15 Best Vanity Mirror With Lights – Perfect For Every Girl

Finding the best vanity mirror with lights can be a difficult task since there are so many choices available these days. Finding the right vanity mirror with lights can provide a much-needed makeup boost to your mornings. However, with so many options out there, finding the right choice could be a challenge.

A vanity mirror with lights is an essential part of every women’s face care regime and grooming kit. They are needed for the perfect application of makeup, whether for everyday use or on special occasions. Good makeup mirror lights should be bright enough so they can be used during the day, and not just at night. There are various vanity mirrors available in the market at different price points.

Recent scientific studies have found that men prefer women with a full body and facial symmetry, and it’s no secret that we all like our hair to look as shiny and healthy as possible. This is why the LED-lighted makeup mirror for the bathroom is suitable for almost every modern girl! A well-lighted beauty vanity mirror with lights should provide you with plenty of magnification so that you can see every detail of your face, even the little ones, but also it should be highly reflective.

List Of 10 Best Vanity Mirrors with Lights

The vanity mirror with lights is fitted using a variety of methods. It is ideal to wall mount the mirror but it is possible to use a stable shelf. The electricity can be connected using either wires or a battery pack.

Vanity mirrors are essential in any modern and stylish bathroom. Besides their decorative qualities, they can be used for grooming, applying make-up, shaving, and so on. With such a wide range of vanity mirrors out there, it is important to choose the right one for your needs. To help you out with making this decision we have collected the top 15 best vanity mirrors with lights.

  1. EASEHOLD Vanity Mirror with Lights
  2. COSMIRROR Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror
  3. Conair Double-Sided Vanity Mirror With Lights
  4. Zdorzi Vanity Mirror Makeup Mirror with Lights
  5. Homewerks Bathroom Vanity Mirror with Lights
  6. Zadro Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights
  7. Fancii Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror
  8. Magicfly Vanity Mirror with Lights
  9. Hiker Wall Mounted Vanity Mirror With Lights
  10. BEAUTME Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights

1. EASEHOLD Vanity Mirror with Lights

EASEHOLD led makeup mirror is made of high-class glass, providing you an HD and clear image to make an accurate makeup. The built-in 60 bright LED lights with high color rendering allow you to get the natural color of your skin and make-up in poorly-lit conditions without getting any shadows. This tabletop makeup mirror adopts the stepless dimming technology, allowing you to adjust the brightness as your needs for any situation whether daytime or evening.

EASEHOLD lighted makeup mirror adopts natural and soft LED lights. Its smart touch sensor design allows you to switch among 3 light modes: warm, cool, and natural. Meanwhile, You could also adjust the brightness by touching the ‘+’ & ‘-‘ buttons on the screen according to your preference. In addition, its light is soft, bright but not dazzling at all, protecting your eyes from hurting when makeup.

The EASEHOLD vanity mirror with lights has one of the largest reflections that you can see every detail quite clearly. Unlike traditional, incandescent bulbs, the mirror use highly-efficient LEDs, making it more durable, refreshing, and comfortable to your eyes which is ideal for makeup, tweezing or shaving. Equipped with precision dimming touch control technology to achieve stepless brightness adjustment and the maximum brightness of 1200LM and the light color temperature at 5800K.


  • Shape: Tir-Fold
  • Color: White / Rose Gold
  • Lighting Mode: Dimmable & 3-Color Lights
  • Power Source: USB Cable / 4 AAA Battery
  • Material: Plastic


  • 3X Magnifying Mirror
  • The tri-fold design and rotation function
  • The lights are soft, not dazzling, and won’t cause any headaches.
  • The tri-fold mirror is a perfect gift for any occasion.
  • The makeup mirror is easy to use, suitable anytime and anywhere.

EASEHOLD Vanity Mirror with Lights

  • Creative Design
  • Simple for Use
  • Suitable for All Ages
  • AC power and batteries
  • Cheap plastic material

2. COSMIRROR Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

The COSMIRROR Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror has 21 adjustable LED pieces that deliver light evenly to provide natural daylight for makeup application, grooming, and dressing. The Smart Touch Dimmable feature allows you to adjust lights to the ideal brightness setting. This mirror also includes a 10X Magnification Round Mirror that supports more detailed facial applications such as mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow, and lipstick.

With 3 panels, this cordless and compact lighted makeup mirror is easy to take anywhere. 21pcs bright LED lights are adjustable so you can fix your makeup in any lighting conditions. The detachable 10X magnification mirror helps you see every detail clearly while applying makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, eyebrows,s, and lipstick.

COSMIRROR offers beautifully designed makeup mirrors with trifold vanity mirror design, which can be freely adjusted the angle to make up. A highly reflective mirror surface made from quality glass is a must-have for every woman. This makeup mirror can rotate 180°up and down for you to achieve any ideal viewing angle.


