5 Best Led Strip Lights For Mirror

Mirror led strip lights are a great way to add a little light and style to any room. They are also perfect for adding an extra touch of personality to a space.

You might know that one of the most effective ways to add light to your mirror is by using the led strip lights for the mirror. If you have to add lighting for your mirror, you might as well have a great idea of what kind of light bulb you need.

It can be a very difficult task. To make it easier for you, we’ve listed some of the best-selling light bulbs that are suitable for mirrors and will definitely help with adding lights to your mirrors.

The best part about mirror led strip lights is that they are very affordable. You can find them for under $30, which makes them a great option for any room. They are also very easy to install, so you can have them up in no time at all.

Top 5 Led Strip Lights For Mirror

There are a lot of different led strip lights on the market and it can be pretty tough to choose the right one. If you want to choose the right led lights for your bathroom mirror, you have a duty to find one which is beautiful, practical, and durable.

But if you find something that many people like, then it is quite difficult for you to choose which one is the best out of all. In this article, we’re going to share with you the top 5 best-led strip lights for mirrors.

  • LPHUMEX Led Strip Lights For Mirror
  • MINGER White LED Strip Lights For Mirror
  • Selfila Led Strip Lights For Bathroom Mirrors
  • LEDUPDATES Stick On Light Bulbs For Mirror
  • LPHUMEX  Hollywood Glam Led Vanity Lights

 1. LPHUMEX Led Strip Lights For Mirror

The LPHUMEX Led Strip Lights For Mirror are designed in such a way that you don’t need to drill holes into your walls, use screws, or install any electrical fittings. You just have to remove the adhesive covers from the back of the light strips and attach them firmly to a clean and smooth surface. In addition, there is a 3M adhesive tape for better mounting.

LPHUMEX wants to give you the best possible makeup experience with these led strip lights for mirror. This kit has a smart touch dimmer that allows you to adjust the brightness and turn it off/on. The high-quality 16.4 Feet LED strip lights will stick on most surfaces and provide bright, natural light so that you can look your best and enhance your beauty routine.

The LPHUMEX Vanity Mirror Lights is a perfect addition to your beauty and makeup routine. The easy to install stick lights don’t leave any residue when removed and you can cut the strip to fit shorter mirrors. The brightness of the lights is adjustable with a touch button dimmer, which allows you to change the brightness from 10 percent to 100 percent to perfectly match ambient lighting conditions.

Why We Like It

  • Long strips, bright enough to light up huge mirrors.
  • Dimmable to 10% of brightness.
  • Fits any shape of mirror.
  • Elegant design and super touch dimmer to adjust brightness.
  • Easy to remove and reposition with the included extra stickers.
  • High-quality adhesive backing, and it comes with extras if you need to replace it.
  • Plug and play, easy to install and remove.

LPHUMEX Led Strip Lights For Mirror


2. MINGER White LED Strip Lights For Mirror

The MINGER Mirror Lights Kit is designed specifically to withstand the harsh environment of a bathroom. This 16.4 ft. strip light can be cut and shaped to fit any application you need. The dimmable feature allows you to customize your lights as well to create the perfect ambiance for applying makeup in front of your mirror, or for setting a mood for cooking with friends in the kitchen.

Prepare yourself for a perfect day with the LED mirror lights from MINGER. The high-quality, white LED strip lights are extra bright yet gentle on your eyes. Install them easily around your vanity mirror and use the dimming function to create the ideal atmosphere for applying make-up or cooking with friends. This kit includes everything you need to get started.

MINGER is dedicated to generating simple and smart life solutions. When it comes to lighting, we are no exception to this rule. The 16.4 ft White LED strip lights boast 300 bright white LEDs and 6500K lighting color that is perfect for providing ample lighting in your kitchen, bathroom, or garage spaces. With a safe 12V supply, these lights are easy to install on any dry surface and stay cool after long hours of continuous use thanks to the adhesive feature and support clips that secure the strip in place.

Why We Like It

  • Great for Vanity Mirrors: 16.4ft of bright white, dimmable lighting allows you to decorate your vanity mirror in creative ways.
  • Flexible Design: Bend and shape the 16.4ft of strip lights around the vanity mirror or other hard-to-reach places.
  • Save Energy: Save money with the included power adapter that can be connected to an outlet or a dedicated power supply.
  • Easy to Set Up: The LED strip lights are easy to install and can be cut to fit your space.

