Best RGB Lights for Desk to Elevate Your Workspace

Do you want to add a touch of color and atmosphere to your workplace? RGB lights for your desk are a great way to improve your work environment and create a visually stunning setup.

These lights come in a variety of shapes and can transform an ordinary table into a vibrant and charming space. In this article, we’ll explore the best RGB lights for desk, giving you a comprehensive guide to making an informed purchasing decision.

Best RGB Lights For Desk

RGB lighting is all the rage right now and is finally available at more affordable prices than ever before. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best RGB lights for desks for you to choose from based on your need and budget. Just take a look.

  1. LE RGB Lights For Desk
  2. SMY Lighting RGB Multi-Colour Light For Desk
  3. Tenmiro Color Changing Lights For Desk
  4. Vont RGB Lights For Gaming Desk
  5. WILLED Desk LED Lighting Kit
  6. Kasa Smart Led Strip Lights For Desk
  7. Sengled RGB Led Lights For Desk
  8. Cozylady LED Light Strip For Desk
  9. Elgato RGB Led Strip Light for PC
  10. KontrolFreek RGB Lights For Gaming Desk

RGB lights are a really cool thing. They add some great lighting effects to your desk and setup and look great if you don’t have a simple setup. Here to show you the best RGB lights for desks that I found to be great for the price, quality, and amount of lighting effects you can create with them.

1. LE RGB Lights For Desk

Upgrade your gaming setup with LE RGB Lights For Desk. These ultra-thin, high-quality strip lights feature 60 LEDs per meter and utilize an advanced 3M adhesive for simple application to nearly any surface. Its controllers offer 6 DIY color options, 8 modes, and adjustable brightness, letting you customize your lighting to match your setup and mood.

With a powerful adhesive backing, the strip can be securely fastened to most surfaces. The flexible and cuttable design allows you to shape the lights into any DIY project and bend the strip around corners.

This light is a non-waterproof flexible RGB LED strip with extremely low power consumption that can be used in any market. Using SMD 5050 RGB LED chips, this  RGB Lights For Desk provides you with a brightness of 180 lumens and a 50,000-hour-long lifetime. You do not need extra accessories like a dimmer switch or a connector: the lights are easy to install and use. Using a remote control, the RGB lights for the desk change color and brightness according to your preference.


  • Color: RGB
  • Size: 16.4 ft/ 32 ft
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Material: ‎‎Plastic, Copper


  • Plug and play, just connect it with a 12V power adapter,
  • Cut the strip lights into smaller pieces, then
  • DIY the lights according to your actual needs.
  • Brighter and more uniform than others.
  • Use 3M adhesive to stick the lights on the TV, Furniture, or just stick it on the wall.
  • Connect the strip lights to the Power Bank (not included)
LE RGB Lights For Desk

2. SMY Lighting RGB Multi-Colour Light For Desk

SMY Lighting RGB light strip is a ready solution for lighting up your Desk. With a 24 key remote control, you can change the color of your lights as much as you like. RF controller can transform the color at a long distance. The attached USB cable length is approx 1M/3.28ft, you can supply power easily with a USB port. It can add a good atmosphere for watching tv or playing video games. The light is dimmable from 0-100 percent brightness and can be chosen from 16 colors.

SMY Lighting RGB Multi-Colour Light Kit, 16 color changes and 6 DIY colors with 20 lighting modes and dimmable, It will give you a new feeling of home decoration. Control distance is longer than an infrared remote control, RF remote control gives you more convenience for bedroom decoration and ambiance lighting.

This desk light is USB Powered so it is super easy to install. Just plug it into a USB port on your TV set, PC, Laptop, or even Power Bank or Phone charger and you’re done! It also has an adhesive strip to fit almost anywhere.

The SMY Lighting RGB Multi-colour LED strips are well lined up on a string and super sticky at the back of the strip. The flexibility of the strips is good in that you can shape it to anything you want. It is bright enough, color changing and you can choose from 10 different modes which cycle through a wide range of white and colored light from dim to bright. Great for decorating your display cabinet or adding mood lighting to any room.