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Lighting Mode: White/Warm/Natural
  • Power Source: Battery/USB
  • Material: ABS Plastic


  • It is very convenient to take and easy to use.
  • The lights are adjustable and can be dimmed or turned off
  • Made of high-quality PC material and round-shaped 10X magnification mirror.
  • The mirror rotates up to 360 degrees and its height can be adjusted to make it easy
  • The mirror weighs about 1.5 lbs and has a very compact design.
  • This lighted makeup mirror is built-in 21 pieces bright adjustable LEDs.

Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

  • Easy to clean
  • Touch dimming control
  • Quick-release button
  • Small size, not good, if you need a large mirror.

3. Conair Double-Sided Vanity Mirror With Lights

Enhance your beauty routine with this sleek, flexible oval double-sided lighted vanity mirror by Conair Reflections. Make your morning makeup and skincare ritual a breeze while enhancing the brightness of any room with its stylish polished chrome finish. One side offers 7X magnification that is ideal for close-ups while the other has standard 1X magnification.

The soft, halo light design gives you a clearer, more natural view of your face and the 5-foot line cord adds flexibility to place and position in any room. This Conair is easy to set up where you need it and no lubrication is required for the versatile swivel feature. The mirror does not distort or invert if not within 6 inches from the mirror surface.

Lightweight and easy to mount, the Reflections Double-Sided Vanity Mirror With Lights from Conair lets you get ready for your day in sophisticated style. This plug-in mirror features a 5 ft. cord, so you can move it anywhere you need it, and it has an on/off switch that’s conveniently located on the handle. The halo light of the bulbs provides soft illumination that’s perfect for viewing clarity in all lighting conditions.

it works great for your skincare routine too! This oval mirror comes in a stylish polished chrome finish that complements any decor and is guaranteed not to rust. It rotates 360° for perfect viewing at any angle and both sides are illuminated, one side offering 1x magnification and the other 7x magnification, perfect for tweezing and grooming with precision and accuracy.


  • Shape: Oval
  • Lighting Mode: Lighted, Magnifying
  • Power Source: AC
  • Material: Aluminum


  • Create a flawless look in minutes, with this Conair makeup mirror.
  • The double-sided mirror allows you to see your face from different angles.
  • It offers a 1x and 7x magnification, so you can see everything clearly.
  • It comes with a 360-degree swivel, so you can adjust it to any angle.
  • You can plug it into a standard outlet or set it up to use batteries.
  • It has a stylish chrome finish, so you can use it in any room in your house.
  • The mirror can be tilted up or down, so you can see the top and bottom of your face.


Conair Double-Sided Vanity Mirror With Lights

  • Simple on-off switch
  • Rounded edges and flexible gooseneck
  • Rotates 360 degrees for optimal viewing
  • Small Mirror

4. Zdorzi Vanity Mirror Makeup Mirror with Lights

Zdorzi lighted makeup mirror is ideal for providing natural daylight for makeup or daily skincare, helping users make up perfectly and increasing their confidence. The large mirror surface provides a wide angle of view, allowing you to see every detail and all angles of the face at one time.

This LED illuminated mirror not only provides exceptional visibility with the Hollywood-style bulb design but also provides a safe and convenient USB charging port compatible with most USB devices like iPhones or Androids. Its’ premium construction makes the Zdorzi Vanity Mirror the standout in your home.

This large vanity mirror features 15pc dimmable light bulbs, with 3 color lights for different uses: daylight for a natural look, warm light for a soft glow, and cool light to mimic sunlight. Customize the brightness as you like with its stepless dimming function. USB charge port on the side is convenient to charge your smartphone or other USB devices.


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Light Color: Cool white/ warm white/warm yellow
  • Power Source: Battery/USB
  • Material: Alloy Steel


  • The mirror is made of high-quality glass and the frame is made of durable ABS plastic.
  • The extra-long 5.9-foot power cord allows you to move the mirror anywhere in your room
  • The 15 LED bulbs have three different temperature settings: Cool White, Warm White, and a Daylight setting.
  • The mirror comes with 3 AAA batteries and a small screwdriver to adjust the mirror’s angle.
  • The LED lights have a dimmer that can be adjusted to create the perfect lighting for any vanity mirror.
  • The mirror is large enough to show your entire face, including your upper and lower features.
  •  You can also use the mirror to check your hair, especially if you have a long hairdo or are trying


Zdorzi Vanity Mirror Makeup Mirror with Lights


  • Ergonomical
  • Versatile
  • Convenient
  • Brightness
  • Unable to replace bulb

5. Homewerks Bathroom Vanity Mirror with Lights

The Homewerkz Bathroom Vanity Mirror with Lights is a great way to add soft light and style to your bathroom. The integrated LED lighting appears on all sides of the mirror, bringing more light to your room. This LED mirror helps provide the best lighting for detailed tasks, such as putting on makeup or shaving. The Homewerks wall-mounted bathroom mirror is an energy-efficient, stylish way to light your vanity or sink.

