8 Best led light strips for car interior

Are you looking for the best Led light strips for car interior and want to add color and character to your car’s interior? With thousands of colors and styles of LED Interior Lighting available today, car owners can get creative with light designs be it for a few dozens, or a few hundred.

LED strip lights are everywhere, but the ones that are truly suitable for automotive use are hard to find. Some manufacturers are unaware of the various requirements for the use of automotive LED lighting, which leads to sub-equivalent products. Reviewing one LED light bar after another, I began to wonder how many misguided consumers are disappointed?

Top 8 Best led light strips for car interior

The Car interior LED strip lights to appear to be a very popular option. The staff at the auto parts shop may not be familiar with this type of vehicle lighting, so talking with their manager might be necessary.  Here is the list of high-quality led light strips for car interior products.

Amazon’s ChoiceAmazon’s Choice
Govee led lights for cars interior
  • Colors: RGB
  • Voltage:12 Volts
  • Control Method:APP / Remote
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HOLDCY Led light strips for car interior
  • Colors: RGB
  • Voltage:12 Volts (DC)
  • Control Method: Remote Control
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LEDCARE Car interior LED strip lights
  • Colors: RGB
  • Voltage:12 Volts
  • Control Method:APP / Remote
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QVEVDACAR led lights for cars exterior
  • Colors: RGB
  • Voltage:12 Volts
  • Control Method:APP / Remote
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Wsiiroon car interior led lights wireless
  • Colors: RGB
  • Voltage:12 Volts
  • Control Method: Wireless Remote Control
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1. Govee led lights for cars interior

Step into your car in style. Govee led lights for cars interior is the perfect way to customize your car’s cabin with vibrant colors and dynamic LED effects. With interactive LED lights, you can adjust brightness, color, and special effect with the Govee Home app. Pair the lights with music or control them with your touchscreen gestures. From making your dashboard dance in tune with your favorite songs to dazzling your passengers, discover a lit world of fun.

The Govee lights for cars contain color LEDs. The car’s built-in mic recreates the colors of your favorite songs for near-perfect displays of light shows. With up to 7 hours of continuous use, you will never be left in the dark again. Plus, you can easily mount the lights below your rear-view mirror or any other place in the car where they are fully accessible.

Govee’s designers really wanted to create something unique. They challenged themselves to create car-led lights that are easy to install yet also extremely bright to illuminate the entire vehicle. Their creation is a beautiful LED light bar consisting of two cleverly designed lines that connect 4 strip lights. Simply attach the self-adhesive backing to any smooth surface, plug it in, and enjoy a great nighttime drive.

These LED interior lights attach to the surface of your car, SUV, or truck with 3M adhesive and support clips. You can then connect them to the LED power cord that is connected to the switch. Easy installation means you can start it in no time.



  • Perfect for any vehicle color to stand out in style
  • Sync with music in a dynamic way
  • Quickly brighten your vehicle with a colorful style.
  • Simple installation helps you install the led interior lights easily.
  • With plenty of brightness settings to adjust to your preference.
  • 4 strip lights connect seamlessly to illuminate your vehicle with vibrant light.

Govee led lights for cars interior


2. OPT7 Interior Car Lights LED Strip Kit

OPT7 Aura is the accent lighting solution designed with only you in mind. Made of industry-leading 3M materials, these lights offer smart functionality, long life, and durability. Also included in the kit are mounting accessories and a wireless remote to control every aspect of your lighting setup. With a design that is sure to catch attention.

The OPT7 Aura Interior Car Lights accent and illuminate all your vehicle’s features for a truly custom look. The Aura accent lights include everything you need for a do-it-yourself installation. This versatile LED strip kit can be installed on dashboards, corners, footwells, door panels, helmets, motorcycles, and many other locations in your car or motorcycle.

Choose between options for plug-and-play or advanced fuse tap adapters. Control the entire spectrum of colors wirelessly with the included remote that also has bass-activated flashing lights to the beat of your music. Pair up two remotes per vehicle to give you full control of each side of your ride!

Aura Kit is a great way to enhance your driving experience and add a powerful accent to your vehicle. The Aura Interior Car Lights LED Strip Kit comes with everything you need to accent your interior and lighting with an advanced, color-changing system.



  • Advanced technology: Full-color spectrum including amber, white and more.
  • Easy to install: Plug and play with flexible and durable strips
  • Full-spectrum of color: Mix colors at the micro level for brilliant colors
  • Flexible and durable: Bend, twist, and curve around any surface
  • Flexible and durable: Bend, twist, and curve around any surface with OPT7 strips
  • Wireless remote: Access to the full spectrum of colors featuring advanced dimming controls and modes.
  • Smart color: LEDs that mix colors at the micro-level bring brilliant colors true to the eye.

