Best Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycle To Brighten Up Your Ride

Motorcycle auxiliary lights are a necessity if you are a serious biker. Not only can they save your life in two or three ways, but they also have many functionalities and improve your safety, comfort, and visibility accordingly. Motorcycle braking lights are not just a matter of passion, they are also considered necessary on the road.

They help to enhance the visibility of your bike and increase safety when driving in traffic or at night. Not only do they make your motorcycle more visible, but you may also be subject to riding regulations by some states and countries that specify that a certain number of lights must be used. Motorcyclists love adventure and being out at night. One of the hottest gadgets in the motorcycle accessory industry is auxiliary lights, especially LED lights. They provide a whole different level of visibility while riding, making you much safer.

Best Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycles

The best auxiliary lights for motorcycles should have a high lumen rate and should come with a variety of useful features, including a perfect waterproof design, ultimate durability, and brightness. The following reviews will help you find out more about the top 5 Best auxiliary lights for motorcycles.

1. PIAA 5302 530 Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights Led

The PIAA 530 LED is the perfect light for the person who wants maximum output and superior performance. The 530’s durable composite housing is built to last, while its computer-designed multi-surface reflector provides a long-range driving beam pattern that clearly illuminates far ahead of you. PIAA’s new 5302-530 Driving Lights, designed to meet the needs of modern vehicles, are the newest DRL (Daytime Running Lamp) and fog light for vehicles with halogen or HID headlamps.

The 5302-530 is available in single or dual-lamp versions; both offer white 6000K beam color with an easy installation that fits most vehicles. It is a power-optimum design and generates minimum heat. It is ideal for driving in fog, this unique lens allows multi-directional light distribution and increases visibility even in rainy conditions.

This  Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights Led Single Lamp fits all types of curved or flat windscreens. Designed to replace the traditional halogen lamps and bulbs, this PIAA 5302 530 Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycle is 30% more efficient than that halogen lamps and emits a pure white 6000K beam light color with a higher CRI rating.


  • Bulb-Type: LED
  • Wattage: 3 Watts
  • Color: White


  • Optimal beam control.
  •  Improved durability and reliability.
  •  Low power consumption.
  •  Compact size and weight.
  •  Clean, crisp, white beam with a 6000-kelvin color temperature.

motorcycle auxiliary lights led

  • Multi-Surface Reflector White 6000K Beam Color Fit Type: Universal
  • Too Expensive

2. Nilight – 60001F-B Auxiliary Light Pods

The Nilight’s 60001F-B 2PCS 18W 1260LM Flood Led Work Lights for Motorcycles is a super bright headlight with floodlight which can be widely used to illuminate the working area. It can be widely used for driving in fog. The Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights Led has been specially designed to give a wider illumination range.

It contains Quick cooling aluminum alloy heat sinks and high-quality heat conduction silicone gel that can effectively extend the lifespan of the light bar to over 30,000 hours. Available color temperature: 6000K(Natural White), 8000K(Cold White), 10000K(Warm White).

Nilight’s 60001F-B is a universal Auxiliary Light for motorcycles that are made of high-quality plastic and metal material. It has a max-rated power consumption of 18W, is super-bright, and effective brightness of up to 1260LM, with a wide beam angle it can cover a large area.

It is purely designed for white 6000K color temperature and soft light color. The IP67 waterproof rate makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses, such as garden lighting, backyard lighting, backup light, off-road lighting, etc.


  • LED Color:  Pure White
  • LED Power: 18W


  • It has powerful heat dissipation
  • Easy installation and flexible mounting.
  • Wide illumination range and super brightness.

Nilight - 60001F-B Auxiliary Light Pods

  • Wide Range of Light. Cools Quickly. Can be used in a wide range of vehicles.
  • Reflectors are not that good.

3. PAKRY’S U5 Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights

The U5 waterproof motorcycle headlights are fitted with an advanced CREE LED light bead, brighter and more stable than the normal one. They can be used for motorcycles (like Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, and KTM), Bicycles, Dirt bikes, ATVs, UTV cruisers, Car Off-road lights, Truck, Boat, ATVs, SUVs, Truck jeeps, etc.