The perfect mirror for the bathroom. It’s wide enough to do your make-up and has an extra person standing next to you. The integrated LED lighting is bright enough to help most any task. This stylish 3-in-1 mirror is an ideal upgrade for your bathroom. The anti-fog pad ensures a clear reflection after steamy showers, so you don’t have to waste time cleaning your mirror. The integrated LED lighting appears on all sides of the mirror.

This frameless wall-mounted LED mirror features an infinity design that appears to float in the wall. A touch sensor controls LED lighting consistently across the entire surface of the mirror, enabling easy use at all times. High-quality LED lighting is energy efficient and eliminates shadows while you work. An anti-fog pad keeps condensation clear for a longer-looking mirror. Alternating lights turn on and off in sequence to allow your reflection to appear clearly.


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Light Color: Bright White
  • Power Source: Hardwired
  • Material: Glass


  • Integrated LED lights provide brighter and more uniform lighting
  • Energy-efficient LED lights that save energy and last up to 30,000 hours
  • Integrates with your existing home or bathroom light switches
  • Anti-fog technology keeps the mirror fog-free for easy and clear reflection
  • Installs vertically or horizontally to fit any space
  • Quality construction for durability and long life

Homewerks Bathroom Vanity Mirror with Lights


  • Easy to use
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Fits your space easily
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Not a plugin

6. Fenair Beauty Vanity Mirror With Lights

Meet your face with the Fenair Beauty Vanity Mirror With Lights by Fenair. It comes in 3 colors including Warm light/Natural light/Cool light and can let you apply makeup or brush your teeth at the same time. Its adjustable brightness brightens your room and makes it a great addition to any bathroom.

Hollywood vanity mirror with 15 custom color daylight LED bulbs is highly recommended for your bathroom, man’s dressing room, and anywhere else that you need a big, beautiful light for your face. This lighted make-up mirror has a 2.8-inch large make-up mirror, the perfect size mirror to help you give yourself a very proper view of your face while you’re getting ready.

It comes with two touch buttons at its bottom to control the brightness and change the three lighting modes. With its strong battery-powered LEDs, it could work non-stop through 50,000 hours, so you could use it continuously. Fenair vanity mirror with lights is a perfect makeup mirror for you. It is built to be an essentials use. It has a perfect size that can provide you with a great upper body view when you stand in front of the mirror or sit on your chair.

The Fenair large vanity mirror has 10x magnification, this magnifying glass can help you handle some details on makeup such as lipstick and eyebrows. The included 15 pcs LED bulbs are flicker-free, have No heat, and are safe for the human body. This mirror is made of polyresin and metal, unique design makes it fit any room style.


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Power Source: USB
  • Material: Glass


  • Semi-circle shape mirror with a diameter of 22.8 inches, large enough to provide you with a great upper body view.
  • The 10x magnifying glass can also help you handle some details on makeup, such as lipstick and eyebrows
  • 15 pcs LED bulbs with Warm light/Natural light/Cool light, 3 light settings, adjustable brightness.
  • Simulate lighting for various occasions which meets all your personal makeup needs.
  • You can adjust the mirror angle as you want, no matter from the front, side, or back.
  • Utilizes the latest LED technology and offers a wide range of lighting and magnification options.

Fenair Beauty Vanity Mirror With Lights


  • Touch Control Design
  • 3 color lights with adjustable
  • 360 degree rotatable arm
  • The charging port needs to be improved.

7. Zadro Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights

The Zadro Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights is an essential tool for any makeup bag. It features a 12-inch dual-sided mirror with 5X and 1X magnifications to ensure you’ll get a close, precision application. The optical quality glass mirror surfaces are surrounded by 22W of circle bulb lighting for the perfect touch of light that creates soft shadows and highlights.

The rotating head swivels to provide a 270-degree viewing angle to find that perfect view every time, and a rotational stops keep the mirror firmly in place once your desired setting is achieved. It’s constructed of sleek, high-quality, polished nickel, and it has a magnification side for all of your makeup application needs. This mirror has a bright daylight bulb that simulates natural sunlight and allows you to see full-color variation so you will always look your best. Plus, for added convenience,

it is equipped with an infrared sensor switch that turns power on/off with just a wave of your hand over the sensor located on the underside of the arm which allows for easy access. The LED lights surrounding the perimeter of the mirror are great for uniform lighting. The LED light source consumes up to 70% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.


  • Shape: Round
  • Color: Bright White
  • Power Source: AC
  • Material: Glass, Metal


  • A stable mirror that extends to 16 inches in width
  • Ability to dim the lights when the sun starts to shine
  • 5X magnification on one side and 1X on the other for everyday use
  • A sleek, polished nickel finish complements any decor
  • The mirror rotates 360 degrees for optimum viewing
  • It is made with high-quality polished glass and a stylish chrome frame.
  • It has a plugin design and is easily installed with attached metal hardware.