MINGER White LED Strip Lights For Mirror

 3. Selfila Led Strip Lights For Bathroom Mirrors

The SelfiliAleds vanity mirror lights kit is a great choice for in-home, professional makeup artists. With the selfie mirror light kit, you will get a perfect make-up effect every time. It is easy to stick on most bathroom mirrors, held by aluminum vanity mirror lights, and will not leave any trace or damage to your bathroom mirrors. A great gift for your family and friends!

This Strip Lights for Mirror Kit is easy to cut every 3 LEDs along with the cutting marks if you don’t need all of them. Flexible Led Light for Mirror, You can easily adjust the length of the mirror light by cutting the extra part. The flexible design allows you to wrap the light strip at almost any angle desired. You can DIY any shape and dress up your room as you want. It’s wonderful.

The SelfilaLed Strip Lights For Mirror is designed for the bathroom, make-up light, Vanity table. The strip lights include adhesive backing tape for easy application and safe use. Made by high-quality FPC material and double-layer copper on PCB board to keep the mixed colors more even. High output led chips that are held by aluminum stiffener are safer to use in the bathroom.

If you want to place the item in other places such as a bedroom, bathroom, or ordinary wall, please use nails instead. The USB cable design support multiple power supply options (USB charger, laptop, power bank, desktop PC ), which is convenient for anywhere. It is recommended to choose a 2A or above USB power adapter.

Why We Like It

  • Highest Quality: High-quality aluminum body, sturdy and durable, water-proof, and anti-rust.
  • Perfect Fit: Perfectly compatible with all kinds of mirrors, including round, square, rectangular, and oval.
  • Flexible Installation: The sturdy 3M double-sided tape can be easily stacked on the mirror surface.
  • Safety Guarantee: UL listed and RoHS compliant, CE, ROHS, and FCC certificates, 2 years warranty.

SelfilaLed Strip Lights For Mirror



4. LEDUPDATES Stick On Light Bulbs For Mirror

The LEDUPDATES light bulbs for mirrors will definitely give you the best overall performance when it comes to lighting with a complete set of 28 lights that can be fitted on most mirrors and easily cut to custom fit your mirror. You’ll receive 1 dimmer and everything you need to install them to your mirror, including the glue stickers, connectors, and wires.

Ideal for makeup application and a wide variety of other illumination purposes, these LED units are stylish, durable, and superior in quality. With an adhesive backing, these LED bulbs can be easily attached to mirrors of any variety to add seamless light that is designed specifically for the ultimate makeup use.

The LEDUPDATES stick on light bulbs for mirror are perfect to dress up your surroundings. Installed around the sides of a mirror, it creates a glamorous look. This product is available in various colors and light temperatures, so you can easily match it to your personal taste and décor. If you ever want to change things up, you can always re-orient them or move them.

Why We Like It

  • Each bulb is 1.23 inches in diameter.
  • 28 bulbs in a total of 9ft that give you excellent lighting for your makeup needs.
  • A dimmer is included for you to adjust the brightness of your choice.
  • The mirror is detachable and flexible so that you can adjust it to your desired angles.
  • A night light allows you to perform your daily beauty routine with ease, even in low light conditions.

LEDUPDATES stick on light bulbs for mirror


5. LPHUMEX  Hollywood Glam Led Vanity Lights

The LPHUMEX Hollywood Glam Led Vanity Lights is a perfect makeup vanity light. The length of this led kit is 14.5 ft, perfect for your dressing room! This string light with 10 dimmable LED bulbs is the best choice for your makeup vanity. You can apply it to makeup mirrors or hang it above the mirror with the provided double-sided tapes and clips, which are easy to install.

This 14ft Hollywood led vanity lights kit is perfect for makeup table, movie set, youtube vlog, bedroom dressing room, and outdoor lighting. Flexible to install. The switch cable has a smart touch control button, it can be attached to the wall or mirror directly, it also comes with two strong adhesive tapes.

LPHUMEX  Vanity Mirror Lights Kit is a plug-and-play light that can be installed anywhere in just minutes without the need for an electrician. If you are decorating, building, remodeling, or just want to give your living space a quick, easy, and secure makeover, these light bulbs are the perfect solution for you. The included double-sided tape will let you place the lights on most surfaces easily and securely.

Perfect for makeup lighting, can be used in bathrooms and salons. High lights brightness, no flicker, no dark area, to protect your eyes. This full-body mirror light can work on 3AA batteries(not included) or a USB cable power supply. The brightness of the lights is adjustable through the buttons on the wire.