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: 3.28Ft / 16.5Ft
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Number of Light: 30


  • Control the LED strip by mobile phone, remote controller, or PC
  • Change color and brightness or flashing mode by remote controller
  • Switch the LED strip to Static, Fast Flash, or Slow Flash mode
  • USB cable protected by PVC, waterproof, and anti-cracking.
  • Stable performance, secure, reliable, and energy-saving.
  • SMD LED strip with PCB board.
  • it is convenient to control the LED strip light.
SMY Lighting RGB Multi-Colour Light For Desk

3. Tenmiro Color Changing Lights For Desk

Tenmiro smart strip lights are upgraded from the previous version. The lights strip pack with 130ft / 40m super long and can wrap around your home. The adhesive tape light strips with upgraded 300 LEDs allows for many lighting modes and color! Led strip light APP supports music timing and DIY mode, suitable for room decorations such as kitchen, ceiling, dining table, cabinet, desk, and bed.

Tenmiro led lights strip is a colorful LED light strip kit with strong adhesive, a control box, and a remote. Unique dream color effect beats Following, the music sync flashing function can create a romantic and cozy atmosphere for you.

This dream color RGB light for a desk is the smartest color-changing light strip among the 16 million color choices. It comes with 24 key remote controllers which can change the color to meet your needs on different occasions.

Perfect design, excellent material, and strict production processes make it longer using life. Totally smart and safe to use. It is the perfect house ornament, that transforms your home, ceiling, back of TV, desk, kitchen, stairs, and more with color-changing lights.


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: 65 ft/ 130 ft
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Number of Light: 720


  • Simply plug the light strip into an AC outlet and you are ready to go
  • Save 80% of energy by replacing incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, and halogen bulbs
  • No need to replace the light strip for up to 5 years
  • Suitable for Bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and so on
  • Control the lights with your remote control
  • The RF remote control is built-in with 44 keys for easy color change,
  • RoHS, CE, and FCC passed for safe use.
Tenmiro Color Changing Lights For Desk

4. Vont RGB Lights For Gaming Desk

Vont RGB Lights are the only LED Lights you’ll ever need. They’re smart, so they react to the music on your phone when in Music Mode. Connect to any USB Power Source (5v / 500ma) or Smartphone Charger with a USB port, and plugin between the strips to customize to your preferred length (max 3m). Create the perfect ambiance while you rock at night or enjoy more time with loved ones.

Make your gaming desk more epic than ever with RGB Lights For Desks. Transform your set-up into a color spectacle that can sync with music, movies, and games with 16 million colors to choose from. With built-in magnets, you can easily cut and stick the lights onto any space you want. Choose from pre-set scenes, or create your own color experience with our remote.

The Vont Gaming Strip Light is the most convenient and high-quality product on the market. Don’t settle for one color, when you can have 50,000 shades. Choose between our 16m colors. Pick any shade of your favorite color via our free app.

Conveniently control your smart strip light with ALEXA OR GOOGLE ASSISTANT while cooking dinner, having fun at a party, or gaming with friends! Customized to perfectly fit ANY gaming desk.

Take your battle station or board room to the next level.  RGB lights for gaming desk, features IR remote control, a 5 Ft USB power cord, color mode controls, brightness, and speed controls (flashing, strobe, fade, and smooth), DIY mode lets you customize your own lighting color with over 16 Million combinations of colors and tones.


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: 16.4 ft/ 32 ft
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Material: ‎Aluminum + Plastic


  • Convenient: 60 LEDs per strip, 16 feet long, and thin enough to fit under cabinets and furniture.
  • Versatile: Switch to WARM WHITE to BRIGHT LIGHT for deep focus.
  • Colorful: Choose from 16 MILLION COLORS that sync with the music to match your mood.
  • Vont Home app: Connect to the app, so you can easily adjust the brightness, and SCHEDULE your colors.
  • Multiple smart devices: NO HUB REQUIRED. Control it even when you’re not at home.
Vont RGB Lights For Gaming Desk

5. WILLED Desk LED Lighting Kit

WILLED led strip lights can make your life more festive. it’s designed to control the led strip lights through the phone, it’s more convenient and simple. You can change colors and DIY colors depending on your mood. The led strip lights can be attached to any flat surface, such as kitchen cabinets, deck hallways, closets, stairs, stairs, and other places. Let our lights illuminate your home and make your life colorful.