Zadro Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights

  • It is easy to install and easy to use
  • Brighter than a standard wall mirror
  • it has a good mirror quality
  • Extremely durable and will last for a lifetime
  • Rotates to one side only.

8. Fancii Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

This Lighted Makeup Mirror by Fancii is the perfect portable solution to all your makeup needs. Natural daylight LED simulates the conditions under which you work and play, providing the most accurate natural light that you encounter throughout the day.

The Fancii LED lighted square vanity mirror provides natural daylight illumination and 10x magnification to show you every detail for flawless makeup application. The locking suction mount easily attaches to a variety of smooth surfaces and can be removed and reattached without losing suction. Compact and cordless, the mirror runs on 4 AAA batteries (not included), allowing you to bring the perfect mirror with you wherever you go!

The Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror is designed for those who value both style and practicality. At 1x magnification, the 10 “wide distortion-free mirror is perfect for all your everyday needs. But when you need a closer look, simply close it to convert to the 10x magnification mirror. This handy dual-sided design also allows for easy sharing with a friend! The sturdy base folds flat and takes up minimal space, making it perfect for home or travel use.


  • Shape: Square
  • Color: Natural Daylight
  • Power Source: Battery operated
  • Material: Glass, Ceramic


  • Perfect for makeup application and bathroom mirror tweezing and plucking
  • Gives the most natural light possible  and is suitable for all ages
  • 360-degree rotation and fully adjustable to a desired angle or position.
  • It allows you to focus on specific areas of your face.
  • Advanced Vanity Light provides daylight illumination


Fancii Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

  • Perfect for makeup application
  • Portable & Battery operated
  • Fully adjustable to a desired angle or position
  • Flexible to use in many different ways
  • It’s short on the table
  • The on / off switch needs to be added.

9. Magicfly Vanity Mirror with Lights

Magicfly Vanity Mirror with Lights has a built-in touch sensor switch design that is easy to turn on and adjust the brightness of the light. the bag can fold, the mirror will be opened automatically, and you can easily put it on your dresser after using it. It’s so convenient for your daily life or travel use.

If you want to turn off the mirror light, just simply press the touch sensor button again. At the bottom of the vanity mirror, there is a combination of two kinds of materials made into a non-slip mat, so that the standing mirror will not easily slip during use.

Magicfly lighted makeup mirror featuring a 10K HD lens and 4 dimmable light settings, making it perfect for daily makeup and skincare. The cosmetic mirror provides two dimming modes for you, Fixed Dimming Mode and Autonomous Dimming Mode with three levels of brightness. A Long press to adjust the brightness of whatever you need.

The soft LED lights around the lights can help you make up in poorly light areas and prevent you from dizziness due to the excessively bright light. Makeup lights will automatically turn off when they are in low voltage to protect your battery life longer.

It is designed with a USB cable and a built-in 1800mAh rechargeable battery, which can provide up to 180 minutes of continuous lighting after a full charge. Also, it is lightweight and has a foldable design, which makes it easily carry.


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: Natural Daylight
  • Power Source: Battery operated
  • Material: Plastic


  • Adjustable 65° and flexible arm can be positioned in any way you need.
  • Magicfly makeup mirror comes with a 10X magnetic magnification mirror,
  • The mirror features a smooth touch screen control, two dimming modes, and more.
  • A lighted makeup mirror can be folded and comes with a travel bag and touch-up mirror.
  • It’s especially suitable for detailed hair, eyeliner, mascara, lips, eyebrows, and contact lenses.
  • Long press for adjusting brightness, which makes your makeup more accurate and comfortable.
  • Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that works continuously 180 minutes after being fully charged

Magicfly Vanity Mirror with Lights


  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Foldable and portable
  • 1X/2X/3X/10X Magnification
  • Dual touch dimming modes
  • The cable is too short.
  • The quality of the plastic is thin

10. Hiker Wall Mounted Vanity Mirror With Lights

The Hiker makeup vanity mirror with lights is a glamorous makeup station that will bring convenience and luxury to your life. Crafted of durable, easy-to-clean materials, this mirror features twelve dimmable bulbs so you can get the right look you crave in any setting. The detachable glass base is perfect for tabletop setups, while the two built-in hooks on the back allow for wall-mounted setups if desired.

With this 12-bulb Hollywood vanity mirror, you’ll get the best lighting for makeup application. It features two power outlets and a power switch, which makes it easy to use your blow dryer or curling iron as well as charge your phone or another device. Its classic black finish will blend beautifully with any decor and its durable built-in hooks make it easy to mount on your wall. An oval glass base is also included for tabletop use.

