Motion Sensor Led Strip Lights For Stairs

Motion sensor led strip lights for stairs are a great lighting solution to any home. Motion sensor led strip lights are motion-activated led lights that can be used in the stairways for safety and security purposes. These led lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting and will be perfect for stairways and hallways since they give you a good feeling of security as soon as you enter your house as they automatically light up.

Motion sensor LED strip lights are an excellent way to light up dark hallways or staircases at night. They provide flexibility in your home. You can put them anywhere you want, making life easier for you. There is no need to connect multiple wires and that makes installation simple. So pretty much all of the advantages provided by these lights will help you cut down your bills for electricity usage and make your home safe at night.

Motion Sensor Led Strip Lights For Stairs

Finding the best Motion Sensor Led Strip Lights For Stairs is a challenge. There are too many choices and it’s hard to choose one that will suit your need and budget. I have researched the market for you and done the research so you do not have to. After testing several motion sensor led strip lights for stairs in the market,  here is the list of the top 5  best Motion Sensor Led Strip Lights For Stairs in the market.

1. Speycer Motion Sensor Led Strip Lights For Stairs

The Speycer Motion Sensor LED Strip Light is a great option for any home that wants a very bright and energy-efficient solution to lighting. This motion sensor light has 6 Speycer motion sensor LEDs and a 3000K neutral white light-emitting diode. This motion sensor stair lights have very bright white light bulbs and brighten up dark areas well. It is easy to set up this led strip light to your stairwell, it has a neat installation table stand that provides easy positioning of the sensor and easy mounting of the led strip light.

There are multiple ways you can mount these motion sensor led strip lights with 12″ spacing between each light, it can be powered by 12vdc/5watt or 24vdc/5watt. You can also use this motion sensor led strip lights in different ways like for bed lights, wardrobe lights, under cabinet lights, etc. Speycer has a wide range of different colors and styles which you can choose from.

With the help of the timer, you can turn the light on whenever you need to, as well as dim it if you don’t. The light is now wireless and you can use it in your own way. It has a modern appearance so it is the perfect interior lighting for your home. With its super bright, efficient, and wide coverage, this led light will give out a nice soft white glow at night. It is absolutely safe for use, made with high-quality materials, and durable enough to be used for a long time.


  • Brightness: 600 Lumens
  • Motion Detection: 8 detection area, up to 8m
  • ON/OFF control: Via switch or remote controller
  • Timer: 4 Time Settings: ON/OFF(1 Minute to 1Hour)
  • No Switch: ON/OFF by Motion Detection, Remote Controller, or APP
  • Double-sided tape: For easy installation

Speycer Motion Sensor Led Strip Lights For Stairs

2. KOMIGAN Motion Sensor LED Stair Lighting

KOMIGAN motion sensor led stair lights are specially designed for stairways with the most convenient and convenient design. It’s not only a good lighting device but also a great household appliance for your home. It’s designed to use in stairways, which is helpful for you to see the way easily at night and avoid accidents when you were going up or down the stairs.

KOMIGAN Motion Sensor LED Stair Lighting adds instant beauty to your stairs with a simple touch of a button. The easy-to-install lighting system can be screwed directly onto the wall, or it can be mounted on the ceiling. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the romantic ambiance of a bright, illuminated staircase without having to climb all those steps.

Simply tap the light switch on the remote control for instant illumination in any room of your house. This motion sensor allows you to choose between two different modes: ‘Auto’ and ‘Timer’. The set also includes a power adapter and cable so you can enjoy the benefits of this stunning lighting system at home or in your business.

KOMIGAN stair lights are the perfect solution to lighting your stairs and steps. With 2-3 lighting modes and 3-speed settings, you can choose the right one for any situation. You can also adjust the light intensity according to your needs, by setting the stage lighting or illuminating just a single step. KOMIGAN has a super smooth motion sensor, which means it will automatically turn on and off as you pass it so there is no need for an extra switch.


  • The number of steps is adjustable
  • Light intensity adjustment (lighter / darker)
  • Lighting speed control,8 gears
  • Lighting time adjustment between 3-600 seconds
  • Warm White LED Light 3000K, Soft light and No light spot
  • Natural and safe light, not harm your eyes
  • No need to use another light source in the house or outside
  • No light flicker, long life span

KOMIGAN Motion Sensor LED Stair Lighting

3. WOBANE Wired Motion Sensor Stair Lights

The Wobane stair lights are an essential addition to your home and can create a sense of security in any indoor space by lighting up the area in the dark. With two modes of operation, you can switch from manual mode to automatic mode to ensure that you’re safe and secure at all times. When you move in the dark, your Wobane stair lights will automatically turn on, making you visible and safe, while also avoiding the risk of tripping over something or falling down the stairs. The motion sensor feature ensures that the lights automatically turn on when there’s movement above them. When there’s no movement, they automatically turn off after 20 seconds.