OPT7 Interior Car Lights LED Strip Kit


3. HOLDCY Led light strips for car interior

The HOLDCY LED light strip is the ideal way to give your car interior a customized look, adding ambiance and style wherever you choose to place it. It’s easy to install, just peel and stick, and features five strips that can be cut to length or combined with other multi-color packs for even more customization. With warm white LEDs that shine brightly through the fiber optic tube, this LED lighting kit is sure to make your vehicle stand out.

The HOLDCY interior LED lights for cars is a new generation LED lighting Kit designed to work with any 12V DC vehicle. It comes with a built-in microphone that can sense the music beat and will create a wild and crazy atmosphere of a nightclub when you turn on the music in the car. The HOLDCY Kits can also be used as some lighted wallpaper as well as light up your home as some glowing stickers, as these kits have 3 different sizes from small to large to meet your DIY demand.

The tape is weatherproof, flexible, and designed to fasten securely to the inside of your vehicle. Use the remote to change color or adjust brightness, or schedule the 17 color modes to automatically change throughout your commute.

This flexible fiber optic lamp is a fun way to add some color to your vehicle’s interior, with a convenient wireless remote control. The LED colors range from a cool 3,000K white to a warm 7,000K white. The kit includes 5 LED bulbs that can be inserted into the adhesive strips – simply cut the strips down until it reaches the desired length.



  • Flexible: Can be cut to the length you want.
  • Easy to install: No wiring needed, just plug and play.
  • Sound activated: Light up and flash along to the rhythm of the music.
  • Bright and colorful: Features 18 different color modes and 7 flashing modes.
  • Universal: The light strip is equipped with a 236.22-inch fiber-optic tube
  • Music decoration: Enjoy the atmosphere of a nightclub when you turn on the music in the car.


HOLDCY Led light strips for car interior


4. LEDGlow Interior Footwell Underdash Neon Light Kit

LEDGlow’s new Interior Kit adds ultra-bright multi-color accent lighting to the footwells, under the dashboard & under the seats of any car or truck. The kit consists of (4) 9″ tubes that house 24 SMD LEDs. There are 5′ of wire per tube and a 3.2ft 12V cigarette adapter (cigarette lighter adapter). Detailed instructions are included to walk users through the installation process step-by-step.

The LEDs provide 7 solid colors, strobe, fading modes, and car sound activation reacting to music playing inside of your car. Additionally, an auto illumination bypass mode is included for those who would like their interior neon lights to turn on when a switched 12V ignition source (like a radio or radar detector) is connected.

This 4pc set comes with (4) 9″ interior tubes that house 24 SMD LEDs, 5′ of wire per tube, a control box, a 12V cigarette lighter adapter, mounting hardware, and detailed instructions. In addition to being compatible with any vehicle on the road today, this kit is also extremely easy to install.

Each tube features a design that evenly distributes light throughout the tube, illuminating each SMD LED for better visibility. The 12V cigarette lighter adapter features an inline on/off switch to control the illumination when it’s not plugged into a powered 12V source and includes a ring terminal for a permanent power install.



  • Increase visibility in your car
  • Adds a cool, futuristic look to your car
  • Improves safety in low visibility conditions
  • 24 SMD LED lights per tube
  • 7 colors in a variety of styles.

LEDGlow Interior Footwell Underdash Neon Light Kit


5. MINGER Car Interior Lights

Enjoy the comfortable light driving in your car by using the waterproof 12volt 4pcs/set 48 MINGER Car Interior Lights. It is specially designed for your fashionable car interior decoration, which can bring a new and more colorful life to your car at night. Compass LED lights supply enough color-changing lights and they are flexible.

Strictly speaking, they are safe and reliable with their waterproof rate of IP65 projects an attractive ambient light both in daylight and darkness. Their lifespan lasts over 50,000 hours as well as high brightness performance of the lights is ensured. No need for a professional installer for installation.

This MINGER Unifilar Car LED Strip Light is a one-line strip that has the function of changing colors and brightness and producing light music. This is a waterproof car external light that is easy to install and easy to hide. It is equipped with a car charger. There are four colors: green, red, blue, and white.

This innovative light strip was made to be easily attached using an adhesive on the back. The lights connect to a cigarette lighter plug with a switch and indicator light that protect the interior lights of your vehicle. Enjoy the comfort of keeping valuables in sight, even at night, knowing that this car interior light with App control will make late-night drives safer than ever before.