This beautiful mirror will add a touch of elegance to your home. The functional and stylish design features a Hollywood layout with 10 dimmable bulbs that provide the perfect lighting for your hair and makeup application needs and two outlets are conveniently placed on the side of the mirror, allowing you to plug in your curling iron, hairdryer, or other styling tools while getting ready. Beautifully crafted from smooth, elegant glass and metal.


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: White
  • Power Source: Battery operated
  • Material: Glass/ Aluminum


  • Detachable oval glass base for tabletop setups
  • Two built-in hooks on the back for wall mounted setups
  • Twelve dimmable bulbs Hollywood vanity layout
  • Front-mounted power outlets for charges and beauty accessories
  • 12 dimmer lights give you the perfect brightness for makeup application.

Wall Mounted Vanity Mirror With Lights

  • Minimal assembly required
  • Elegant, minimal design
  • White PC body and detachable oval glass
  • Works with all standard power outlets
  • It looks better if the outlet is on the back

11. BEAUTME Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights

Whether you are applying makeup, removing it, or doing your hair in the morning, this Hollywood vanity mirror with lights offers the comfort, ease, and lighting you need to make all of those daily tasks a little easier. The 14 LED light bulbs that illuminate this mirror to provide you with excellent light conditions will stay virtually forever without burning out. They are so bright they will illuminate every corner of your makeup area and leave no impaired vision and no dark shadows.

Constructed with 100% premium aluminum frame and base to provide a solid support for stability and durability. High-quality LED bulbs with 50,000 hours life span; no need to replace the bulbs and LED never gets hot; energy efficient. Smart touch adjustable LED brightness lighted up your face for applying makeup in the dark or poorly light areas.

Beautiful and high reflective mirror made to last with high-quality materials. 360° free rotation capability provides better viewing angles that are easy to change so you can check your hair or makeup from any position. This is a handy mirror when doing your makeup routine that allows you to touch up anywhere. The light functionality is great! It allows you to see yourself well in the dark or during nighttime before going outdoors!


  • Shape: Square
  • Color: White
  • Power Source: Plug-in adapter
  • Material: Aluminum, Metal


  • The electronic touch sensor dimmable lighted wall mounted vanity mirror has a convenient,
  • Built-in touch sensor switch that allows you to turn the mirror light on and off with one touch.
  • It is a great choice for makeup, grooming, dressing, and shaving.
  • It is a lighted makeup mirror that has adjustable brightness and warm yellow light.
  • It is a mirror that has a smooth, shiny surface that doesn’t produce glare.
  • The perfect tabletop mirror to help you do your makeup or use it as your main bathroom mirror.
  • Gorgeous and superior reflective mirror built to last with top-quality material.

Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights

  • Durable and sturdy with a premium
  • High-quality metal frame and base
  • Wall mounted or table top
  • It’s a little expensive.

12. HiMirror Beauty Vanity Mirror With Lights

HiMirror Beauty Vanity Mirror With Light is a Smart Mirror-like no other. With an ability to support up to 4 user accounts, and an expanded 64GB of memory storage, it is designed for beauty lovers that have multiple needs. When paired with its innovative LED lights.  This is the smallest smart beauty mirror on earth that integrates a wireless charging pad and a nonstationary screen, which can be rotated in any direction for maximum comfort.

HiMirror Mini Premium allows you to customize your lighting experience for the 5 following scenes: outdoor on a sunny day, office workspace, supermarket or mall, restaurant or party venue, and sunset view. By simulating each different situation for makeup application and skincare, HiMirror can help you create the perfect look for any scenario.

HiMirror Mini  is completely adjustable and movable to meet your different needs. With a larger and clearer screen, you can not only see your skin’s condition better but also follow the instructions on face beauty care more clearly, enjoy more fun in the process of caring for your skin, and achieve better skincare results!


  • Shape: Square
  • Color: White
  • Power Source: Wireless Charging
  • Material: Aluminum


  • Easily switch the screen from portrait to landscape mode 
  • Its expanded 64G of storage space, and support for up to 4 user accounts.
  • Charge your phone while getting ready with the wireless charging pad.
  • It comes with a 5-way adjustable portrait and landscape viewing angle.
  • A touch control panel lets you select your favorite apps and easily navigate your phone.
  • The built-in microphone and speaker allow you to use HiMirror Mini as a speakerphone.
  • Use the four-way mirror to test out new hairstyles, and make sure that your makeup is on point.
  •  The intelligent mirror gives you the most accurate skin assessment by using innovative facial recognition technology.

HiMirror Beauty Vanity Mirror With Lights


  • It has a sleek design
  • Ultimate beauty tool
  • 5 different lighting scenarios
  • The price is slightly higher.

13. TokeShimi Bathroom Magnifying Vanity Mirror With Light

Add style and elegance to your bathroom decor with this TokeShimi Bathroom Magnifying Vanity Mirror With Light. Features include 36” x 24″ size, offers an ideal view of your face when doing your hair, make-up, shaving, or tweezing in the morning.

