Best Waterproof Led Strip Lights For Showers 2023

Are you looking for the best waterproof led strip lights for showers? If you are searching for an easy way to improve your bathroom ambiance, look no further.

To ensure that your bathroom is not only stylish but also comfortable, use the best waterproof led strip lights. When it comes to getting quality products, there is no better place than lighting. 

A shower has become a regular part of many people’s daily routines. Whether you’re relaxing or getting ready for work, there are lots of us who spend way too long in the daily shower.

So why not have some fun while you are in there? That is probably the first thing that comes to mind when buying the best waterproof led strip lights for the shower.

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Top 10 Best Waterproof Led Strip Lights For Showers

There are many types of lighting available for your shower. The first is fluorescent. Fluorescent lights are long lasting and give you continuous light for long periods of time. Another type is LED light.

LED lights are also longer lasting but give you constant light for a shorter period of time. Therefore, it is better to use fluorescent light as it lasts longer. Please note that fluorescent light is more expensive than LED light.

A wide variety of the best waterproof led strip lights for showers are available in the market. In the market, you can find many lights for both bath and shower. But when they are installed in the shower, their purpose is different than when they are used in the bathtub.

XINKAITE Waterproof LED Strip Lights For Showers

If you need waterproof led strip lights for showers, this led light strip will do a great job. Why? It gives you bright lighting and the waterproof level is up to IP65. There are 4 different colors to satisfy your different use and DIY needs: Blue/ Red /White/Green. Plus, it has 8 modes for your different uses.

With the waterproof LED strip lights with 16.4′ per roll, you can add colorful lights to add fun and beauty to your bathroom or any cool surface such as walls, cabinets, ceilings, stairs, and so on. It’s made of a high-quality 16.4 ft led strip light which is easy to install and cut off at any point.

Whether they’re being used for aesthetic reasons, practicality, or fun is up to you! This option affixes easily with self-adhesive backing and doesn’t forget your AA batteries for a long-lasting light show!

The LED shower light is a perfect lighting solution for you. It can be used as a night light, accent light, makeup mirror light, LED bathroom light, bike light, and much more. The waterproof led strip lights for showers have adhesive tape on the back of each strip. You can stick them to the ceiling or wall with the help of the double-sided tapes

XIN KAI TE waterproof LED strip lights for the shower come with 10 pieces of cuttable 50 LEDs/m super bright warm white 3M adhesive water-resistant flexible lights.

With a 2-year warranty, the included adhesive tape is strong enough to stick to any surface and permits repositioning if necessary. Comes with a total length of about 44 feet. Please be careful when using it.


  • Cuttable and Linkable
  •  Voltage is 12V
  • 300 LEDs 16.4ft Led Strip Lights
  • 2 years Risk-Free Warranty
  • Available Color lights: Blue/Red /Warm White/ Green /White


  • Bright and vibrant lighting
  • Easy installation and flexibility
  • Waterproof design for versatile use
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Suitable for various applications


  • Only available in blue color


Tasodin Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light

Every 3-LEDs can connect with each other, cuttable more anytime you want. it is a flexible 35-degree bendable tube, that can be rolled around any corner. Waterproof: IP65 waterproof level, safe to use on rainy days and also in a bathroom.

Tasodin waterproof led strip lights for showers with 5050 SMD LED lamps, which can give you bright visual patterns with beautiful colors. Characterized by a narrow stitching line and perfectly sealed at the joints, this product is waterproof and flexible. The color temperature is 6000K or warm white.

With the advancements in LED technology, you can create a sleek, modern atmosphere in your home or office with these flexible light strips. They are self-adhesive and come with attached adhesive tape for secure and easy application. 

Mount inside cabinets, in closets, in kitchen cabinets, in the RV–anywhere you need light! This easily cuttable light comes with an adhesive backing to adhere it to any surface. The flexible construction allows you to bend it around corners or trim it with scissors.


  • Color:  White
  • Length: L500cm
  • Voltage: 12V 
  • Working Temperature: 20 to 50
  • No of lights:  300


  • Water-resistant design (IP65)
  • Versatile use for indoor and outdoor settings
  • Customizable length with cuttable strip
  • Warm white lighting for a cozy atmosphere


  • Power adapter not included

Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light

GuoTong White Waterproof LED Strip Lights

The GuoTong LED Strip Light series are small, lightweight, and high in brightness and can be cut to any length without fraying. They are ideal for creating visual effects of indirect lighting or track lighting.