Parky’s Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights Led U5  is made with high-quality materials which provide reliable performance and a long lifespan. The headlights are small but their large illumination can help you drive safely at night. Whether you are driving on the road or working in the garage, it will give out bright for you.

The U5 LED Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycle is designed to provide maximum light output and reliability. The CREE U5 LED can last up to 30,000 hours, which means less time looking for replacements. Its die-cast aluminum housing provides heat sinking for optimal cooling and the PMMA lens maintains beam pattern integrity, making it suitable for extreme conditions.


  • Input: 12V DC
  • Power: High Beam 13.5
  • Color Temperature: 6000k to 7000k


  • Large angle: 120° flood beam pattern
  • Powerful: Can light up to 5 meters far away
  • Weatherproof: IP67 waterproof, dust-proof, anti-collision, anti-corruption
  • High quality: Made of original CREE U5 LED + Die-cast Aluminum Housing + PMMA lens.
  • Long lifespan: Up to 30,000 hours

PAKRY'S U5 Motorcycle Headlight, Waterproof CREE LED Motorcycle Lights Bulb

  • Contain 3 Different Modes Long Life and WaterProof Wide Applications
  • Light is Dim for some Customers

4. MONDEVIEW Adventure Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights

The MONDEVIEW headlight provides 20000 lumens of brightness while drawing less than 2A and 10V. Constructed from aluminum housing, this light is able to withstand up to 4000g of force and vibration resistance. MONDEVIEW Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycles are made with die-cast aluminum alloy, which looks very sturdy and durable.

Its white lightning ensures bike riders driving at night are more visible on the highway as well as off-road trails. Its fully rubberized seal provides water resistance which makes it IP67 dustproof and waterproof. It has a very low power consumption of less than 3W while providing high brightness. Each light can last up to 50000 hours under proper use. The MONDEVIEW 5-3/4 Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycles were designed and manufactured in accordance with the strictest standards.

The main features of this motorcycle light are: Very high-performance level, a design that is exceptional both from a visual point of view (daytime running light, low beam at the center and high beam on the 2 upper and lower halves) as perfect in terms of technology; Largely focused light thanks to a “D” shape design, breather valve design with fog light and sealing.


  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Wattage: 55 Watts
  • Weight: 1.4 Pounds


  • 5 Lighting Modes
  • Vibration and impact resistant
  • No additional installation required
  • Brightest motorcycle headlight
  • Longer lifespan and high efficiency

MONDEVIEW 5-3/4 5.75 Inch Motorcycle Headlight Led

  • Contain 5 Different Modes Give 20,000 Lumens on very low Battery Consumption Beautiful Look
  • Installation is Abit difficult

5.Alpena 71015 Cycle Fire Motorcycle Driving Light

The Alpena 71015 Cycle Fire Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycle is a great safety feature for drivers. It produces 500 lumens of bright white light with minimal power consumption. This model is designed to mount sideways and upright and has an ip67 rating for durability in all weather conditions.

The dual mount system allows this product not only to be used on motorcycles but on any vehicle that requires driving lights: trucks, tractors, UTVs, ATVs, and more! The dual mount system allows these motorcycle aux lights to be positioned vertically or horizontally for optimum visibility.

The Alpena Cycle Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycle is high powered by 5-watt LED which is a direct replacement for the old halogen bulb used in auxiliary driving lights. It’s easy to install, available in black or chrome finish, and fits into your 12-volt system. The Cycle Fire is manufactured using a silicone housing that resists vibration and an amber lens for enhanced nighttime visibility (by reflecting light back onto the vehicle).