This WILLED Desk LED Lighting Kit is perfect for upgrading your home lighting. And it can be used in various installation methods, and it’s flexible enough to bend around corners and gaps. It can also be cut if you need to, which makes it perfect for smaller cabinets. It has 460 colors and 29 different tones for section, 6pcs RGB led strip lights to a total10ft, and 90LEDs. it can create a unique color to decorate your kitchen cabinet, counter, shelf deck, bedroom, TV back, showcase, etc. Perfect for upgrading your home lighting.

WILLED Desk LED Lighting to be controlled by Smartphone APP (Bluetooth 4.0 or higher), remote controller, and dimmer switch. You can use your smartphone to turn on/off the light, change color, adjust brightness, set a timer, etc.

This tv led strip lights support a maximum of 6 strips connection with one control box which you can cut the extra part of the strip to fit your needed lighting area. With the upgraded sensitivity microphone, this tv bias lighting sync with music, movies, and games, letting you enjoy your party better!


  • Color: RGB
  • Size: 6 x 1.65ft
  • Power Source: AC/DC


  • Music sensitive: Sync your lights to your favorite music.
  • Soft white: The soft white light showcases your home’s decor.
  • Set the mood: Create different moods by changing the color of your lights.
  • Save energy: Save up to 80% of your energy consumption by using this kit.
  • Timer: Schedule your lights to automatically turn on and off at specific times during the day.
  • Sleep timer: Set your lights to gradually turn off to help you fall asleep and wake up easier.
  • Mood light: Use the preset modes to easily set a mood, or customize the colors to match your decor.
Best RGB Lights For Desk

6. Kasa Smart Led Strip Lights For Desk

Bring your Desk, walls a step beyond beautiful with the Kasa Smart Led Strip Lights For your Desk. Crafted to fit seamlessly in your home, this 32.8ft. LED light strip features customization of up to 16 million colors with high brightness & saturation for the best lighting throughout your home.

Turn on/off and change colors from anywhere you are with the Kasa Smart app or use your voice with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for added convenience. Use the Kasa Smart app to save your favorite light scenes and recall them with one tap, or cycle through animated lighting effects that will add a touch of excitement to any party.

Kasa Smart’s RGB light for desks helps you to create an immersive lighting experience with 100% color brightness. This 2-meter-long strip, which features an adhesive backing, accommodates a variety of environments.

Cozy up with soft white or get your rave on with a rainbow of colors to add life to any event. The LB130 works with Kasa Cam, so your lights can respond to motion and sound when paired with your camera.


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: 16.4 ft/ 32 ft
  • Power Source: AC
  • Material: ‎Polyimide


  • Save 25% more energy than a traditional light bulb.
  • High brightness, up to 700 lumens per meter.
  • 16 million colors and shades of white light.
  • Control multiple lights with a single app or voice command.
  • Control with your phone, your voice or automate with timers, geofencing, and more.
Kasa Smart Led Strip Lights For Desk

7. Sengled RGB Led Lights For Desk

Sengled strip light can be controlled by Alexa, just tell Alexa to turn off/on the lights, and change the color and brightness. Your home becomes a dance floor where you are the DJ. You can also control them via the Sengled Home App when connected to Wi-Fi. No need to get off the couch and look for a switch, expand your imagination, and make your life better.

The 16.4ft led strip light features customization of up to 16 million colors, is safe to use, and is effectively waterproofing. The flexible and safe material of the surface acts as a protective layer for the LEDs, reducing the chance of being damaged by external objects.

The RGB light strips are perfect for home decoration. The Sengled 32.8ft smart led lights strip can be adjusted to whatever length you need and cuttable between every 3 LEDs.

Sengled Wi-Fi LED lights are a little smart device that brings an endless number of lighting possibilities to your fingertips. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, such as bedrooms, kitchens, stairs, game rooms, backyard decks, and more. you use this RGB light for your desk, It has all the features you need on your desk.


