Best Ways to Use String Lights in Your Bedroom

String lights can be used in these a number of ways and places to decorate your bedroom. One option would be to hang them from the ceiling or around the edges of the room, border your bed, light up a pathway leading to your bed, and they could even create a niche within your room.


To the edge of the wall

One way to decorate your bedroom with string lights is by attaching them to the edge of a wall or ceiling. You can hang strands from the ceiling all around the edges of the room, or if you'd rather not use nails, simply attach the wire directly to the wall with plaster clips.l.


One of the best ways to decorate your bedroom is with headboards. The above example demonstrates how a wooden headboard can be magnificently used by incorporating red lighting that give off a warm and cozy glow in the room. 

Headboard with lights


The LED vine hanging lights also work well in bedrooms that already have an existing jungle theme or rooms that resemble a forest with trees. In fact, they add another layer of decoration to these types of bedroom themes because it creates a more realistic look.

LED Vine Hanging Lights for Bedroom


If you'd like your bedroom to look distinctly cozy and pretty, string lights with photos hanging from them are a great choice. Smaller bulbs are recommended for a shabby chic bedroom theme - clear for example. These bulbs come with the added bonus of being able to hold photos in between the light strings.

Room decoration lights with hanging pictures


Short strings of lights are the best kind to use in your bedroom. They have a fun, whimsical atmosphere that sets the perfect tone when you’re ready to unwind after a long day. Plus, using string lights is an easy way to make your bedroom look professionally decorated without all the hassle of doing it all yourself!

Short Strings of Lights


Bed Canopy with Lights will create a cozy and romantic environment most especially in a dorm room. Bed canopy can serve not only as your nightstand or study lamp but also as the illuminating light source during your night time reading session or as mood dependent lighting to set the right mood during extra special romantic nights.

Bed canopy with lights


Crafting heart-shaped wall art is an excellent way to create that romantic appeal in a room. Having such fabulous art in the house will surely enhance and spark the romance between you and your significant other.

Heart-shaped indoor string lights