  • Material: Metal
  • Lens Color: White
  • Source Type: LED


  • Bright, white light
  • Universal fit
  • IP67 rated
  • Two positions
  • Durable
  • Low power consumption

Alpena 71015 Cycle Fire Motorcycle Auxiliary Driving Light

  • High Efficiency Durable in all Weathers Easy Installation
  • Dim for some Users

6. LEDUR Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights

The LEDU R Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights are universal motorcycle driving lights that can be used on a wide range of motorcycles, from adventure bikes to cruisers. These lights are made of high-quality materials and come with an adjustable bracket for easy installation. It features IP68 waterproof and features CREE LED chips. The LEDU R also has an aluminum housing, PC lens, 12V-24V DC supply voltage, 40W 4000Lumen brightness, and service life over 60,000 hours.” LED light is made of die-cast aluminum housing with a tough PC lens.

Pure white spot auxiliary LED light produces wide and far radiation, improving lighting beam distance and overall visibility, making your driving safer. High-quality LED light bulbs with excellent heat dissipation ability keep the bulb operational.

It has a super bright light effect and waterproof design, which is suitable for all kinds of vehicles. Super bright and lasting illumination of over 40 watts, is more than sufficient for you to drive safely at night or in poor visibility conditions on the road. Ideal for lighting up severe weather conditions such as rainstorms or snowstorms in bad weather conditions.

LED UR Auxiliary Motorcycle LED light is specially designed for motorcycle driving lights, with 1-inch and 7/8-inch bar mounts, which can be used on any motorcycle. The aluminum body with high-quality die-cast makes it tough and sturdy. These white spot-led lights have wider and further radiation that improves the light projection distance and overall visibility. They make your riding safer.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Source Type: LED
  • Position: Front


  • High-quality LED chips
  • Come with stainless mounting brackets and bolts for easy fitting
  • Rugged cast aluminum housing with efficient heat dissipation.
  • Color Temp 6000-6500K
  • Position ‎Front Outside
  • Item Weight ‎2.58 pounds
  • Package Dimensions ‎9.45 x 8.31 x 3.86 inchesLEDUR Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights
  • Inexpensive Durable in all Weathers Too Bright
  • Needed some modification


7. Baja Designs Lights for Motorcycles

This Squadron-R Light Kit is specifically designed to protect your vehicle while providing bright and powerful light to see where you’re going and light up the trail ahead of you. The Baja Designs Squadron-R Sport LED light kit includes two ultra-bright waterproof lights with 5000K daylight LEDs that provide 3,150 lumens of intense, brilliant white light for the ultimate off-road driving experience. Like all Squadron lights, these are designed with OE-grade impact-resistant housings and shock-proof LED units.

They feature an easy-to-install design that doesn’t require any modifications or drilling; they simply bolt onto any 7/8″ diameter roll bar tubing with supplied hardware. The integrated touchpad controller allows you to switch between different modes including high/low/strobe. Each driving lamp includes specially engineered diffusers for maximum illumination and perfectly shaped reflectors for optimized beam patterns.

Made from durable polycarbonate lenses with an additional layer of acrylic for added strength and scratch resistance, Baja Designs Squadron Sport Combo Driving/Combo Lightbars are designed for those who demand the ultimate in lighting technology. Utilizing the latest Cree LED technology, these lights perform at levels that were never thought possible from a single light bar.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Source Type: LED
  • Position: Front


  • Suitable for less than approx. 5’000K Daylight.
  • Professional Grade Lighting
  • Improves Night Time Vision
  • Decreases Eye Fatigue
  • Replaceable Lenses And Optics (Orange, Amber, Smoke)
  • Light color is soft and easy for the driver’s eyes.

Baja Designs Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycle

  • High Efficiency Brightest Light Soft Color

    8. HOUSE TUNING LED Lights for Motorcycle

    The HOUSE TUNING LED Spot Light Kit is the ultimate accessory for your Motorcycle, vehicle, ATV, and boat. Tackle any job with the 80W bright LED lights and mounting brackets that provide 360-degree light visibility in any weather or condition. Spotlights are 3 inches in diameter by 2.9 inches long and made from aircraft-grade aluminum. They are welded and sealed making them waterproof, dust-proof and shock/vibration resistant.