  • Color: RGB
  • Size: 9.84 ft/ 32.8 ft
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Material: ‎Synthetic Polymer


  • Layout and map your lights in your home.
  • control each light individually or as a group from a single app.
  • Create custom lighting scenes for the perfect ambiance.
  • Set and adjust schedules for on/off control.
  • Create groups and control multiple light strips in a group from a single app.
  • Sync your lights with your favorite music.
Sengled RGB Led Lights For Desk

8. Cozylady LED Light Strip For Desk

Cozylady RGB strip lights are an extremely innovative and relatively new product on the market. It is perfect for under cabinets, behind televisions, accenting desks and beds, and more!

New Developing Led Strip Lights with WIFI Wireless Controller, Timer ON/OFF, and Music Sync Function Cozylady Latest LED Strip Lights can stick on any surface, such as drywall, wood, plastic, metal, and so on. The flexible led can be cut by every 3 LEDs. The RGB light for desk is also waterproof. So that you can put it anywhere you like, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Cozylady RGB Strip Light(16.4ft/5m) 300 Units SMD 5060 LEDs, low power consumption, super-bright; Using double layer copper on PCB board to keep the mixed colors more even; Led strip working with DC 12V 4A power adapter and 44 Button RF remote controller; This Cozylady LED light strip has been through rigorous testing to ensure it can provide you with long service life.

It features fine chips that greatly reduce the chance of bead failure while improving brightness and efficiency. Various quality control procedures have been implemented during manufacturing, and product safety has been certified by UL and ETL.. The latest technology enables us to make the low-voltage strip lights 65.6 feet long, the industry’s first. The adhesive back makes it easy to install and cut.


  • Color: RGB
  • Size: 25 ft/ 164 ft
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Material: ‎Plastic


  • Easy to install and use
  • Can be cut and connected freely.
  • Make your home lighting more fascinating
  • 3M adhesive tape, easy to install and safe to use
  • Suitable for Bedroom, Living room, Staircase, Cabinet, Wardrobe, etc.
  • Fashion and the elegant, perfect combination of modern and classic design
  • Widely used in the house, perfect for home decoration
  • Eco-friendly, No harmful substances, No UV light radiation, No flickering
Cozylady LED Light Strip For Desk

9. Elgato RGB Led Strip Light for PC

Elgato Light Strip is thin, powerful, and portable. Control your growing collection of living colors and bring ambient illumination to any room, game, or stream setup with these flexible RGB lights for your desk. With an adhesive back and ultra-bright 2000-lumen output, Elgato Light Strip is easy to mount behind a monitor or television or just about anywhere else you want to add vivid color.

Elgato Light Strip is a full-spectrum 5050 RGB LED strip with 16 million colors and a brightness of up to 2000 lumens. Mix and set scenes with the simple app, or quickly change colors wirelessly from your phone. Use Lightstrip to turn on a light before you get home, sync it to your favorite games, or use it as a mood light for your TV cabinet.

Elgato brings this intelligent, connected light strip that can be easily placed around your TV, monitor, or in your entertainment center and provide cool ambient lighting effects. These Lights trips come with a thin tea back and attach to the surface easily.

Elgato Light Strip is the world’s most affordable light strip with powerful color capabilities and app control. Available in two lengths, the light strip is thin enough to weave under desks or behind monitors.

16 million colors are easy to set up and can be controlled using the Elgato Game Capture HD software or iOS/Android devices via the Elgato apps. Stream Deck integration provides one-touch control for gaming and other applications.


  • Color: RGB
  • Power Source: Batteries
  • Material: ‎Plastic


  • Color and brightness settings are saved and applied instantly
  • Tilt and turn the strip for a natural and flexible light
  • 3M adhesive backing for easy mounting
  • Control light settings via the Philips Hue app on your smartphone
  • Brighten up your desk and make it match the rest of the room
Elgato RGB Led Strip Light for PC 

10. KontrolFreek RGB Lights For Gaming Desk

KontrolFreek gaming lights are an easy and affordable way to beautify your setup. Every gamer looks for different ways to improve their setup and these lights will help spice up the atmosphere of any room.

KontrolFreek gaming lights are powered by USB, so they’re energy-efficient and designed to look great while not taking up too much space. They’re also flexible so it’s easy to bend them into any shape you want.

