Best 100 ft LED strip lights | 100 ft outdoor led strip lights

Are you looking for the best 100 ft led strip lights to be used outdoor or indoor? Our blog is full of resources that will help to guide you through the top brands, technologies, and core reasons why you should be choosing the best 100 ft waterproof led strip lights over other kinds of lights.

Trying to find the right led light these days can be totally exhausting, especially if you are looking for one that will not only work in the long run but will provide you with all the benefits needed. But it is not really necessary if you know exactly what you need.

Best 100 ft LED strip lights

Lighting is an important part of home improvement. It can set the mood of your living room for movie night or easily illuminate the hallway when the electricity goes out. As technology improves, so does accessibility to lighting for consumers. 100 ft smart led strip lights are easy to install and come in multiple color options. Find out why these LED strip lights are some of the best 100 ft LED strip lights available today.


HEDYNSHINE 100 ft LED strip lights
  • Color:‎Multicolor
  • Power Source: AC/DC
  • Number of Light:600
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Ehomful 100 Feet Led Strip Lights With Remote
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Control: Remote Control
  • Theme: Music, Christmas
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Nexillumi 100 ft led strip lights waterproof
  • Color:RGB
  • Control: Bluetooth
  • Number of Light:540
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VOLIVO 100 ft outdoor led strip lights
  • Color: RGB
  • Control: App Control
  • Material: Copper
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WYZworks 100 ft Color Changing Strip Light
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Control: Remote Controller
  • Material: Plastic
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1. HEDYNSHINE 100 ft LED strip lights

Hedynshine 100ft Led Strip Lights is 15 times brighter than old fashion lights. They can be cut any length as you want and connect to 100ft totally. Hedynshine’s LED Light Strips can be used anywhere, such as under cabinet kitchen lighting, bathroom mirrors or cabinets lighting, living room lamps, laundry room lighting, office room lamps, etc…

The HEDYNSHINE’s LED strip light is both flexible and waterproof, making it great for decorating inside or outside of your home. Connect up to 500 feet of LED lights together for even more spectacular lighting effects. The 100 ft led strip lights outdoor is fully dimmable, allowing you to create the mood you want with the flick of a switch.

HEDYNSHINE 100 ft led lights to feature 44-key remote control, 3000K, 6000K, RGB color temperature setting, you can freely choose to control many colors. APP is simple to use, software design is very user-friendly. USB cable-controlled universal power adapter included at the same time!

HEDYNSHINE 100 ft outdoor led strip lights with App control, it is 28 Dynamic Modes can be chosen, like Flashing, Breathing, Strobe, Gradient, Cool, etc. it works for led 100 feet. it will give you different colors and different styles of lighting effects by your music rhythm or your voice. It will transform into one of the most beautiful decorative lighting available through the Music mode that lets you play your favorite tunes via Bluetooth directly to the LED light strip.

HEDYNSHINE 100 ft led strip lights outdoor with built-in wireless remote control. Just simple to set up, it can be dimmable from 0% to 100% with a single color, you can experience the timing function, pre-setting the appropriate time and suitable color to make it turn on/off automatically.

Once the lights are connected, you don’t need to worry about anything else. You can use them in a party, car, home, or landscape design. You can easily connect the lights by yourself without professional help. The 100 ft outdoor led strip lights controller is with touch switch, Led-lights are with 3times waterproof service. When you want to turn off the lights, you don’t have to take them down. Just touch the switch when you pass by it.


  • Automatically change the color according to the music.
  • 3 buttons on remote can control without panel or phone.
  • Dimmable with music, brightness can be set by APP.
  • 100ft(30m) long, can be cut into multiple pieces.
  • RGB color, 16 million colors available.
  • Each RGB LED is rated for over 50,000 hours.
  • Bendable and easy to install almost anywhere.
  • Low power consumption, no IR or UV radiation.
  • Touch control, brightness, or color can be changed by touching on the strip.


Best 100 ft LED strip lights


2. Ehomful 100 Feet Led Strip Lights With Remote

Enjoy the perfect lighting for your home with the Ehomful LED light strip. This product is long enough to light and decorate your whole house! With exquisite packaging, this versatile LED light strip also makes a great gift for your families and friends. With a long, 5M 100 feet light strip, you can decorate your whole house with these 4 rolls of 30 LED lights! They’re perfect to illuminate a long hallway, a big bedroom, or a spacious living room, and pair them with lamps for a romantic atmosphere.