    Made of high-quality ABS and PC materials, the HOUSE TUNING Spot Lights are durable and weatherproof, not only suitable for driving off-road, but also for working on rainy days. The flexible hoses are corrosion-resistant and can be bent to any angle you want. The House Tuning LED spotlight kit is a 2-pack of 3-inch round led spotlights that feature clean beam pattern bulbs and a 12ft wiring harness for optimal control and functionality of the lights.

    Super bright premium Round led Spotlights that are very bright to light up a dark country road and provide outstanding clarity. The use of top-quality materials coupled with exceptional customer service makes us the better choice for accessory lighting.


    • Color: Black Matt
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Source Type: LED
    • Position: Front


    • Easy to install on universal fit.
    • 2 prong design
    • Waterproof.
    • For your car vehicle, motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, and truck.
    • Weight: 4.2 pounds
    • Available in both 12v and 24 volts.HOUSE TUNING LED Lights for Motorcycle
    • High Quality Product Durable in all Weathers Super Bright
    • Not Good for Fog

    9. Kevariy Auxiliary Spot Light For Motorcycle

    Kevariy LED Motorcycle Fog Light with Spot Light Assembly is specially designed for the front of your motorcycle and can be used as fog lamps and auxiliary lights at the same time. Clear visibility is important for every rider, thus we have created an LED fog light that keeps you safe on road. The super bright 6000K white light provides the excellent output and spread; the aluminum alloy material makes the lamp durable enough to withstand any weather conditions. With its compact size, this aftermarket LED fog driving lamp let your ride more safely at night.

    A complete led motorcycle replacement fog light assembly kit. The 4.5-inch chrome housing bucket on this motorcycle light is made of high-quality die-cast aluminum alloy and the lens cover is a bright PC lens that is scratch resistant. This 4 1/2 inch premium motorcycle fog light kit adds style to your bike with an OEM look, and provides increased safety on all weather conditions of roads when foggy or rains;

    its easy installation makes it convenient for you to install this led motorcycle headlight yourself. This is a great upgrade for your motorcycle. The housing is made of high-quality aluminum alloy which is durable yet lightweight. This motorcycle has been constructed with anti-corrosion, anti-UV, and anti-impact features for durability and long service life. It is easy to install, plug and play.


    • Color: Black
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Source Type: LED
    • Position: Front


    • LED motorcycle passing light.
    • 30W 6 x 5W LED.
    • 6000K super bright white light
    • Die-cast aluminum housing.
    • It is a Fog light that fits all motorcycles.

    Kevariy Auxiliary Spot Light For Motorcycle

    • High Efficiency Provide an awesome look.
    • Not for Underwater usage

    10. JMEST Auxiliary UTV Driving Lights For Motorcycle

    MJEST LEAD motorcycle UTV driving lights are made of the best CREE LED and premium material, which will make you the good feeling of owning the best motorcycle light. These LED lights are a highly efficient, energy-efficient, and affordable way to improve the appearance and visibility of your vehicle.

    The powerful LED light sets will allow you to enjoy long-lasting lighting performance with minimum power consumption while adding style to your ride. The most driving lamp is a must-have for off-road driving. It combines high-power LEd lights, a waterproof design, and a long lifespan to make your journey safer. Equipped with 6 pieces of 8W chips, it generates a 6000K bright white light output of 4300 lumens per set.

    This spot beam pattern light bar offers you the widest visibility angle and comes with double brightness as comparable spotlights that make you see more vivid in foggy or dusty conditions. In addition to their long lifespan, Mist lights also feature IP67 waterproof standards to ensure their safety even in heavy rain or wet seasons.

    With a fixture bracket, this LED light bar can be easily installed on roof racks or bumpers of cars. The wiring harness is included to make full use of the lighting system.