The KontrolFreek Gaming Lights have a simple, sleek, and reliable design that allows you to easily customize the lighting settings of your controller. Whether you are new to the gaming realm or a seasoned professional, this customizable OEM Gaming Light strip will take your gaming experience to new heights. These are the best RGB Lights For Desks.

The KontrolFreek gaming lights are a great way to customize the gaming experience. The lights work with a variety of game consoles and the PC, including Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, and PC. The light strip is made for any TV up to 55 inches diagonal.


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Power Source: Corded Electric


  • Stunning visual effects, add beauty to your gaming.
  • Customizable, so you can create your own unique design.
  • Flexible and adhesive, so you can place it in any position.
  • Affordable, so you can have all the benefits without breaking the bank.
  • Durable, so it can last for a long time.
KontrolFreek RGB Lights For Gaming Desk

Other Recommended LED Desk Lamps 

BenQ LED Desk Lamp

The BenQ eReading lamp is perfect for your office, bedroom nightstand, or dorm room. With a sleek and modern design, this lamp features advanced lighting technology that matches the color temperature of your room. With 13 levels of color temperature between 2700-5700K and 24 different brightness levels from 1000-250lm, you’ll find the perfect lighting for any situation or mood.

It features an auto-dimming mode that dynamically adjusts to the ambient brightness level of your room, making it ideal for late-night work sessions. Designed to mimic natural daylight, the lamp features innovative technology to automatically adjust brightness and color temperature according to your environment.

The sleek design is functional as well: made with premium materials such as aluminum alloy, the lamp has a curved head that optimally illuminates your entire desk whilst preventing glare.

You’re in control of how bright you want your space to be with adjustable arms and 13 levels of color temperature and 23 brightness levels from 1000-250lm to accommodate different preferences.

For your convenience, there are a set of control buttons located at the front of the top panel for easy access. Plus, a wall power outlet is located at the back of the lamp so you can charge all of your mobile devices.


  • Color: Silver
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Material: ‎Aluminum


  • Great light for task, reading, and dual monitor use
  • Affordable, high-quality lighting solution for your home office or workbench.
  • The LED desk lamp is designed to be eye-catching and practical.
  • The LED desk lamp has a solid construction and builds quality.
  • Powerful, flexible LED lighting with 13 color temperatures and
  • 23 brightness levels mean you can adjust the lighting to suit any activity.
BenQ LED Desk Lamp

Buyer Guide:

What is an RGB LED strip?

RGB (Red Green Blue) are three primary colors that are used to create any other color by mixing them. RGB LEDs are made up of these three colors. An RGB LED has three pins, Anode, Cathode and Common. When electricity passes through these pins, different colors are formed.

RGB LED Strip is a flexible strip light consisting of self-adhesive RGB LEDs that can be cut to any desired length. It is an excellent lighting solution for car lights and is used in many decorative items such as TV monitors, phones, and even Christmas trees.

How do I add RGB lights to my desk?

To add RGB lights to your table you will need some LED strips. These LED strips will have a power source and have three wires: Red (+), Green (-), and Blue (-). You will need to connect the 5V wire to the voltage (+) and GND (-) wires. Connect the red wire to the 5V rail and the blue wire to the GND rail.

You’ll also need to power these LED strips so use an old power bank, some free USB ports on your computer, or buy a cheap and small power bank with a cable that has USB on one end and USB on the other. But the barrel is plugged. .

Are RGB light strips worth it?

RGB light strips are very popular in photography studios and gamers’ homes. But does investing in LED lighting make sense for people living in regular homes? The biggest advantage of LEDs is their extreme energy efficiency.

They use up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. This means you can set them to any color you want and they won’t make a dent in your electric bill.

Another big advantage is color temperature. It can be adjusted to mimic sunlight or moonlight. A final advantage is that LEDs are available in all sizes, shapes and colors. For example, you can buy a single LED strip that lights up your computer keyboard.

Benefits of RGB Lights for Your Desk

RGB lights offer many benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics. Here are some of the benefits of adding RGB lights to your desk setup:

Enhances Mood and Creativity

The dynamic and customizable lighting effects of RGB lights have been proven to positively influence mood and creativity. By adjusting colors and light patterns to your preferences, you can create an environment that stimulates your senses and inspires your work.