Decorate your house, garden, bar, party, etc. with these exquisite 100 Feet LED Strip Lights! Innovative structure design and 360° rotatable string light give you a wide range of lighting options. It is an ideal solution for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, cabinet, stairs, garage, shops, or any other space. A variety of beautiful colors and 7 different modes with the remote control make the decoration more beautiful and colorful. Ideal for Christmas tree lighting and Holiday Decorations!

The ehomful’s 100 ft led strip lights outdoor is a wireless RGB led strip with a built-in microphone to sync with your music. Its app makes it easy to set the timer and change the color of your lights or you can use voice control with Bluetooth. The adhesive backing makes it easy to install in nearly any area, turn it into a party light, a personal project light, a dorm night light or you can put it in your baby nursery and turn on soothing red when the baby is sleeping.

The 54 lights are super brightness and the size of the 100 LED SMD is easy to use anywhere in your room. The 100 ft outdoor led strip lights can be cut every 3 LEDs, which makes it very convenient to fit your needs. By adding the audio sensor module, you can even customize these led strip lights into security lighting. All in all, if you’re looking for a low-cost yet very effective LED strip lights entertainment product, your search is over!

Smart led light strips are easy to assemble and can be wrapped around furniture, trees, doors, stairs, etc. the length of 100 ft is sufficient for indoor and outdoor decor. 4 m x 3 m maximum spacing between each m pannel.


  • Connect multiple sets together easily.
  • Each set is 10Meter/32feet, flexible and bendable.
  • Simply plug and play, no need to install any driver.
  • The remote app is available for both iOS and Android.
  • Made from 100% copper wire for maximum efficiency
  • No need to hire an electrician to set up your led strip lights.
  • Waterproof IP65, the strips are safe for use in any environment.
  • Led strips use up to 90% less electricity than traditional lighting.
  • 28 different color modes allow you to set up your perfect lighting.

Ehomful 100 Feet Led Strip Lights With Remote


3. Nexillumi 100 ft led strip lights waterproof

Nexillumi is a pretty strong 100 ft slim waterproof IP65 led strip light, it can set 16 million colors, perfect for bedroom, kitchen, living room, curtain, Christmas holiday decoration, bar party Christmas Holiday decoration, conference room lighting. Perfect for festival atmosphere party, wedding, etc. With the music mode, it can create more ambiance than a normal LED strip, super easy to install with the 3M adhesive tape on the back of the light strip.

With the Nexillumi RGB smart LED strip lights, you can create an array of various colors to illuminate your room in red, yellow, green, pink, purple, rainbow colors. Its 45 LEDs are energy-efficient and have a lifespan of about 100,000 hours. It comes with a one-time connection for easy installation. This led strip light has 100 ft super bright LEDs, it has the best effect to the decoration in Holiday festival, Christmas holiday, Bar wedding, home theater, stage dance club control with multi-function IR remote controller makes your mood easy to adjust.

The nexillumi best 100 ft LED strip lights Waterproof is a collaboration with Brother Orange, a leading LED lighting designer from China. The high-quality 16-channel controller ensures smooth color transitions and is able to display millions of colors with ease. These 100 ft waterproof led strip lights can be installed easily on any surface – wall, cabinet, table, etc. Three-in-one Version: 3m, 5m, and 10m (9.8ft, 16.4ft, and 32ft) which is waterproof and dc12v. Each led light has 3m black cable and water-proof transparent cable, it can connect all of them by cable together.

The Nexillumi Smart 100 ft outdoor led strip lights are waterproof flexible that come with a variety of colors and easy-to-use Bluetooth control. Connects easily to any Bluetooth for a wireless customizable light show in your living room, bedroom, bar, etc.

Nexillumi 100 ft waterproof led strip lights can be applied to the living room, ceiling, desk, bedside, bedroom, etc. it functions as a bedroom night lamp. When you turn off your bedroom light and get into bed, the voice-activated light will automatically work and change to different light colors randomly or in sync with the music for a romantic atmosphere…

Nexillumi led light strips are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home Kit. You can choose your favorite color, adjust its brightness or turn the lights on/off via voice control of these assistants. We also provide you with a mobile app of which you can use to set alarms for each 100 ft outdoor led strip light.


