How to dim outdoor led string lights?

Outdoor led string lights are more and more popular. You will see more and more of these pretty lights around your neighborhood during the summer season. Do you want to know how to dim outdoor led string lights? Then come with me and I am going to show you how to dim led string lights outside.

How to dim outdoor led string lights?

LEDs give off a lot of light. To dim the lights, you’ll need to either use a dimmer or an LED controller.  A dimmer can be used with incandescent bulbs as well, but dimming an LED string light running off of mains voltage will require an LED dimmable controller. Dimmer switches work by slowly turning the power on and off to the bulbs. The light dims because it is not fully on all the time, then off, then on, etc. This is why LEDs can’t be dimmed this way. You can use an LED controller to dim your lights.  This will give you the ability to dim your LEDs similar to an incandescent bulb.

A controller will take the voltage from 120V AC, and it will step it down to the proper voltage for your LEDs. The lights will dim smoothly, and the bulbs will last longer.  Because the voltage is stepped down, you will need to use special LED controllers. A normal LED driver cannot be used with mains voltage. You can purchase LED controllers at any lighting or hardware store that sells LEDs.  These will come in different voltages, so be sure to get the correct voltage for your lights.

Are feit led string lights dimmable?

For those who don’t know, feit led string lights are the best-LED lighting solutions to save energy and money. They feature smooth and flat wide spectrum light and can be made dimmable. But first, you must buy a dimmer switch to make LED lights dimmable. The dimmer switch should be UL listed and be able to work with LED lights.

At first, we were not able to dim feit led string lights as the dimmer switch we bought wasn’t powerful enough. Then we bought another dimmer switch which worked great with feit led string lights. We were able to dim the lights as low as 3% or as bright as 100%. The string lights gave out plenty of light for our needs, which was just what we wanted.

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