The IP65-grade waterproof led strip lights for showers are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, office decoration, signage advertising, holiday decorations, shop display lighting, and so on.

Achieve your design goals with the GuoTong LED strip. It contains 300 LEDs, so it can be used to illuminate large signboards or even to act as stage lighting. Use the included 2 deco tapes to mount the wire onto your vehicle, walls, bedrooms, ceilings, boats, RVs, and more.

The tape is half transparent and half frosted, so it’s ideal for evenly diffusing the light of the strip. This system provides both flexibility and control for your project needs.

The super bright 300 SMD 2835 16.4ft / 5m waterproof white smart LED strip light is very convenient, light, and easy to install. With a super-strong self-adhesive back, could be fixed almost anywhere.

It’s a cost-effective way to replace your incandescent or fluorescent lighting and a perfect replacement for 5050/5730 24key RGB LED strip lights.

These best waterproof led strip lights for bathrooms are, flexible, and easy to install. Just use the wall-mounting brackets (not included) to secure the strip light to the ceiling.


  • Size of LEDs: Upgraded Ver 2835
  • Length of the tape: 16.4ft
  • Total LEDs: 300
  • Light Output: 1333.6lm
  • Working Voltage: 12Volt DC


  • Waterproof design for durability
  • Customizable length with detachable strap
  • Bright 6000K white light for a clean environment
  • Versatile use for kitchen cabinets, outdoor and indoor lighting


  • Power supply not included

White LED Strip Lights, GuoTong Waterproof cuttable 300 SMD 2835 LED Tape, 6000K 12V 16.4ft/5m Flexible Ribbon, Kitchen Cabinet Lighting, Outdoor/Indoor (White(16.4ft))


LE Lepro 12V LED Flexible Waterproof Strip Lights

The LE Lepro LED Strip Light is super sticky and stable. It comes with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing, you can quickly and easily apply this strip to the most smooth dry, and clean surface. 

The Lepro 12V LED Strip Light from Leprecon LLC is a flexible PCB strip light designed for a broad range of applications including Shower, Kitchen, cabinet lighting, display lighting, under-the-hood, and vehicle lighting.

The Lepro LED strip light is absolutely the most versatile of all lighting strips. Not only can they be cut into 3-LED sections, but also tapered to create soft lighting edges for direct reading lighting, or sharpened to create very precise illumination around rods, corners, and more. 

These flexible waterproof led strip lights for showers can be cut to the desired length and comes with 3M tape on the back. They are safe to use indoors or outdoors. Place in a cabinet, on a countertop, under a desk, under a cabinet, or under a stairway.

Multiple strips can be connected together with the use of a connector. For decorative lighting in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. Great for holiday lighting projects.


  • Size of LEDs: 2835
  • Length of the tape: 16.4ft
  • Color: Daylight White
  • LEDs Quantity: 300
  • Working Voltage: 12V DC
  • Wattage: 16W


  • Flexible and easy installation
  • Waterproof design for durability
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Bright daylight white light


  • Power adapter not included

Best Waterproof LED Strip Lights For Shower.


HEDYNSHINE Waterproof Christmas Decorations Lights

Hedyshine is a super bright music sync color changing led light, with 3leds/Meter, 32.8ft 20 key remote controller, music sensitivity adjustment can be strong or weak.

it has 4 models of Music jump, 3 styles fade, and speed can be adjusted. so you can put it as a TV back music light strip, party light, home theater music stirfry strip, or decoration light. 

HEDYNSHINE waterproof led strip lights for bathrooms can be fixed on any wet areas such as showers, aquariums, and bathtubs. Music from a phone, mp3 player, or computer can also control these waterproof led strip lights for showers.

With 20 key remote controllers to control color and flash speed. Also, there are 4 types of music models for you to choose from. 14.4ft long, 3/7 color jump or Fade, Speed can be adjusted. The power supply is AC110V~240V50/60Hz with US Plug. The maximum capacity of the power supply is 15W.

The best features include IP65 level, automatic color-changing or dimming, thin form factor 40mm (1.6in) wide and 0.3mm (0.01in) thickness, lightweight 1Lb (0.5Kg), DC 12-24V power operation, long lifetime longer than 50,000hours or more, low heat generating; perfect for indoor and outdoor applications like Holiday Lights, Stage Lights, Rave Party.