  • Full-featured, easy to use, plug and play
  • Works with Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Home
  • Weatherproof can be used inside or outside.
  • Energy-saving and eco-friendly, high brightness and long lifespan
  • You can adjust the color or change the pattern by your phone or remote
  • It features a full-featured remote control,
  • It comes with 3 rolls of 32.8ft/10m led strip lights,
  • Flexible and adjustable to fit your needs.
  • High output white, blue, red, and UVB LEDs.
  • Can be used on any size vivarium, terrarium, or tank.

Nexillumi 100 ft led strip lights waterproof



4. VOLIVO 100 ft outdoor led strip lights

VOLIVO 100ft LED light strip is an awesome choice to decorate the home. It’s long enough to decorate the entire room and it can be placed on almost any surface: walls, ceilings, cabinets, and more. With the VOLIVO App, you can control the colors or set it on a color-changing mode for a variety of vibrant effects. The 2 rolls of 50-foot LED light strip connects to the APP, control the brightness, change the color, control on/off or set timing. It must be turned off while charging.

The VOLIVO 100 ft waterproof led strip lights to have a 2 ways control design. You could use the app or remote to change mode and set brightness. The app is available on android and iOS devices. And the signals from these USB-led light strips could reach as far as 100ft.

The VOLIVO app-controlled led strip lights can connect to iPhone with App tactics, you are able to control the led single light, 100ft led light strips, and BlueTooth controller without the separate remote. The Bluetooth 4.0 compatible led strip lights allow you to connect them to your phone (Android, IOS) or tablet; It also supports the music sync function which can flash with the music of your phone;

VOLIVO RGB LED light strip for your house decorating, providing ambient light around the house. Turn the led strip into a disco in a snap to create a party atmosphere in your home. These 100 ft led strip lights with remote sync with music to change colors via a built-in microphone or Bluetooth. Led room lights 6000k can be used for indoor & outdoor decoration.

VOLIVO 100 ft led lights is an ideal choice for your bedroom, hallway, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or any area where you want to add mood lighting that is both fun and functional. Choose the speed mode of 1000k or 600k to target specific frequencies that will affect your mood. Set your musical mode to music or microphone mode to sync the lights to the music of your choice.

The best 100 ft LED strip lights Bluetooth 4.0 has a lot of features, such as color memory and time setting which can greatly enhance your decorating experience while creating a colorful ambiance in your home, office, or outdoor space. Hybrid technology: This best 100 ft LED strip light freehub is a combination of an RGB LED strip and an RGB controller with a Bluetooth RGB lighting protocol.


  • APP & Remote control methods.
  • 17 million colors to choose from.
  • Easily fade through the color spectrum
  • Different modes available for your lights
  • Compatible with Siri Voice Control
  • Turns on/off with your voice
  • Set up different light settings for different rooms
  • Control the lights up to 100ft away from the smart light strip controller
  • Save your favorite light settings to the app
  • Set up timers for different rooms to turn on/off at different times

VOLIVO App Controlled Led Strip Lights 100ft


5. WYZworks 100 ft Color Changing Strip Light

The WYZworks LED Strip Light illuminates straight or curved surfaces, such as decks or staircases. It features a controller box that offers 16 color options and 7 modes to choose from, making it great for creating an illuminating ambiance for your outdoor area. The lights can be placed on the surface of the deck, or you can string them up under the deck to illuminate it from below.

The WYZworks 100 ft waterproof led strip lights Kit is a must-have for your next outdoor adventure. It comes with 5m of solid-state lights and can be cut off to use as little or as much light as you need. Its 16 color options give you the ability to go from a dull yellow glow to a party blue.

The ideal solution for gardens, patios, decks & pathways. These best 100 ft LED strip lights don’t require a cord! It’s a wireless LED lighting solution that is powered by a battery pack. No need to worry about cords or outlets or power surge issues this strip comes ready to go with 4 AA batteries that give you approximately 20 hours of running time.

WYZWorks Color Changing LED Strip Lighting Kit with remote control reduces maintenance costs by up to 80% compared to traditional lighting. It is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. The light is cool to the touch, instantly turns on, portable, and easy to install.

WYZworks’ best 100 ft LED strip lights are made of high-quality PVC that’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can choose to connect it with a controller and dimmer (if you use dimmable strip light) in order to change the speed and color which you like, or you can also use them independently. The 16 million colors and 11 different light effects make it a good choice for any party. If you only need the single color glowing lights, then WYZworks 100 ft led strip lights with remote are perfect for your needs! Also available in different lengths to meet all your lighting needs.