The high-quality mirror is silvered at the back with a protective layer and an ingenious lighting pattern. It uses low-power LED lights that are dimmable. It also features a sturdy construction that easily mounts to any wall without the need for a glass frame around the mirror.

The TokeShimi beauty mirror lights features a gorgeous, frameless design that’s sure to enhance any bathroom decor. Mount your make-up mirror on the wall opposite your sink and enjoy the natural light from your window without worrying about moisture buildup. The smart touch buttons allow you to dim or brighten your reflection.

This Fog-free LED Bathroom Mirror promotes optimal health by reducing stress caused by looking in a foggy or dull mirror and reduces contamination on the surrounding surfaces. The best bathroom mirror for applying make-up, shaving, and styling your hair.


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: White
  • Power Source: Hardwired
  • Material: Glass


  • An elegant mirror will add a touch of class to any bathroom.
  • Anti-fog technology to ensure your reflection is always crystal clear.
  • High-quality glass and silvered coating provide a clear reflection
  • Quick, easy setup and the flexibility to mount your LED lighted mirror on a wall or stand it
  • Full function mirror with memory function that remembers your preferred light setting for next time.
  • Advanced LED lights with an output of up to 1000 lumens give a good brightness and a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.
  • Excellent design with a silvered reflection layer and a protective layer of anti-scratch material to guard against damage.
  • Made from high-class material, copper-free, environmentally-friendly materials with a protective silvered reflection layer.

TokeShimi Bathroom Magnifying Vanity Mirror With Light


  • Can be hung vertically or horizontally
  •  A long-lasting and energy-saving
  • HIgh quality for the price.
  • The light is not bright.

14. Waneway Vanity Mirror with LED Bulbs

Waneway makeup mirror with warm light and daylight settings allows you to get the most natural application of makeup, even at night. It is an effective tool in your daily beauty care. The surrounding 12x3W LED bulbs provide a clean and bright reflection and allow you to create a flawless and professional look. An integrated sensor switch with a memory function makes this mirror return to its previous brightness after being switched off.

This illuminated vanity makeup mirror comes with a touch control design, allowing you to turn on/off the light and adjust the brightness more conveniently than before. This design integrates advanced technology into high-quality material; it is sturdy enough for everyday use and beautiful enough for personal decoration.

Keep your makeup well-applied and looking good with the Waneway beauty vanity mirror with lights. This versitle vanity mirror lights your face with 12x3W dimmable LED bulbs and has warm light (4000K color temperature) and daylight (6000K color temperature) settings to ensure you find the best level of brightness for you.

With 360 degrees rotatable base and cordless design, this makeup mirror is convenient and easy to use. Besides, it is an ideal dressing partner to help you put on makeup in the morning! The makeup mirror is surrounded by 12x3W natural light that provides a bright and clear reflection even at night. It also has one-touch control brightness adjustment and memory function. 


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: White
  • Power Source: 12v power supply cord
  • Material: Metal


  • With warm light ( 4000K color temperature) / daylight (6000K color temperature) settings 
  • Adjustable brightness, the make-up mirror provides a clean and bright reflection
  • Allows you to get the most natural application of makeup, even at night.
  • Strong, solid feel with metal frame and base, built to withstand heavy use on your dressing desk.
  • Gorgeous and superior reflective mirror built to last with top-quality material.
  • The touch control design is an ideal solution for your various skincare, makeup, and beauty treatments.
  • The white makeup mirror comes with dimmable brightness, versatile color temperature, and memory function.
  • It’s suitable for most kinds of makeup, facial treatments as well as shaving, hair care, and hairstyling.

Waneway Vanity Mirror with LED Bulbs

  • 360-degree free rotation
  • Touch control design for easy use
  • Plug and play with the included 12V adapter.
  • Very expensive!

15. HAUSCHEN HOME Bathroom Vanity Mirror For Makeup

The Hauschen Home LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror, with advanced LED light and premium polished-edge design, is suitable for any room in your home, spa, or hotel. Featuring a defogger and dimmer switch, it solves the low-light problems and provides a clear view of yourself at any time and from any angle.

The highly dimmable touch switch enables you to turn lights on and off with your finger just like touching a smartphone screen. Appreciate your mood in the different designs of mirrors and lighting effects. Installation is super easy with the included mounting hardware, and the frameless design is both durable and stylish.

The Hauschen Home beautiful mirrors can make the bathroom a fashionable place where you can relax after the whole day of working. The high-quality silver mirror can provide you with more than 99% reflection. The HD super-thin frame is integrated with the glass, and after lamination, it fits in your bathroom well with or without any shelf or rack.

The beauty vanity mirror with lights is made with the latest touch switch control technology. You can turn on/off the mirror by tapping anywhere on the mirror’s surface without additional switches or remote controls. This best bathroom makeup mirror offers 5500K cool white light and is UL-approved for safety. It’s available to be hung vertically or horizontally and offers a dimmer with memory resumes features. 