Wobane is a motion sensor stair light that work to illuminate a stairway or landing at night. The lighting system works to illuminate a stairway or landing at night and requires no power source. Simply set the sensor on any flat surface, and the lights will automatically turn on when it detects movement. There are 3 different light modes so you can choose the perfect setting for your home’s lighting needs. This wireless sensor is equipped with a USB cable that is used to recharge the battery and can also be used to power other devices, such as phones and flashlights.

This wired motion sensor light strip is a great way to improve nighttime safety in your home or office. These lights can be stuck anywhere with the adhesive tape and the light is triggered when there is movement. The light will turn on and off automatically, so there’s no need to change the batteries.


  • Easy to install in seconds, no tool required
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor use
  • Sturdy ABS plastic construction with adhesive backing
  • UL/CUL/ETL compliant
  • There are 6 super-bright LEDs per meter with adjustable brightness
  • The light strip is available in 16 colors

WOBANE Wired Motion Sensor Stair Lights

4. DGD Motion Sensor Lights For Staircase

DGD motion sensor lights for staircase are another version of the innovative new generation products by DGD. Product name DGD motion sensor lights for staircase is one of the most innovative step lighting systems. This product has high brightness, the built-in led light source will emit more than 1000 lumens, which is 10 times brighter than other lamps led lamps.  it also has a longer service life of up to 20,000 hours, making it an ideal solution for staircases and stairwells.

No need to step on the dark floor, no more worry about stepping on things. These motion sensor stair lights will help you to be safe while you go down and reach your destination. You can set the stage to your advantage instead of letting darkness cover the area. You can also change the light color to match your interior design. The LED light uses high-intensity LED strips that are very efficient and save energy.

It can control the light levels to protect the eyes from damaging UV rays. The voice prompts will guide you through the automated setup process and also when it needs to be changed. The battery backup is included in this package along with a 12-month warranty, so you don’t have to worry about replacements or having dark stairs again. Every staircase should have these lights installed.

It is very convenient to use and energy-saving. There is an ONLY night mode for the motion sensor to sense body movement at night to save energy. The other modes are daylight mode and different color combinations for the light. You can change the color or flashing mode for any requirement and match it with your interior design. Motion sensor LED strip lights are made of high-quality materials, it could last a long lifetime with normal maintenance. It is very durable and reliable, you can install it in house and office without any worries.


  • Motion Sensor Turn On / Off Automatically
  • 16.4 FT LED Light Strip
  • Low Voltage and Safe to Use (Under 12V)
  • Dimmable Led light strip lights,
  • Use for stairway lighting and pathway lighting
  • Automatically turn on in the dark.
  • Safe and reliable, UL and CE certification
  • High-quality material and perfect workmanship

DGD motion sensor lights for staircase

5. AMANEER Battery Operated Stair Lights

AMANEER LED Stair Lights are a revolutionary stairs lighting system with a sensor-driven auto-off feature that can save you up to 80% on your household electricity bill. The automatic sensor detects motion used for stair lights and turns the lights on when you arrive home, and off when you leave. This unique feature also ensures no light is left on when there are no visitors in the house.

Keep stairway areas safe, visible, and well-lit at night, even after the power goes out with this convenient and reliable system. Its eco-friendly design requires only 4 to 6 hours of normal household power per week to operate (when not in use), allowing it to be used for months without changing batteries.

AMANEER Battery Operated Stair Light is a great solution for those who need to keep track of children, pets, or other items on stairs at night. The light can be adjusted to light up the area on stairs that you need it to and by simply twisting the body of the light, you can easily switch between two modes. It is very easy for one-hand operation and its non-toxic material will not have any hazardous effects on humans.

These LED lights are perfect to be placed in stairways or over entrances, hallways, or stairs. These light fittings have a range of about 5 meters which can be covered by the motion sensor. The motion detector is powered by an AA battery (included), and it will last for about 8 hours in the continuous mode. When battery power is low, the motion sensor can be recharged by plugging into a PC USB port with included cable and charging the sensor via a USB port. The LED lights will automatically turn on when detecting human motions, this is achieved by detecting the distance between each step and calculating the change in distance between the step.