Improves Focus and Productivity

The dynamic and customizable lighting effects of RGB lights have been proven to positively influence mood and creativity. By adjusting colors and light patterns to your preferences, you can create an environment that stimulates your senses and inspires your work.

Personalization and Customization

With RGB lights, you have the freedom to personalize and customize your desk space. Whether you prefer a calming blue or a vibrant color spectrum, RGB lights enable you to create a unique environment that reflects your personality and style.

Gaming and Entertainment Enhancement

RGB lights are very popular among gamers and entertainment enthusiasts. Many RGB lights come with synchronization options, allowing them to react to in-game actions or music, enhancing the overall gaming or entertainment experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing RGB Lights

Before purchasing RGB lights for your desk, consider the following factors:

Lighting Options and Effects

Find RGB lights that offer a wide range of lighting options and effects. It includes different color choices, brightness levels, dynamic light patterns, and custom settings. The more options available, the more you can customize your desk setup.

Ease of Installation

Consider the ease of installation and compatibility of RGB lights with your desk. Look for lights that come with adhesive backing or clamps for easy attachment to different surfaces. Additionally, check if the lights can be easily connected and controlled through a user-friendly interface.

Quality and Durability

Invest in RGB lights that are made of high-quality materials and offer durability. Look for lights that are built to withstand daily use and have a long lifespan, ensuring your investment lasts a long time.

Price and Value for Money

Set a budget for your RGB lights and compare different options to find the best value for your money. Consider features, quality, and customer reviews to ensure you’re getting a reliable product within your price range.

How to Set Up RGB Lights on Your Desk

Installing RGB lights on your desk is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Clean your desk surface and make sure it is dry and free of any dust or debris.
  2. Determine the placement of your RGB lights. You can attach them to the back of your monitor, under the desk, or along the edges.
  3. If the RGB lights come with an adhesive backing, remove the protective film and carefully press them into place.
  4. If the RGB lights require a power source, connect them to a compatible power outlet or USB port.
  5. Install the control software or app provided by the manufacturer of the RGB lights.
  6. Open the control software or app and follow the instructions to connect and configure the RGB lights.
  7. Customize lighting effects, colors and brightness levels to your preferences.
  8. Test the RGB lights to make sure they are working properly and adjust the settings as needed.

Tips for Maximizing the Effectiveness of RGB Lights

To get the most out of your RGB lights and create an impressive desk setup, consider the following tips:

  • Experiment with different colors and lighting effects to find a combination that suits your mood and task requirements.
  • Adjust the brightness according to the ambient light in your workspace.
  • Use dynamic lighting effects to add movement and visual interest to your table.
  • Add RGB lights to other elements of your workspace, such as a monitor, keyboard, or shelves, for a cohesive look.

Maintenance and Care for Long-lasting RGB Lights

To ensure the longevity of your RGB lights, follow these care and maintenance tips:

  • Clean the lights regularly with a soft cloth to remove dust and debris.
  • Avoid exposing lights to excessive heat or humidity.
  • Handle lights gently when installing or moving them.
  • Check periodically for any loose connections or wiring problems.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for specific care guidelines.


RGB lights can transform your desk into a visually stunning and personalized workspace. With a wide range of colors, adjustable settings, and unique features, these lights offer many benefits for productivity and the environment.

By considering your preferences, desk setup, and the top picks mentioned in this article, you can choose the best RGB lights that suit your needs and create an attractive work environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I control RGB lights with my smartphone?

Yes, many RGB lights come with smartphone apps or are compatible with popular smart home systems, allowing you to control them using your smartphone.

Are RGB lights safe to use?

RGB lights are generally safe to use. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety instructions to avoid any potential hazards.

Can I sync RGB lights with my computer or gaming console?

Yes, many RGB lights offer synchronization options with computers and gaming consoles, allowing the lights to react to on-screen content or in-game actions.

What are the power requirements for RGB lights?

Power requirements vary depending on the specific RGB lights. Some lights can be powered by USB ports, while others may require a dedicated power source.

Are RGB lights suitable for any desk size?

RGB lights are available in different lengths and can be cut or extended to fit different table sizes. Be sure to check the lights’ specifications to find the right size for your table.