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: White and Yellow
  • Power Source: Hardwired
  • Material: Glass


  • Ultra-slim: 1.4 inches slim mirror depth
  • UL-listed electronic parts: and covered by safety housing.
  • Anti-fog function help to keep always clear reflection image.
  • High-quality: Hanging Both Horizontally and Vertically.
  • Convenient: Easy to install, no need to worry about the surface is rough.
  • Innovative design: This mirror comes with an innovative vertical and horizontal hanging style.
  • Copper-free silver: Much less corrosion rate compared with normal silver mirrors used by most brands.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror For Makeup

  • Easy and safe to install
  • Comfortable visual lighting
  • Vertical & Horizontal hanging
  • Overall good, at least 2 people are needed to install.


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What is Vanity Mirror with Lights?

Vanity mirrors are used for full-length self-appearance. These are used on dressing tables. The dressing tables are used to make the beauty of the person complete. These mirrors are made of their own unique designs to match the room’s décor.

The lights of vanity lights are made in a way that lights the face of the person to whom the mirror is looking. The lights are attached to the vanity mirror in a way that the light is not directed toward the person. The lights are radiated towards the face of the person looking into the mirror.

The light helps the person in deciding what to wear and how it will look on her/him. The lights help the person in looking different using different colors and shades. The lights help the person in making his hair and beards good to look at.

All the lights that are used are of high quality. The lights are made with the latest technology. The lights are made with the latest LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). The lights are of different colors.

A vanity mirror with lights is perfect for every girl to give her vanity a boost. This type of mirror is especially popular because it can be used to apply makeup or groom hair in a more private setting. Additionally, these mirrors often have built-in lighting that makes it easy to see what you are doing.

Is mirror with Led light good?

Yes, a mirror with led light would be good. Led light is one of the most energy-efficient and cleanest ways to illuminate a room. It also doesn’t heat up the space like other lighting, so you can simply place a led strip light with a mirror to create a mirror with led light. The led light in it can be dimmable and is super bright.

How do bathroom mirrors with LED lights work?

The bathroom mirror with led lights works on the principle of light-emitting diodes or LEDs. The lights are arranged in a line around the edges of the mirror. The lights illuminate the person in front of the mirror, creating a reflection. Each LED has a specific position on the led light-up mirror.

There is a circuit board that is attached to the mirror with the LEDs. The circuit board controls the LEDs to illuminate with a specific on-off pattern. When LEDs are on, the person will see the light reflection on the mirror.

Do you need additional lighting with a LED mirror?

No, you don’t need additional lighting with an LED mirror. A typical LED mirror has the same brightness as a 60-Watt incandescent bulb. Most women prefer the natural pure white color of the LED lights to the yellowish light from halogen bulbs. But if you are using the mirror in a dark room or during night time, you may want to add some light to it.

Is Vanity Mirror with Lights good for applying makeup?

It all depends on the kind of vanity mirror you get. There are a lot of different types of vanity mirrors, so make sure you get the best one. The best vanity mirrors have many different kinds of lighting solutions. This allows you to set the lighting to your own personal preferences, so you are more likely to get a natural-looking makeup application.

Make sure the mirror is large enough to give you a clear view of your whole face and body. A large mirror will also allow you to see your back and sides, which will give you an unobstructed view of your makeup application.

Benefits Of Using Vanity Mirror with Lights

A vanity mirror is one of the essential things that a woman needs to apply makeup perfectly. It is usually used along with portable makeup lights. When you are using your vanity mirror with lights, there are two things that you need to remember. First is the main purpose of using the vanity mirror, which is to apply makeup perfectly. When you use the mirror with lights, it will make you look brighter and more radiant. Always remember that the main purpose behind using the vanity mirror is to apply makeup perfectly.

The second thing is to choose the best vanity mirror with lights that has the appropriate lighting that you want. Choosing the best vanity mirror is the key for your vanity mirror to be a success. You may need to make an investment in purchasing the right type of vanity mirror with lights.  Make sure that you shop around in order to find the vanity mirror that is right for your own needs.