  • Super Bright: up to 120Lm/㎡, good for reading in bed at night.
  • Flexible: Motion and light sensors, can be installed in any place.  You can cut it into any length you like.
  • Waterproof: IP65 waterproof grade, can be installed in any place.
  • Rechargeable: USB cable provided, can be used for 4-5 months after 2-3 hour charging.
  • Reasonable: Easy to install, no need to change batteries frequently.
  • Low heating: Only 2.4W power consumption, low heating, and no UV radiation.

AMANEER Battery Operated Stair Lights

6. Brilliant Evolution Motion Sensor Stair Lights

You can take the stairs any time, day or night with this brilliant new stair light. The Brilliant Evolution is a Motion Activated LED Light that senses motion. When someone steps on it, it will automatically turn on and shine brightly for up to 15 minutes. Plus, it’s battery-powered so you don’t have to worry about plugging anything in.

Brighten your life with the next generation of the LED light. The Brilliant Evolution LED Light is powered by a motion sensor, allowing them to trigger their on and off settings according to your needs. They are perfect for use in a closet or a stairwell. With two different plug-ins, the Hey can produce either a peaceful ambiance or an all-encompassing sound that will provide you with a new way to relax.

With motion detection, this LED light turns off automatically when there is no motion in the room and turns back on when someone walks into the room. With a 3000K warm white glow, this LED light provides enough light to work at night.

The easy way to brighten the darkest areas in your home! Motion Sensor makes sure light is only on when you need it. The high-efficiency LEDs stay lit for up to 35 hours on a single set of batteries. You will love the sleek, modern design and easy installation. The design of the modern home is characterized by smooth surfaces and gentle curves.

These LED lights mount with screws or heavy-duty adhesive tape (both are included) and last 4x longer than other stair lights. The 100% aluminum alloy housing is lightweight and will never rust. With a simple push of the button, you can choose from millions of colors and six brightness levels. And in more ways than one, it’s brilliant.


  • Modern style with substantial durability.
  • Indoor/Outdoor usage for outdoor activities.
  • Modern style with high durability and bright colors.
  • Battery-powered, no need to worry about charging time.
  • Easy installation process and assembly using only a screwdriver,
  • Ergonomic design with plenty of room for surfaces and materials in any size room.


7. AMIR Battery Power Motion Sensor Lights For Stairs

AMIR is a motion-sensing LED light that detects human motion in the range of 3M/9.84ft with a PIR infrared sensor and 120°detecting angle. It will light up automatically when motion is detected in the dark and auto-off after 20 seconds of inactivity. Its simple installation means you can have it up and running in a flash. Once it’s been set up, you don’t need to worry about batteries or cables as the device itself provides power for all functionality

The motion sensor lights for stairs will illuminate your life, even in the darkest of nights. It has a 360° magnetic design and provides up to 8 hours of illumination. The light is easy to install and remove. It features an alarm sound when detecting human motion, and it can save power while turning off automatically when no one is there. The light is easy to install and remove.

AMIR’s built-in intelligent algorithms will adjust the brightness and color intensity according to the detected movement. It features an elegant design and offers seamless workmanship in the backlight with a long lifespan for your convenience

Turn any room into your dream home with AMIR Motion Sensor Light. With its sleek design and 3M adhesive sticker, you can put it on any Cabinet, Stairs, or wall without damaging anything. The sensor detects motion, turning on the light when you are in the room and off when you leave it.

This is the perfect emergency light source for your home, office or anywhere you need a portable light source. The motion sensor lights for stairs can last for hours and it’s long-lasting. Besides, its multi-functional design makes it easy to install anywhere at home or outdoor.


  • Designed for modern home interiors.
  • Delightful, subtle color to warm up your space.
  • Best-in-class thermal insulation to keep your hands warm year-round.
  • Flawlessly designed for a modern, sleek look.
  • Thin, lightweight plastic that is non-toxic and BPA-free.
  • Flexible, durable construction with a matte finish.
  • The motion sensor turns on and off automatically when the door closes.

AMIR Battery Power Motion Sensor LED Light For Stairs

Buyer Guide

What is a Motion Sensor Led Strip Light and Why Should You Choose Them?

Motion sensor led strip light is a new innovation that is changing the way we use light. They are a lot more efficient than regular lights and they also use less energy.

Motion sensor led strip lights are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial space. They are being used in offices, supermarkets, malls, and places where people need to walk around. This article will discuss how these lights can be beneficial for different types of businesses and how they can help you save money on your electric bill.

Motion sensor led strip lights to make it possible for businesses to save money on their electric bill by using them as a replacement for traditional lighting. As motion sensor led strip lights have become more popular, companies have been able to reduce their electricity bills by up to 40%.