  • LED Q’ty: 300PCS SMD 5050 super bright led chips
  • Wattage:40Watt
  • Voltage:12/24V
  • Color: RGBW & Multiple
  • Timer Function: Available


  • Creates a festive atmosphere.
  • Perfect for fall-themed decor.
  • Long cord length for versatile use


  • The adhesive is average

Best waterproof led strip lights for bathrooms


Aulimhti 100Ft Outdoor LED Strip Lights

The Aulimhti 100Ft Outdoor LED Strip Lights offer a versatile lighting solution for your outdoor areas. With 100ft of LED strip length, you have plenty of coverage to illuminate your deck, balcony, roof, garden, or pool.

The lights are waterproof (IP65), ensuring durability and allowing you to use them in various weather conditions. With the accompanying app and remote control, you can easily synchronize the lights to music and adjust the colors and lighting effects according to your preference, creating a vibrant and personalized outdoor setting.


  • Length: 100ft
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • RGB lighting with music sync
  • App and remote control for customization
  • Suitable for outdoor use on decks, balconies, roofs, gardens, and pools


  • Waterproof (IP65) for outdoor use
  • Music sync feature for vibrant lighting effects
  • App and remote control for easy customization
  • Long 100ft length for extensive coverage


  • None observed

Aulimhti 100Ft Outdoor LED Strip Lights


LE Color Changing RGB Waterproof Tape LED Strip Lights

The LE Strip is a 2-in-1 LED lighting solution! Choose between 30 super-bright RGB LEDs or 30 100% White LEDs per meter (3 LEDs each). When mounting vertically, these strips can reach up to 3.0m (9 ft.) of white light and 3.6m (12 ft.) of colored light.

These high-quality LE-waterproof LED light strips are very thin and flexible to fit the contour of your space. Perfect for lighting cabinets, furniture, or any under-shelf space you want to illuminate. 

The LE Color-Changing 5050 LED Strip Light Kit can provide you with 16 colors with 8 special colors. With the included controller, you have 18 colors to select from with 16 changing modes for you to choose from. 

These best waterproof led strip lights for showers are easily installed yourself without any tools required or help from others. The waterproof (IP65) strip makes these lights perfect for both indoor and open-air use, and the flexible strip can easily be cut to size with scissors to fit any space where lighting is needed.


  • Type: 44 Key Remote Controller
  • Connection: Common Anode(+)
  • Color: 20
  • Control Distance: 8m
  • 8 Light Pattern: Quick,  Slow, Auto,  Flash, 7 & 3 color fade & jumpy change and RGB increase and decrease control.
  • Voltage: 12V DC


  • Vibrant RGB colors for colorful lighting
  • Remote controller for easy color changing
  • Versatile use in different settings
  • 12V power supply for stable operation


  • None observed

GOADROM  Waterproof Flexible RGB SMD LED Strip Lights

GOADROM – Waterproof 16.4ft 5m Flexible RGB SMD 5050 LED Strip Light. Besides a steady current, the remarkable device also supports a variety of modes and color changes at a touch but requires a control box to do so.

It’s made of high-quality pure glass fiber and aluminum material, which ensures stability and waterproofness to protect itself from getting wet, no matter whether it rains or shines. 

GOADROM 10ft 5050 LED strip lights are waterproof, shockproof, flexible, and equipped with a memory function. These LED strips are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, advertisement, decoration, automotive lighting, cabinet lighting, and under-cabinet lighting.  

The GOADROM light strip can be connected to a controller to create a variety of effects including static, tunnel effect, rainbow, meteor shower, chasing/flash, and breathing.

Featuring a waterproof design and a hidden screw connector the strip is easy to install and will provide you with countless hours of enjoyment. Connect up to 3 strips for more brightness!

This is a flexible LED Light. It changes into 44 different colors and 7 different modes which include 9 changeable color cycling modes. it can be cut to size to meet your requirements. It is waterproof, temperature resistant, low voltage, and has low energy consumption.


  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Model: 5050 RGB
  • Lamp Bead Number: 150LEDs
  • Output Power Supply: 35W
  • Voltage: AC 110V-240V
  • Power Supply: Plug


  • Waterproof design for versatile use
  • Ultra-bright 300LEDs for vibrant illumination
  • Built-in microphone for music sync capability
  • Color-changing effects for dynamic lighting experience


  • Not many types of light modes.
Led Strip Lights, GOADROM Waterproof 16.4ft 5m Flexible Color Changing RGB SMD 5050 150leds LED Strip Light Kit with 44 Keys IR Remote Controller and 12V...