  • Increased visibility: A vanity mirror with lights is a great way to increase your visibility when you’re out and about. Not only will you be more visible in low-light situations, but you’ll also look great while doing so!
  • Increased safety when applying makeup: With vanity mirrors that come with built-in lights, there is now increased safety when applying makeup. This is especially helpful for women who are using their own light to apply makeup in the dark.
  • A better view of your face in the dark: Looking in the mirror and seeing yourself for the first time in the dark can be a really empowering experience. Not only can you appreciate your features more, but you can also see any flaws or areas that need attention. Vanity mirrors with lights are perfect for every girl to have in her bathroom so she can get a better view of herself at any time of day or night.
  • Apply makeup in a more professional manner: If you’re looking for a vanity mirror that can help you apply makeup in a more professional manner, then the Vanity Mirror with Lights is perfect for you!  Vanity mirror has many light settings that can be used to illuminate your face in the correct light for different makeup applications. Whether you’re looking to achieve a natural look or want to add some extra brightness to your cheeks.
  • Illuminate your face for a more accurate application of makeup: A vanity mirror with lights is perfect for every girl to have in her makeup collection. The light can help to illuminate your face for a more accurate application of makeup.
  • Check the symmetry of your face before applying makeup: If you’re looking for a vanity mirror that has both lighting and a mirror, then the Vanity Mirror with Lights is perfect for you! The vanity mirror has many bright LED lights that can be turned on or off, making it perfect for checking the symmetry of your face before applying makeup.
  • Additionally, the mirror is also large enough to see yourself clearly. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to check your makeup application or want something more decorative to enhance your vanity space, the Vanity Mirror with Lights is a great choice.
  • More connected to herself and her own beauty: A vanity mirror with lights is a great way for every girl to feel more connected to herself and her own beauty. By having this type of mirror in her room, she can get a sense of self-awareness and appreciation for her features. This can help her feel more confident and beautiful, which can boost her self-esteem and make her happier overall.

What to Look for in Vanity Mirror With Lights?

When looking for a vanity mirror with lights, it is important to consider the specific needs of the individual. Some people may want a mirror that has multiple light settings to adjust to their individual needs, while others may prefer a mirror with no lights at all. Additionally, it is important to consider the size and shape of the vanity mirror as well as its price.

When it comes to choosing the best vanity mirror with lights, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the vanity mirror has enough light output to properly reflect your skin tone. Second, be sure to choose a vanity mirror with adjustable brightness and color settings so you can customize the look and feel of your reflection. And finally, consider whether or not you want an illuminated mirror.

  • Size: When looking for a vanity mirror that has lights, it is important to consider the size of the mirror. A large vanity mirror will allow you to see yourself in full length, which is helpful if you are trying to get an accurate reflection of your appearance. Additionally, a large mirror will make it easier to apply makeup and hairstyling products.
  • Surface: When shopping for a vanity mirror, it is important to consider the surface. A smooth, non-glare surface will make applying make-up and styling hair much easier. Mirrors with a textured or bumpy surface can be more difficult to use, especially if you have shaky hands.
  • Easy to clean: A mirror that is easy to clean is a must-have feature for any vanity. Some mirrors have a built-in cleaning system, while others require you to use a cloth or sponge. Choose the mirror that is easiest for you to keep clean and your bathroom will look cleaner too!
  • Bulb type: There are many different types of mirrors available on the market, but if you want one that uses LED bulbs, you need to be focused on models that have this feature. LEDs are more energy-efficient than incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs, and they can mimic a variety of different lighting conditions.
  • Diming: Most high-end light vanity mirrors come with either bright or dim lights, allowing the user to adjust them as needed to create the effects of natural or artificial light.
  • Suit the space: Vanity mirrors need to fit around or over the space where the user applies makeup so that they can move in for a close-up. So, if you have a smaller bathroom with limited counter space, a vanity mirror that is compact may be the best option. However, if you have more room and want to use the mirror as part of your bedroom décor, opting for a wall-mounted or pedestal mirror may be a better choice.

How to make a vanity mirror with lights?

To make a vanity mirror with lights, first, construct the mirror frame out of wood as you would for any other mirror. Make it any size you want, but keep in mind that larger mirrors will be difficult to transport and use. Next, use a special tool to hold the mirror in place on the frame, until the glue dries. A mirror such as this could be placed on a dresser, or hung on a wall. Finally, attach lights to the frame behind the mirror. The lights can add a nice effect behind the glass.


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FAQs:  Best Vanity Mirror with Lights

  • How big should a Vanity Mirror be?

    The size of your vanity is relative to the space in your room and your requirements. To make a decision about the size of your vanity, you should draw up a plan. Mark out the dimensions of the vanity and room to clearly show the space requirements for the vanity.
    You should also consider the height of the mirror, the standard height is usually 54 inches high. So, the total mirror length should be 54 inches – the distance from the floor to the top of the mirror. So, the total mirror length should be 54 inches – the distance from the floor to the top of the mirror.

  • Should Vanity light be as long as a mirror?

    Vanity lights are not required to be as long as a mirror; they should be as long as the size of your mirror. There are a number of vanity light fixtures out there but if you have a lot of mirror space and need a lot of lighting you can take a look at the light fixture from Delta. They are well built, beautiful, and very versatile.

  • Are lighted Vanity Mirror worth it?

    Lights in the vanity mirror can be really helpful in applying make-up correctly. When you are applying eyeshadow, you need to really see what you are doing. Having your own lighted vanity mirror is expensive but they are worth the investment.