    • Color: Amber/white
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Source Type: LED
    • Position: Front


    • Motorcycle UTV Driving Lights
    • 2 Pcs 96W Auxiliary Lamp 6000K Super Bright LED Light
    • Fog Lights with Wiring Harness for Motorcycle Truck ATV Car (Amber/White)
    • The brightness of the two bars is 4300LM.
    • The installation is simple and easy, with no need for any professional tools.
    • This auxiliary lamp consists of 48W (6PCS * 8W High-Intensity LEDs.
    • The waterproof rate of this light bar is IP67.
    • It’s also dustproof.JMEST Auxiliary UTV Driving Lights For Motercycle
    • High Efficiency Super bright LED Light Shockproof
    • Insruction were not included.

    Buyer Guide:-

    What are auxiliary motorcycle lights?

    Auxiliary motorcycle lights, also known as auxiliary lights or auxiliary driving lights, are lights used to improve visibility either for safety, or to increase conspicuity, and are typically placed on a vehicle for the purpose of improving the visibility of the vehicle from the front, back and/or sides. Auxiliary lights for motorcycles are also called auxiliary lights.

    They provide an additional source of light to the motorcycle rider, especially during the night. Motorcycles are equipped with headlamps that light up the road ahead. These headlamps do not emit enough light to illuminate the path clearly. The additional light source is known as auxiliary light and it is used to light up the path for the rider. The auxiliary light is also used to illuminate the path ahead of the motorcycle rider.

    Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights Led are either uses for safety or for decoration. Decorative lights can be an eye-catching addition to your motorcycle. Safety lights are intended to enhance your visibility to other vehicles on the road. This would include lights that project down from the rear of your bike.

    Why Use Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycles?

    There are two reasons why you should use auxiliary lights for your motorcycle. It provides additional lighting. The auxiliary lights are used to light up the path ahead of the rider and help him to see the path clearly. It provides additional safety. The auxiliary lights are used to increase the visibility of the path ahead of the motorcycle rider. It helps to prevent accidents.

    Benefits of using Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycles

    Auxiliary lights are used to improve the visibility of motorcycles and vehicles. These lights come in different designs and sizes. They are used mainly to give better visibility to motorcyclists and car drivers during night driving. They are designed in such a way that they are bright enough to light up the road clearly and provide adequate illumination so that motorists can see you from a distance.

    They have different functions and are designed to fit certain requirements. There are many types of auxiliary lights for motorcycles, such as taillights, front brake lights, rear lights, and others. Each of these is designed to provide a specific purpose. Benefits of using Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycles The benefits of auxiliary lights include:

    • Improved visibility
    • Better visibility at night
    • Increased safety
    • Improved control and handling of the vehicle
    • Reduced glare
    • Reduction of the braking distance
    • The various types of auxiliary lights available are:
    • Taillights
    • Front brake lights
    • Rear light
    • Turn signals
    • Fog lights

    Auxiliary lights are used to increase visibility, improve control and braking distance, reduce glare and provide a safer environment.

    What should I look for when buying Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycle?

    While we tend to think of motorcycles as something dangerous and fast, they’re also quite simply small, two-wheeled vehicles that often travel on streets and highways at night with their own set of challenges. One of those challenges is visibility: motorcyclists are often hard to see in traffic because their primary headlight is fixed in one place. Luckily, there are a variety of auxiliary lights available for your motorcycle that can help provide extra visibility on your bike while you’re driving. Here are some considerations when shopping for motorcycle lights:

    • Type;
    • Brightness;
    • Visibility;
    • Mounting Options; and
    • Durability.

    Each will be discussed more in-depth below!


    There are three main types of motorcycle lights, auxiliary lights, and fog lights. Although each of these three light types can work on a motorcycle, fog lights are most commonly attached to a vehicle’s front bumper or front grille for better visibility in foggy conditions. Auxiliary lights—also known as driving or DRL (daytime running light) lights are often attached to a headlight for increased visibility during daylight hours, and more compact versions can even fit into motorcycle taillights.


    The brightness of your auxiliary lights will depend on what you need them for. If you’re looking for something that provides only a little extra visibility during daylight hours, then you may be able to get away with using just an LED bulb with a low-lumen rating. On the other hand, if you want to make sure people see your motorcycle from far away at night, then it might be worth investing in brighter bulbs with higher lumen ratings.


