How to hang a pendant light in an apartment?

Hanging a pendant light in an apartment can be tricky. You want it to look clean, stylish, and modern. But you also want it to be durable, safe and holding up for a long time. I’m am going to show you how to hang a pendant light in an apartment the smart way.

How to hang a pendant light in an apartment?

When hanging pendant light in an apartment, you’ll want to measure the distance between the outlet and the ceiling and then decide where you want to mount the light. If you want the light to be located above the couch, for example, You will measure how low the sofa is from the ceiling and then hang a pendant light above the height of the sofa.

First of all, you need a hole in the ceiling to support the hanging of the pendant light. You can drill a hole in your own house or hire an electrician to do it for you. After that, you need to make sure that the electricity in the apartment does not flow. You will find a white wire in the main wire as the main power line. Cut the line and tie it up. Now you can hang the pendant light.

Pendant light by definition is hanging, so you need to install a ceiling bracket and chain mount. Even though hanging a pendant light might seem like a very simple process, if you want to do it right, you need to install a ceiling mount.

It can be challenging to attach pendant lights to an apartment. For starters, your rigging should be installed in the ceiling. You should also measure the distance between your rigging and the ceiling to make sure it will not collide with outlets or other fixtures. Every pendant light should be attached to a dedicated circuit breaker to ensure its safety.

How to hang a pendant light without a chain?

You can take any long and stiff wire, for example, an iron wire, and attach it to the pendant light. You can use electrical tape or any glue to attach the wire to the pendant light. Now you need to find a place to hide the wire inside the room. You can use any stiff and lightweight material like a curtain or a rug to hide the wire. You can also use a hollow pipe, like a PVC pipe to hide the wire. You can paint the pipe any color you wish to match the room.

How to hang a pendant light without drilling?

If you can access the ceiling from the attic, cut a hole in the ceiling, fit the light on the surface, and then patch the hole with a patch made of two parts joint compound mix and one part trowel. If you come across a hole in the roof measuring less than a foot across, you can seal it off using portable expanding foam. Then once your roof is complete, sand the entire surface to ensure that it all matches the rest of your home’s design.. Then use a finish coat of plaster mix and patching compound as a final touch.

If you have to cut a bigger hole, you should use light weight drywall over the opening, and then finish with a coat of joint compound. If you are afraid of heights and do not want to climb to the attic, you can always contact a professional electrician or registered contractor for assistance.

  • 1. The easiest way to hang a pendant light is to use a “pendant hanger” (hardware store). Just set the pendant light where you want it, and then mark where the hooks need to be with a pencil. (And yes, the hooks will be visible to some extent.)
  • 2. If #1 isn’t an option, you can use the “string-and-popsicle-stick” method. Just make a small hole in the top of the pendant (1/4 “or more), and then use awl or another tool to make a small hole in the ceiling.Then thread some strong fishing line through the top hole, pull it up through the bottom one, and tie it to the ceiling.
  • 3. If #2 isn’t an option, you can use a “pendant extender” (hardware store). Find that fits the bottom of the pendant, and use the extender to connect it to the ceiling.

How low should pendant lights hang bedroom?

Hanging ceiling lights near the floor adds a cozy atmosphere to the room. This is the trend nowadays. It is imperative not to hang them too low, as they might create a claustrophobic feeling. The light that travels straight down to the floor is more effective than the light that is spread across the ceiling. If the pendant light hangs too low, the entire room will be brightly lit but with a vast empty space in the middle.

The general rule of thumb is to have the bottom of your light fixture drop at least 30 to 36 inches below your ceiling. In order to find out how much space you have in your room, you could stand in the center of the room and use your hand to see how many inches you have between your hand and the ceiling. Then, add 6-12 inches to that measurement for the bottom of the light fixture to hang. Ideally, the light fixture should hang at least 4 inches from the closest wall.

Which are common mistakes in hanging pendant lights in an apartment?

Many people make mistakes in hanging pendant lights in an apartment. Some common mistakes are:

  • Not checking the height of the ceiling
  • Not checking the length of the cord
  • Not measuring the distance between the top of the ceiling and the top of the light
  • Not measuring the square footage of the area in which the light is to hang
  • Not checking whether there are any exposed wires in the area where the light is to hang
  • Failing to account for the space in which the cord can get tangled


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