Why We Like It

  • Dimmable Battery Powered LED Lights: Each led light has an easy touch on/off button.
  • Easy Installation: Peel and stick each led light to a wall, mirror, or mirror frame, plug, and play.
  • Made for Full-Length Mirror: Use your own full-length mirror to DIY your own light-up full-body mirror!
  • Great Value: 14ft long string of light boards with an adhesive pad on each light board base.
  • Multiply Application: This can be applied to make-up, fill light, selfies, decoration, shooting, and so on.


LPHUMEX  Hollywood Glam Led Vanity Lights

Buyer Guide:-

Benefits of using Led Strip Lights For Mirror


Led strip lights are a safer alternative to traditional light bulbs because they don’t contain mercury. Mercury is a heavy metal that can be dangerous if it’s ingested or if it enters the body through the skin. Exposure to mercury can cause health problems, including developmental problems in infants and neurological issues in adults.

Less expensive

It might seem like LED strip lights are more expensive than traditional light bulbs, but in reality, they’re less expensive. LED strip lights are a great option for any room because they’re energy-efficient and look great. Plus, they last longer than traditional light bulbs and don’t require replacement as often.


Led Strip Lights For Mirror are energy-efficient, making them a cost-effective way to add light to a mirror. They are also easy to install and can be controlled with a remote.

Easy to install

Led Strip Lights For Mirror are easy to install. If you have basic electrical skills, you can install these strips without any help. Just be sure to use the correct voltage and amperage for your mirror’s wiring.


Led strip lights are often seen in mirrors because they are durable and can last for a long time. They also emit a bright light that is perfect for illuminating a space.

How do you attach LED strip lights to a mirror?

You can easily attach your lights to the wall and affix them in an overlapping pattern. Just use hot glue to adhere the lights to the wall and then readjust them until they are lined up how you want them. You can also use a picture hanging kit with hooks to hang the lights.

There are many ways to attach LED strip lights to a mirror. You will need to attach them to your mirror first, and then hide the wires. This means that you need to find a way to attach them to the mirror without harming it.
  • One option is to attach them with double-sided tape. You can then hide the wires underneath the mirror, so you don’t see any of them.
  • Another option is to use Velcro. When you attach the LED lights to the double-sided tape or Velcro, make sure that no light is visible. You can do this by adding additional tape on the bottom of the lights. This will keep any light from shining through the top of the lights.
  • The third option is to attach the wires to the base of the mirror, and then glue them back down as if they were not there. This may be the best option to hide the wires because it will allow you to still use the mirror.

How do you make a LED light mirror?

A cool idea is to do something reflective to the mirror, like create a design in the mirror or something. To make a mirror with lights, take a glass mirror, a piece of plexiglass, LEDs, and a power source. To make the design, use a stencil and spray paint (the kind you cook with is perfect!).

Once everything is dry, glue the mirror to the plexiglass, which will make it look like a mirror at first glance. Then, using a sewing machine, sew the LEDs to the plexiglass and wire it up to a power source. Finally, get glitter glue, like a little kid’s glitter glue, and add that as “stars” in the sky of the design you made. This is a cool light-up mirror and it looks very nice.

How do LED mirror lights work?

An LED mirror light is actually a little more complicated than a standard mirror light. LEDs are made out of silicon semiconductors and each light can be controlled individually. LEDs do not have a filament that glows in the same way that a standard bulb does. Instead, an LED is a little more like a computer chip that glows when properly energized.

The LED light is energized by a microcontroller. This is a little circuit that accepts a low voltage input and converts it to the necessary higher voltage needed to energize the LED. The LED light is a little more expensive than a regular light bulb but it offers many benefits.

What is the mirror with lights called?

The mirror with lights, also known as a “dressing mirror” and “makeup mirror” is a type of mirror used to apply makeup, check skin condition, and even tweeze eyebrows. The frame of the mirror is made up of four long, vertical sections of molded plastic. Each section is connected to three crossbars which hold the glass in place while the mirror is being washed.  So, if more than one crossbar is visible, you should be looking at the bottom of a wash-and-fold mirror. Those four sections are called the legs of the mirror.

Do LED mirrors need electricity?

LED mirrors don’t need electricity. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. An LED mirror is a mirror with LED lights built inside. These LED lights are very bright and are extremely efficient. The purpose of these LED lights is to illuminate your face so that you can see it clearly. The good thing about LED lights is that they don’t require any electricity to work. An LED light is a self-contained light bulb. It works because the semiconductor inside produces light when electricity flows through it. LED lights don’t require any external electricity to create light. They produce light by themselves.

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