How To Choose Motion Sensor Lights For Stairs?

Choosing any light can be a difficult task, especially when considering the many different varieties of lights available. However, deciding to purchase motion sensor lights for your stairs is a smart choice for anyone who is concerned about safety. Motion sensor lights are designed to turn on automatically whenever someone is in the vicinity. This can be particularly useful for anyone who has stairs with no overhead lighting.

It is also important to keep in mind that motion sensor lights can provide additional illumination for any area that does not receive light for most of the day. Motion sensor lights are also extremely energy efficient, and many of them come in a variety of different light colors and brightness levels.

If you have stairways in your home and you want to add some kind of lighting, you have a couple of options. The first option is simply to purchase a lamp and a base and then to put the lamp on each stair step. The drawback to this is that if you have a lot of steps, you will use a lot of lamps, and that means a lot of electrical outlets or extension cords. Another option is to use LED lighting.

LED lighting is great because it is energy efficient, and because it lasts a very long time. LED lighting is also easy to install, so if you are looking to save on your energy bills while also helping the environment, LED lighting is a great choice.

What are the Important Benefits of Motion Sensor Led Strip Lights for Stairs?

Motion sensor led strip lights for stairs are a great way to light your stairs without having to replace the bulbs. They use sensors to detect when people are coming and going, so they turn on and off automatically.

Motion sensor led strip lights for stairs offer several benefits. First, they are energy efficient. They only use about 10% of the power that traditional incandescent bulbs do.

Secondly, they are cost effective because you only need one light per stairwell, rather than four or five like with traditional lighting systems.

Lastly, motion sensor led strip lights for stairs can be customized to fit your needs – you can change the color temperature of the light and even add a dimming feature if desired.

What are the Key Features of a Good Light?

Motion sensor led strip light is a type of LED light that turns on when it detects movement and off when it is not. It can be used in a variety of places, such as hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, and closets.

Motion sensor led strip lights are perfect for areas where there are many people walking around or where pets are present. They can also be used the outdoors to illuminate pathways or gardens. They are often considered to be more energy-efficient than other types of lights. Key features to consider when buying a motion sensor led strip light:


The brightness of the light will depend on how far away you are from the device and how dark the area is where you want to use it.

Power consumption

The power consumption of the device will depend on how many devices you want to operate and the power that is supplied.

Waterproof or not

This depends on what type of area you are using the device in, so it’s best to be safe and check before buying.


The last thing you would want is a device that breaks after only a few uses, so you should be able to find a device with a good warranty to prevent this.


Motion motion sensor lights for stairs is an innovative and cost-effective way to make stairways more secure and comfortable. It is a motion sensor that turns on automatically when someone steps on the stairs. It illuminates the stairs with light when it detects motion.

It can be installed in stairwells, hallways, or other areas where people are likely to walk on. This helps prevent injury and potential accidents from occurring in dark areas of your building. Motion sensor led strip lights are available for purchase in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes so you can find one that best fits your needs.

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How do you install LED strip lights under stairs?

Installing LED under stair lights is something many homeowners want to do. There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration before installing the lights. The first step is to make sure the stairway is very well lit.

If the stairway is not well lit, it is best to install a new light fixture. Installing a light under a stairway is a very easy task for a handyman. However, if you are not a handyman, it might be a good idea to hire a professional to install the lights.

How do you light up stairs?

Stairs can be lit up in two ways:
Use sticky tape or double-sided tape and lay it on the steps. The tape should not be too sticky, so it doesn’t leave any residue or mark on the stairs when you remove it. Use this method for small areas or for the temporary lighting up of stairs.

Make a small wooden stand. Take two square wooden blocks of the same size. Mark four holes (or as per your staircase width) at its center on one of the blocks.

Drill holes through the blocks and insert the support rods. the rods at the top and bottom of the stairs. Put up the wooden stand. Now you can put up lights on the stand.

How many lumens do I need for a stair light?

A good stair light should have an average brightness of at least 100 lumens. This brightness level should be enough for the average size of the staircase, not for any particularly dark stairs.

 Lumens are the units of measurement for the brightness of light. For example, a light bulb of 100 watts will produce about 2000 lumens of light.

How long do battery-powered motion lights Last?

The life depends on the operating temperature, operating environment, and voltage. When the temperature is lower, the battery will have a longer life.

If you have installed a motion light, and you are not going to use it for a few months, you should take out the batteries and store them in a dry place. The batteries will have a longer life span and the motion light will work for a longer time.

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