertainment purposes like setting the mood with the audio sync function.

The Sengles LED strip lights are the perfect solution for rooms with a TV or desk. These lights are installed on the wall and have a USB port to power them. They can also be controlled with a smartphone, tablet, or through the included remote control.

The Sengled Lightstrip Plus is easy to install and offers versatile and convenient programming options. They are available in two lengths: 2.25″ or 6.5 inches, and come with an adhesive backing to stick securely to your wall, or you can use screws if needed.


3. Elgato Green Led Strip Lights 12v

Finely tuned for color accuracy and intensity, Elgato Light Strip generates an impressive 2,000 lumens of warm or cool white light and a wide spectrum of vivid colors. It features long-lasting RGBWW LEDs that are significantly brighter than regular 5050 LEDs to deliver full-spectrum lighting that’s ideal for work or play. The included adhesive is strong enough to keep it in place, and it can be bent and cut as needed.

The Elgato Light Strip lets you cast a perfect glow from any angle. Get creative with advanced color mixing and expand your spectrum beyond RGB. Control via the app on Mac/Windows/iPhone/Android or integrate into Stream Deck to take your content creation to new heights.

You can instantly add millions of highly customizable, programmable RGBWW colors to your setup with the Elgato Light Strip. Optimized for video streaming, these controllable lights can be mounted anywhere and used for pure décor or as an illuminating background to highlight tasks. Sync directly with Elgato Stream Deck, or control manually via the free Elgato Control Center app.


  • Constant intensity without flicker
  • Easy to bend and cut to fit
  • Integration with Stream Deck provides one-touch tactic control
  • Strong tesa adhesive back
  • App control on Mac/Windows/iPhone/Android

Elgato RGB Light Strip Light

  • Quickly and easily control
  • With the touch of a button
  • Sync your lights with your music and videos
  • The light adhesive tape is very weak.



4. Geeni Prisma USB Multicolor Smart LED Strip Lights

Geeni Prisma Strip USB Smart LED Strip Lights are the perfect indoor or outdoor decoration. Using your phone, change the color and brightness of 2M of LED lights to fit your mood or personality. You can even create scenes or routines to automate this. The strong adhesive allows you to install it anywhere that needs some color and vibrancy in its life.

Say goodbye to tedious setups and clunky LED light strips. The Geeni Prisma green LED light strip set installs in seconds for transformative home lighting. Simply plug in the WiFi-connected smart LED controller and stick on the adhesive strip lights wherever you want them. From there, access your color-changing LED lights from anywhere with the free Geeni app.

With intelligent light strips, routine color changing has never been easier. Customize your entire space with brilliant color and illuminate any room with vibrant tones. Create dynamic lighting effects to give your home the illusion of movement or color. Pair Prisma Strip lights with other Geeni smart home devices to complete your smart home experience. Works with Alexa and Google Assistant for convenient voice control!


  • Fun, flexible, and easy to install
  • Use the Geeni app to set up in minutes
  • Automatically adjust temperature and brightness.
  • Control favorite music, movies, and games using lights.
  • Set lights to wake you up, entertain your friends, or keep the party going!
  • Control lights with voice commands using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and more!

Geeni Prisma USB Multicolor Smart LED Strip Lights

  • No hub required
  • Easy voice control
  • Strong adhesive for superior adhesion
  • It does not work with 5G spectrum routers

5. Amazon Basics Green Led Lights Outdoor

Enhance your living space with this Amazon Basics green LED light strip with 288 LEDs. The 18-foot strip has end-to-end connectors that connect up to 3 strips, making it perfect for upper cabinets, under-cabinet lighting, indoor bars, and various mood lighting applications. Use the included mounting hardware to hang the light strip in any desired location.

If you want to add bright, stylish accent lighting to your home, office, or restaurant, take a look at this quality Amazon Basics 288 LED Indoor Outdoor Green Strip Light. It features 288 energy-efficient LED lights arranged along a compact 18-foot strip that uses minimal energy yet delivers powerful illumination.

Provides an easy and cost-effective way to add a touch of visual interest and enhance the atmosphere around any area. Ideal for accent or mood lighting in a variety of settings the light strip is waterproof for safe use in outdoor spaces. Use up to three 18-foot strips on standard 120V outlets, or connect more units together with the included splitter and male/female connectors (total of 54-foot length).


