Since light strings are of a low-technology nature, they’re ideal for modern design. Consequently, it seems obvious to use these devices not just in the interior but also in the exterior and kitchen areas.



The best way to light up your space is by hanging a string light in the window. However, it’s important to choose one that matches your space so that it fits the overall feel of your home.

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Diagonal string lighting positioned near the doorway of the kitchen makes for a fun decoration. It also creates visual barriers to help busy home cooks demarcate areas when space is an issue.

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Add string lighting to your cabinets! Attached it upwards, downwards or around for a fashionable display that could easily turn a regular cabinet into something so much more.

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Hand Led string lights on a shelf. Fun vintage fruity string lights on a shelf add an effervescent touch and fun feel to this delightful kitchen.

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Dining space


You can hang LED lights over your dining room table. String some lights around the table to make a barrier between your kitchen and dining space.

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Wooden Beams


Cover exposed wooden beams with string lights to make them stand out and bring warmth to the room; hang the string light fixtures over the breakfast or dining space to highlight them and make your guests feel more at home.

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