  • Easy to install and remove
  • Touchable and safe for children
  • Plug and play, no need to hard-wire the lights
  • Great for your car, truck, and motorcycles
  • Come with a direct cigarette lighter plug and a remote controller
  • Environment-friendly non-toxic PVC material that is non-abrasive
  • Works with most smartphones, iPhones, or Android devices

MINGER Car Interior Lights


6. LEDCARE Car interior LED strip lights

LEDCARE’s car Interior LED strip lights were designed for anyone looking to upgrade their vehicle interior lighting. This Car interior LED strip lights will provide your car with an impressive lighting atmosphere. Its wireless app control means you can set any color or mode of your choice.! Auto-Brightness, Auto-Blinking, Sequential Flashing, or Smooth Fading are all within your control!

The LED strip lights system is equipped with sound sensors that let the LED lights synchronize with the music beat. The led lights for the car exterior follow the beat and adjust flashing to fit the strength of the sound. It will help freshen up your car, office, or even room environment.

LEDCARE is a LED light strip for interior decoration, with the special agent on the glass tube, it can be curved, bent, and elongated. And the light is soft white light. Different lengths are suitable for different gap widths. The longer length is easier to install and more practical. These led lights for the car interior have been tested and passed the remote control function test by Shenzhen Rejexin Technology Co., Ltd.

LEDCARE car interior LED strip lights to come in a ready-to-plug-and-play format. it provides you with all the tools you need to customize your car’s experience. You can cut, connect and bend the strip to do anything you want with it. Let’s drive smart! LEDCARE are the Best led light strips for car interior.


  • Choose from 29 modes to match your mood
  • LED lights have less heat radiation, low power consumption, long service life.
  • Support APP remote control, IOS, and Android system.
  • 360 degrees for adjusting to make your car interior fashionable and wonderful.
  • Sound active function, flash with your song or music
  • It has low heat radiation, low power consumption,


LEDCARE Car interior LED strip lights


7. QVEVDACAR led lights for cars exterior

Brighten up the night with our QVEVDACAR app controlling car interior lights. QVEVDACAR lights for cars’ interiors are easy to use- simply download the APP, turn on the lights and control it from your mobile phone. Choose any color you like from 16 million colors, and make it changing or stable color. This App controlled led light can satisfy your need for lighting in your car, making your driving experience more comfortable and fun!

QVEVDACAR LED lights are a series of automotive interior lights developed due to customer demand for a “night light” along with decorative LED car lamps. In addition to the exciting car lamps, QVEVDACAR LED lights to add a soft glow of light under the chassis by installing rectangular lights on the floorboards. These lights illuminate without causing dazzling glare but instead create an atmosphere that allows you to safely walk around your vehicle even at night.

QUADRVOLVEO Active Led Vehicle Interior kit is installed in the outdoor wall of the vehicle, combined with high-quality aluminum alloy material, elegant design with led lighting shines in four different colors, which can effectively beautify your car interior and stand out. It inserts with the brand new magic thunder system, with three kinds of special functions: Static Magic Thunder, Sound Active Magic Thunder, and Silent Magic Thunder. It is very convenient for your choice.

QVEVDACAR led lights for cars interior is a new kind of product, excellent in performance and high in quality, lightweight and convenient to carry. It has several bright LED bulbs that can be cut into small pieces according to individual needs. It makes no damage to the car and ensures fast installation.

QVEVDACAR LED lights come super handy for adding funky lighting to your car, truck, boat, or even your motorhome! Use the included 3M tape to easily install them in any location of your choice. These led lights for the car interior can be cut to the desired length, and they stay on all the time, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged during a trip.


  • Affordable: The LED strip lights are sold at a competitive price.
  • Safe to use: The LED strip lights are waterproof, shockproof, and anti-corrosion.
  • Easy to use: You can easily install the LED strip lights and control the lights on your phone.
  • DIY: With the different modes and colors, you can create your own unique and colorful atmosphere.
  • Durable: The fiber optic car LED strip lights are made of high-quality materials and can last longer than other products.
  • Flexible lighting: You can customize the color and brightness of your car lights, and change the color and mode for different moods.
  • Auto-reaction: With the built-in microphone, the LED will change color and brightness according to the sound around you, like the sound of the engine.

Best led light strips for car interior


8. Wsiiroon car interior led lights wireless

Wsiiroon car LED under dash lights includes 8 Waterproof & Sound Sensitive Colorful Car Interior LED Strips, a Wireless IR Remote Control, and a 12V Power Supply. The interior under dash lights is applicable to the walls of automobiles, bars, coffee shops, ceilings, balconies, stairs, and various indoor commercial/residential decorations! It is in a convenient yet chic design which is ideal for any space in the home or in the car.