PHOPOLLO 16.4ft LED 5050 Strip Lights

The PHOPOLLO LED waterproof led strip lights for showers 16.4ft are a fun and unique way to add character and style to your home or room. Featuring 5050 SMD RGB LEDs, the lights will create a gorgeous warm white glow that will brighten up any space.

The waterproof led strip lights for showers are built with 300pcs of different pure colors. Each end has double side adhesive tape which makes it easy to stick your light onto any type of wall or furniture.

PHOPOLLO-LED Strip lights provide great lighting for your back, or side walls in the Night mode, and for your tent during daytime use. These flexible light strips are waterproof and can be easily fixed to walls, corners, ceilings,s, and other places.

Imagine the possibilities. PHOPOLLO light strip allows you to transform any environment or design into a spectacular display of color and light.

PHOPOLLO 16.4ft is capable of producing millions of colors with varying levels of intensity, allowing you to create an amazing piece of art in your room or simply use it for ambient lighting all year round. PHOPOLLO is cuttable every 3 LEDs, using scissors to cut 5~7 LEDs is ok.


  • Light Color: Red/Green/Blue
  • Length: 16.4Ft/32.8Ft
  • Width: 1cm
  • Height: 0.3cm
  • Luminous Flux: 6-7LM/per LED
  • LED Qty: 60 LEDs Per 3.28ft
  • Voltage: 12V at 16.4Ft  & 24V at 32.8Ft


Waterproof design for versatile use
Dynamic and bright color changing effects
Flexible design for easy installation
Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


Average viscosity


SUPERNIGHT LED Strip Lights, 16.4FT 5M SMD 5050 Waterproof 300LEDs RGB Color Changing Flexible LED Light Strip



Dream Spa Color Changing LED Shower Head

The DreamSpa All Chrome 3-way LED Shower Head Combo with Air Jet LED Turbo Pressure-Boost Nozzle Technology is the world’s only color-changing LED shower combo with a chrome face.

Powered by running water, no batteries are required and both shower heads feature a Hydro Supercharged Turbine LED, Air Jet design that maximizes your water pressure output performance by injecting oxygen into water flow through 48 elastic rub-clean nozzles that help prevent clogging.

Each shower has a High-power 3-zone Dial with Rub-clean Jets & Click-action Lever, a built-in 3-color changing Water Temperature Sensor in each shower, and an angle adjustment ring for the Shower Head.

It also includes a Patented 3-way Diverter with Anti Swivel Lock Nut that can divert your hot or cold feed line to either the shower head separately or both at the same time. Please note that plumber installation is recommended because of the unique features of this product.

It injects oxygen into water flow through 48 rubber nozzles helping prevent clogging while maximizing your water pressure output performance.

Both showerheads feature Hydro Supercharged Turbine LED, an Air Jet design that maximizes your water pressure output performance by injecting oxygen into water flow through 48 elastic rub-clean nozzles that help prevent clogging.


  • Color: Chrome
  • Material: Chrome Plated Premium ABS, Stainless Steel Hose
  • Mounting Type: ‎‎Wall Mounted

Dream Spa Color Changing LED Shower Head

Buyer’s Guide:-

Factors to Consider when Choosing Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Before purchasing waterproof LED strip lights for your shower, consider the following factors:

Waterproof Rating

Ensure that the LED strip lights have a high waterproof rating, such as IP65 or IP67, indicating their ability to withstand water exposure. This rating ensures longevity and durability, even in wet environments like showers.

Light Color and Brightness

Choose LED strip lights that offer a wide range of colors and brightness levels. This allows you to customize the lighting according to your preference and create different moods within your shower space.

Length and Flexibility

Consider the length and flexibility of the LED strip lights. Measure the dimensions of your shower area to ensure you purchase the right length. Flexible strips make installation easier, especially in curved or irregularly shaped showers.

Installation Method

Look for LED strip lights that are easy to install. Adhesive backing or clips can simplify the installation process, allowing you to attach the lights securely to different surfaces within your shower.

Additional Features

Some LED strip lights come with additional features such as remote controls, dimmers, or color-changing options. These features enhance convenience and allow you to adjust the lighting according to your preferences.

Benefits of Waterproof LED Strip Lights for Showers

Waterproof LED strip lights offer several advantages when used in showers:

Enhanced Aesthetics

Waterproof LED strip lights come in various colors and can be easily installed along the shower walls, providing a visually appealing experience. The soft and diffused light creates a soothing ambiance, allowing you to relax and unwind after a long day.