Rechargeable LED rope light that is completely weatherproof with abrasion-resistant flat cable. This color-changing light can be controlled via remote control or set to automatically change through all of its vibrant colors using the built-in functions of the rope. Included with every rope is a 100 ft power cable for any occasion.


  • Long-lasting, durable and waterproof.
  • Flexible, bendable, and easy to install.
  •  100 ft LED rope light for easy DIY projects
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • 16 colors and 3 modes: color change, flash, and fade
  • Great for decorating patios, gazebos, gardens, and more
  • Includes mounting clips and ground stakes for easy installation
  • With a remote control that allows you to easily change the color.
  • Connect multiple rope lights with the included splitter and extension cables
  • Striking, beautiful, and energy-efficient light for your parties and events.

WYZworks LED 100 ft Color Changing Strip Light for Outdoor


 How to Choose the best 100 ft LED strip lights?

100ft LED strip light is a flexible and high brightness energy-saving light, which is widely used to decorate the home and garden, parties, clubs, bars and so on. But how can we choose the best 100 ft LED strip lights? Now we will tell you the solution. If you want to know the best 100 ft LED strip lights, you may pay attention to two aspects: the brightness and the price.

If you want to buy 100 ft LED strip lights to use as decoration at home, you should choose those with brighter light. If you want to use 100 ft LED strip lights as decoration in the pub or club, you may choose those with less brightness and lower prices.

The best way to choose the smart 100 ft led strip lights is to determine the total wattage that you need for your application. For example, if you are decorating your vehicle then you will need to determine what is the best strip light for the car. If you are decorating your house then you will need to determine what is the best strip light for the house.

You can also determine the best-led strip light by looking at sample photos on the web of the current lighting solution you are using. Once you have determined the wattage of your led strip lights, you can find out which strip lights on the market will work for your project. One great thing about LED strip lights is that they are flexible, which means that you can bend them to whatever shape that you want. This is especially great for decorating vehicles, boats, or RVs.

The LED strip lights are available in different forms. If you want to buy these lights for outdoor decoration, you should choose waterproof LED strip lights. Otherwise, you should know that these products are also available in IP44, IP65, IP68, and IP69K grades. IP69K is the highest grade of Waterproof LED strip lights, which are totally waterproof. When your project requires IP68 or IP69K, you should pay more to get LED strip lights with the IP68 or IP69K grade.

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How do you connect 100ft LED lights?

It is pretty simple to connect 100 ft LED lights as long as you have the proper parts and know-how to do it. In order to connect the lights, you will need our 10-Pin to Dual Male 12V Plug Adapter, a 10-Pin Split to Dual 12V Plug Adapter, and a 10-Pin to Dual Female 12V Plug Adapter. To connect the lights, you need to cut the end of the power cord off, making sure to remove all the wire strands. Then you need to strip off the outer coating of the wire strands, which is the black coating that is covering the copper wire strands.

Connect the copper wire strands to the bare wires on the adapter. Then you can use the Dual 12V female adapter to connect two of the female ends of the lights together, and you can use the Dual 12V male adapter to connect the male ends of the lights together.

Can LED strips light a whole room?

Yes. LED strips can light a room. You can use them to create a unique and modern look in your home. Not all LED strips to light the same, however. There are a few things you should consider before buying them. First of all, you need to know what they can do. You can use them for lighting, but they can do so much more than that. They can also be used for alarm clocks, kitchen timers, and even for your keyless entry. However, you need to know the exact wattage of your LED strip in order to utilize it to its full potential. You can also determine the number of LED strips you need to light different areas of your room.

Should LED lights go on the ceiling or wall?

Putting lights on walls is a great way to save space and a fine way to express your sense of style. If you have a big room and the ceiling is higher than 8 feet, you should put them on the ceiling. If you have a smaller room, putting them on the wall will create a much more dramatic effect. Also, the lighting from an LED wall-light will reflect off the wall, creating a nice glow. In addition, LED lights on the wall will work well with a back-drop.

Do LED strip lights need to be plugged in?

Yes. LED strip lights are usually very thin and flexible. They are designed to be plugged into a wall outlet. These lights can be used to create ambiance for any specific area. For example, the lights can be installed under cabinets to enhance the lighting underneath, or they can be used to outline a wall or to create a lighting effect on the wall.