Wsiiroon led light strips for the car interior are a great lighting choice for your car.  It’s made of aviation aluminum which is not easy to be broken.  You can easily DIY the lighting effect for your own nights, creating a romantic atmosphere.  It will set you apart from everyone else with this functional yet eye-catching accessory.

You will enjoy a special treat every time you ride in your car with WsiiROon interior led lights.  WsiiROon has a great choice of colors for these lights, and each lighting kit includes everything you need for a wireless installation. These best-Led light strips for car interior can mount on any surface, and they’re made from durable aviation aluminum to ensure a high-quality lighting experience.

The 8-Color led lights for car interior can complete a variety of applications, such as under-cabinet lighting, counter under-shelf lighting, cupboard door lighting, stair lighting, bar corners, and so on. The wireless remote control allows you to adjust the colorful effects as well as the brightness. For example, you want warm color at first and then gradually change into a cool color the next. You can do that by changing the sequence of changing colors on the wireless remote control.


  • Sound active, change color as you wish
  • It has wireless music controls to enjoy music and light at the same time.
  • Easy installation, stick on the roof, dashboard, or any other place you like.
  • Bright colors, elegant design, suitable for any car you like.
  • Perfect for decorating, up to your taste.

Wsiiroon car interior led lights wireless


How to choose the best-led light strips for the car interior?

Choosing the best led light strips will come down to your personal preferences and needs. There are a few different styles and types of led light strips and you should do some research into these to help you make the best decision.  You will want to make sure you choose led lights for the car interior that can be mounted to your car.

Most led light strips can be used as car lights, but you may want to make sure that the led light strips you choose can be used as car lights as well as interior lights. You will also want to make sure you choose led light strips that are easy to connect to. If you are not familiar with wiring, you should probably ask for help.  Also, think about the color of the car’s interior LED strip lights when you are choosing them.

The led light strips for the car interior are designed to improve the aesthetics of the vehicle. The led light strips for the car interior are available both as a replacement for regular light bulbs and as a standalone decoration to be installed. In both cases, it’s a good idea to consult a professional, as different vehicles require different led light strips for car interior.

How do you install Car interior LED strip lights?

The process of installing the LED strip lights is not so difficult. All you need to do is first clean the surface of the plastic. Then cut the plastic into the shape of LED strips. After that, remove the adhesive part of the LED strips. Stick the LED strips on the plastic strip and seal it with the double-sided adhesive. Finally, use the cigarette lighter to light up the LED light.

Some car models may have the interior LED strip lights as standard, or it can be an option. You may have to order the interior LED strip lights as a stand-alone option, or as a feature from the manufacturer from the OEM.

How do you install Car interior LED strip lights?

Do Led lights for cars’ exterior drain car batteries?

It really depends on the type of car you have. Some cars will drain the battery fast, while others will not. It’s all about the car circuitry and electronics. The car battery (starting battery) is the one that provides power for your car to start. Usually, it can be drained quite fast, which is why it’s recommended that you have a second one to have a dual battery. When you have a dual battery setup, the second battery is the one that will provide power for things like headlights, accessories, etc.

Your car battery will only be used to start the car. That’s why you should have a second one. Why is it that some people have lights come on even when they are not driving? If you have a dual battery setup, then something can be wrong with the car battery. Check with your mechanic to see if it needs to be replaced. They should be able to tell you what to do. If you are not using a dual battery setup, then there are other things that you need to check, but that’s beyond the scope of this answer.

Are Car interior LED strip lights legal?

It might be legal in your country, but it is not legal in most countries. LED strips are very bright. If they are behind the mirror, they will act as a magnifying glass and can cause an accident. You don’t want to be responsible for something like that. If your LED is behind the mirror, they might get caught in the mirror if they go off while you are driving. If they are in the dash, they might distract the driver.

How do you install Car interior LED strip lights?

There are two basic styles of interior light wiring. One is the two-wire system and the other is the three-wire system. The three-wire system will be found on most newer automobiles and the two-wire on older models. Two-Wire System: This system is found on older models and basic economy models. Basically, you have a positive and a negative wire and a switch.

The wires you run from the vehicle battery to the light will usually be the same color as the positive battery cable. You can attach the positive wire to the light circuit and then attach the negative back to the vehicle body with a grounding  This is the way it’s done on motorcycles as well. Three Wire System: This system is found on most newer cars and trucks and some older models.

The three-wire system will have a positive and negative wire and a common wire. You connect the positive and negative wires on the circuit to the vehicle battery and then connect the common wire to the vehicle body and attach a grounding copper strip to it. This is the way it’s done on motorcycles. The two-wire system is not used on motorcycles.