Traditional lighting fixtures in showers can pose electrical hazards. However, waterproof LED strip lights are specifically designed to meet safety standards. They are low-voltage and feature a protective covering that prevents water from reaching the electrical components, ensuring a safe showering experience.

Energy Efficiency

LED strip lights are highly energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting options. They consume less power, reducing your energy bills while being environmentally friendly. Additionally, LED lights have a longer lifespan, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

Unique Ways You Can Use LED Strip Lights in Your Shower

LED strip lights can be a creative and versatile addition to your shower, adding both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Here are some unique ways you can use LED strip lights in your shower:

Ambient Lighting:

Install LED strip lights around the perimeter of your shower enclosure to create a soothing and relaxing ambiance. Choose colors that complement your bathroom decor or opt for color-changing strips to set different moods.

Task Lighting

Attach LED strip lights to the underside of shower shelves or ledges to provide focused lighting for tasks like shaving or applying makeup. This can be particularly useful if your shower area lacks adequate overhead lighting.

Accent Lighting

Place LED strip lights behind or above features you want to highlight in your shower, such as decorative tiles, a built-in niche, or a statement showerhead. This can add a dramatic effect and draw attention to these elements.

Steam-Activated Lights

Use LED strip lights that are specifically designed to activate when exposed to steam or moisture. These lights can create a captivating visual effect as they illuminate the steam, giving your shower a spa-like ambiance.

Waterproof Lighting

Ensure the LED strip lights you choose are waterproof or water-resistant, specifically rated for use in wet environments. This will ensure their safety and longevity in your shower.

Color Therapy

Explore the benefits of chromotherapy by installing color-changing LED strip lights in your shower. Different colors have been associated with various psychological and physical effects, so you can select colors based on your desired mood or therapeutic benefits.

Music Sync

Consider using LED strip lights that can sync with music or sound. These lights can pulsate or change colors in response to the rhythm or beat of the music, enhancing your showering experience with a dynamic audio-visual display.

Motion-Activated Lights:

Install motion sensors near your shower area to trigger the LED strip lights when you enter. This not only adds a touch of convenience but can also serve as a safety feature, providing ample lighting when you step into the shower.

Nightlight Feature:

Attach a small section of LED strip lights near the floor of your shower to act as a gentle nightlight. This can be helpful during late-night bathroom visits, providing enough illumination to navigate without fully turning on the lights.


Create a visually stunning effect by backlighting a frosted or translucent shower wall with LED strip lights. This can give the illusion of a floating or glowing wall, adding a unique and modern touch to your shower.

Remember to consult a professional electrician or follow manufacturer guidelines when installing LED strip lights in your shower to ensure proper electrical safety and waterproofing measures are taken.

Installation Guide for Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Installing waterproof LED strip lights in your shower is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Clean and dry the surface where you intend to install the LED strip lights.
  2. Measure the length required and cut the LED strip lights accordingly (if applicable).
  3. Peel off the adhesive backing and firmly press the strip lights onto the surface, ensuring proper alignment.
  4. Connect the power supply to the LED strip lights.
  5. Test the lights to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific installation guidelines and safety precautions.

Maintenance and Care Tips

To ensure the longevity and performance of your waterproof LED strip lights, consider the following maintenance tips:

  • Regularly clean the lights using a soft cloth or sponge to remove any dust or residue.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the lights.
  • Check the wiring and connections periodically to ensure they are secure and free from damage.
  • If any section of the LED strip lights malfunctions, replace it promptly to prevent further issues.

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FAQs – 

Are waterproof LED strip lights easy to install in a shower?

Waterproof LED strip lights are generally designed for easy installation. Many options come with adhesive backing or mounting brackets, making the installation process straightforward. However, it’s important to carefully follow the provided instructions to ensure a proper and secure installation.

Are waterproof LED strip lights energy-efficient for shower use?

Yes, waterproof LED strip lights are known for their energy efficiency. LED technology consumes less electricity compared to traditional lighting options, making them an energy-efficient choice for shower lighting.

Can I use waterproof LED strip lights in other wet areas besides showers?

Yes, waterproof LED strip lights can be used in various wet areas besides showers. They are suitable for applications such as bathroom lighting, outdoor lighting, swimming pools, spas, and other areas where exposure to water or moisture is a concern.

Are waterproof LED strip lights safe to use in showers?

Yes, waterproof LED strip lights designed specifically for showers are safe to use. They undergo rigorous testing and meet safety standards to ensure protection against electrical hazards in wet environments. However, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and consult a professional if needed for proper installation and electrical safety precautions.