  • Low voltage and can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Safely light up any area for a beautiful atmosphere.
  • The indoor version can be cut to length and easily mounted.
  • Ideal for accent or mood lighting in a variety of settings.
  • Connects end-to-end with commercial-grade connectors.

Amazon Basics Green Led Lights Outdoor


6. Alpena Green 24-Inch LED Strip Light

Alpena Green 24-Inch Max LED Strip is a versatile way to accent your vehicles. It comes in green color and offers bright, energy-efficient SMD LED chips in a flexible design. This LED strip comes with the highest quality 3M foam tape and can be cut to size for custom applications.

The Max green LED light strip features an ultra-thin and flexible design allowing you to mount it almost anywhere. A self-adhering backing and easy plug-and-play installation provide a quick way to upgrade any vehicle with a stylish, custom look. Use the 24″ Max LED Strip as accents under your doors, in the engine bay, or on the off-road accessories.


Brightown green LED light strips are connected to 100 super bright led bulbs with a steady 360-degree viewing angle which illuminates in every direction. The led string lights produce a warm white soft glow which lends a festive touch to varied areas such as lamp boxes, porch, gardens, yard, patio, and more. These outdoor solar-powered string lights are solidly engineered to stand any weather, either rain, sun, or snow for year-round use.

All the components are waterproof (IP65), making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage without any worry of short circuits or weather damage (can’t be immersed in water). With 8 impressive lighting modes including steady on/off, slow fade/flash, twinkle/flash, etc., you are sure to create different aesthetic ambiances with ease. 

Brightown IP65 Waterproof Solar String Lights are designed with 33 feet in length, 100 super bright LED bulbs, and fade-resistant multicolor wire. It is the perfect combination of form and functionality. From bedside to the backyard, deck to door frame, Brightown Solar String Lights make an ideal addition to your solar LED light collection with their long-lasting durability and fantastic features.


  • High quality, durability, and reliability.
  • Bright with 100 LEDs, super bright and vibrant.
  • Superior quality solar panel and inbuilt battery.
  • Multiple lighting modes and modes of operation.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoor.

Brightown Green Outdoor Battery Operated Lights


  • Super shine
  • High solar powered efficiency
  • Flexible and shapable copper wire

  • Short section



FAQs – Green LED Light Strip

Is green LED light good for skin?

LED light therapy is one of the best non-invasive and effective methods to cure many skin ailments. Green LED light has more efficacy than other colors. It works by emitting light in your peripheral vision, which increases cell metabolism.

This leads to skin cell rejuvenation and a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and even acne. Green LED light is a natural anti-inflammatory, and it has been found to have immediate anti-aging effects. It also helps to reduce inflammation and the risk of acne.

Do green LED lights help with headaches?

Green lights are said to be good for headaches because they are not harsh on your eyes, the colors under 600nm are said to relieve headaches only. The color of green lights is 507 ± 25 nm and can be found in the green colors of LEDs. However, the blue lights are also said to be good for headaches, especially the ones above 400 nm, this color can be found in the blue colors of LEDs.

The good thing about LED lights is that they could be changed according to your preference ( color and intensity of the light ).

Is green LED light good for sleep?

Light at night has been shown to suppress the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate circadian rhythms. Exposure to light at night can delay the release of melatonin for several hours, according to research studies, and this can have a direct effect on sleep. One study found that reading a book for four hours before bedtime suppressed melatonin levels by 22% and delayed the onset of sleep by 33 minutes on average.

Another study found that the use of bright white light for four hours before bedtime delayed the release of melatonin by 90 minutes, and decreased melatonin levels by more than 50%. Natural light during daytime is not a problem since it has been shown to have the opposite effect. It promotes the release of melatonin and helps you fall asleep easier.

Green LED lamps to have a daylight spectrum and can help people who work at night to get better sleep. Another option is to wear blue-blocking glasses or a blue LED-blocking screen at night. However, this is not a great option since it is hard to read or watch TV with blue-blocking glasses or screens. One solution is to get an anti-glare coating on the lenses of your glasses or on the television/screen.