    Depending on where you live and how long your daily commute is, you may find that different types of vehicles have trouble seeing your motorcycle when it’s dark out.

    • If you’re in a more densely populated area, there’s a higher chance that drivers will be accustomed to seeing motorcycles on roads and will be looking out for them.
    • If you live in a more rural area, drivers may not be expecting to see motorcycles on their roads. In either case, it’s important that your auxiliary lights are bright enough to make sure other vehicles can spot you while you’re driving.

    Mounting Options

    There are several different ways that auxiliary motorcycle lights can be mounted onto your bike:

    • They can simply attach to your existing headlight with screws;
    • They can attach directly to your motorcycle’s tail light; or
    • They can use magnetic mounts so that they stick onto metal surfaces when needed and easily come off when not in use.


    When shopping for auxiliary motorcycle lights, it’s important to look at how durable each one is particularly if you plan on using them for long commutes or riding through inclement weather conditions like rain or snow. This is especially true if you want to purchase LED bulbs instead of halogen ones because LEDs tend to last longer than halogens.

    Auxiliary motorcycle lights are an excellent way to increase visibility during both daytime and nighttime hours! The best part about these three types of lights is that they can all work together as well, making them even more effective at increasing visibility on your bike! Just remember that no matter what type of auxiliary light you choose, there’s no substitute for safety gear like helmets and jackets!

    After all, if something does happen while you’re riding, then having a helmet on hand could be just what saves your life. For more information about different types of motorcycle accessories, contact us today! We’ll help you find whatever it is that you need to make sure your next ride is a safe one.

    How do auxiliary motorcycle lights work?

    The main goal of auxiliary motorcycle lights is to help riders see and be seen. That’s why they’re attached either directly or indirectly (via a special housing) onto a vehicle with clear lenses that are then affixed to handlebars, mirrors, or helmet visors. And unlike headlights, which emit white light from bulbs with high luminosity, auxiliary lights work by putting out red and yellow illumination through incandescent bulbs.

    This difference in color makes it easier for other drivers to spot motorcycles on dark roads, especially when car lights are shining at an angle. Red also has another advantage: It tends to make drivers slow down, after all, they associate it with stop signs and traffic signals—which can make a big difference when you’re sharing roadways with much larger vehicles.

    Why should I get them?:

    For one thing, auxiliary motorcycle lights can help ensure that you don’t fall victim to what’s known as dark-ride crashes. According to a study by researchers at Temple University, nearly half of fatal motorcycle accidents occur between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. when visibility is low. By adding auxiliary lights, you can make it easier for other drivers to spot your vehicle and vice versa even when there isn’t much light around.

    Read More:


    How do you wire a motorcycle auxiliary light?

    In order to wire an auxiliary light, you need to find the right connector for your motorcycle. If you have an old connector, you can use it for the new wire. In the old connector, you will find a positive and negative wire. You can use them to hook up the new light. A
    motorcycle auxiliary light can be wired in three ways:
    The first way is to connect the light directly to the battery. In this case, you will connect the thicker brown wire of the motorcycle lamp to the positive battery lead. You will then connect the wires to the thinner wires of the lamp. In the second way, you will connect the wire of the light to a relay.
    The relay will be connected to the positive terminal of the battery. The power to the lamp will be switched using a switch. In a third way, the motorcycle lamp can be connected to a light switch. The lamp will be connected to the second set of terminals of the switch. In all these three ways, you must use the appropriate gauge wire while connecting the wires.

    Can you add extra lights to a motorcycle?

    “yes”. You can add extra lights on a motorcycle. But before you go out and buy all the lights you can find, here are a couple of things you should consider…
    First, don’t mount anything on your handlebar. You don’t want to obscure your control instruments, and you don’t want anything to vibrate or shake.
    You could end up in a situation where your vision is obstructed or your throttle is flopping around because something is loose. The best place for lights is the fork tubes (if your bike doesn’t already have ’em) or the frame tubes, safely out of the way.