10 Best Light For Sewing Machine

Having the best light for sewing machine is important whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for years. There are several factors to consider when examining various sewing lights including size, power source, and lighting source.

Light For Sewing Machine is a remarkably innovative and nifty device that has been designed to let you sew at night. The light source leverages LED technology and is available in Red, Green, and White colors. This device is compatible with different sewing machines and is based on the common USB port.

Lighting is essential for sewing because you need to see what you are working on. Plenty of light helps provide bright and clear vision so you can easily identify the sewing defects on your garments as you work, and therefore saves you time and energy.

The Best Light For Sewing Machine

The best sewing machine light is a must. It not only protects your eyes but also improves visibility. Nowadays, there are hundreds of models of sewing machine lights available on the market. To some extent, it’s confusing to choose one among the mass products. This review will help you to get the top 10 best options for sewing machine lights and decide which one is suitable for your needs. Keep reading!

1. WENICE Sewing Machine Lights

WENICE Sewing Lights provide perfect and flicker-free lighting with brightness dimming from 0%-100% according to your preferences or different working situations by a touchable switch. There is no need to buy so many extra adaptors because this sewing light can be powered from any USB power source.

If you feel uncomfortable working under those 2 cold light fluorescent bulbs, there has to be a better way that can help you see better, such as this sewing machine 5v led light. The USB-powered light For Sewing Machine is flexible, you can adjust the brightness by the dimmer switch or trim it to the desired length. The warm white (4000k) light will produce less glare and eyestrain, helping you see better.

Its premium 5050 SMD strips deliver amazing brightness of 6500k pure white and have 2 years warranty with safe working voltage (DC5V). With colorful packaging and including free accessories like 5pcs adhesive clips, it is also a great present for any DIY lovers!

If you are a crafter, sewer, or DIY’er, this light is tailor-made for you. The USB power adaptor and 6.6-foot cord make it convenient to plug into a wall socket or your laptop. The lights can be dimmed to suit your needs using the handy dimming switch.

The WENICE Sewing Machine Light is mounted on an 11.8″ flexible strip that can be cut every 3 LEDs for an optimum fit into your sewing machine. Uses 18 cold white LEDs (6500k) together with 5 adjustable clips, USB power adaptor, ON/OFF, and dimmer switch. The light is cool to the touch and the LEDs are energy efficient, so the lamp only uses a tiny amount of energy (1W @full brightness). It could be powered by any USB device, such as a computer, wall mount, etc.


  • Low heat and low power loss
  • Low power consumption and low cost
  • Can be cut anywhere every 3 LED lights
  • USB powered no need for any extra power adaptor
  • it is dimmable, so you can adjust the brightness as you want.
  • Touch dimmer is included in the package, you can adjust the brightness.

WENICE Sewing Machine Lights


2. Madam Sew Sewing Machine Led Light Strip

The Sew Bright Light for Sewing Machine is a multi-functional, universally compatible sewing light with a flexible strip to conform to your machine’s contours. This 12” 12vdc light strip attaches easily with adhesive back clips and hook-and-loop cord organizers. A 98” power cord gives you the flexibility to place the light anywhere that works for you, and four spare adhesive clips are included.

it’s easy to install and operate. And at just 12 inches long, this bright light will bring everything into focus without getting in your way. It even includes 4 black hook-and-loop cord organizers to route cords out of your line of sight. The adhesive-backed clips and cable organizers ensure that all cables are neatly tucked away so that you can enjoy an illuminating sewing experience.

Every sewer needs adequate lighting when stitching and the Madam Sew 5 Watt LED Light for sewing machines have this covered. This flexible arm light is attached with adhesive cord clips to the side of your sewing machine so you can keep your table free for other tasks. The Madam Sew Light for Sewing Machine is a perfectly adjustable LED light that will allow you to see more clearly than ever before. The lights are powered by a USB port which can be connected to your sewing machine, power bank, or computer.


  •  Greatly increase visibility with bright.
  • Reduce your sewing costs with the bright,
  • Better concentration and more accurate sewing
  • Save time and frustration with an easy-to-use, flexible.
  • Improved accuracy for quilting, hems, topstitching, and applique work
  • Clean white light the Sew Bright LED Sewing Machine Light Strip provides

Madam Sew Light For Sewing Machine

3. GELENZ Sewing Machine Light Strip

GELENZ LED Sewing Machine LED light kit 6.6ft(2 Meter) with 12 LEDs. The sewing machine light strip kit has 12 LED bulbs which produce enough lights to illuminate your sewing and craft area clearly, giving you a good view of the stitches and projects. Sewing led lighting adopted quality Abs + silicone material, it is flexible and bendable, which is easy to position, plenty of clips for securing cord can be cut to the length you like.

Energy-efficient Power, Intense lighting, and 4 levels of brightness give you the perfect amount of light to illuminate your work area without imposing too much heat, the sewing lamp will help you see your project better. Memory function, The detail lamp restores the last set of brightness and color when you start it again. The lamp has a flexible neck and arm for different positions, so you can maneuver it anytime.

The Sewing LED Light Strip is powered by USB, portable, and easy to use for your sewing machine. The LED strips are waterproof and flexible so it can be bent and wrapped around the corners of the machine. It provides natural light to your sewing projects without disturbing others.

An illuminating strip designed to provide instant light to your workspace. This Sewing Machine Light Strip contains 30 premium LEDs, providing natural and clean light at an equivalent of 6 watts of incandescent light. Simple to install and able to operate on either 110/130V and 220/240V electrical outlets, you won’t need any professional help to install the Sewing Machine Light Strip.


  • High Quality: The light is made of high-quality material, which is durable to use.
  • Easy to Install: You only need to stick the adhesive on the sewing machine and plug the light into the power
  • Highly Bright: The light is designed with 30 pieces of high-quality LEDs
  • Convenient to Use: You can cut the length of the strip according to your needing.

GELENZ Sewing Machine Light Strip


4. Inspired LED Light Strip For Sewing Machines

Inspired LED Light Strip is designed specifically to be installed underneath a sewing machine and they take just minutes to install! Providing bright, even lighting under your machine, these lights are made up of 15 bulbs that are placed every 4 inches for continuous lighting.  The Inspired LED Universal Light Strip for Sewing Machines is the solution for dim lights on sewing machines. This light attaches easily to your machine for optimal lighting for your work area. They also last a long time, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them.

Inspired LED light strips for sewing machines are an easy way to improve visibility in your workspace. As the perfect alternative to fluorescent tubes or incandescent fixtures. With included velcro, these strips can be easily installed in minutes with zero electrical experience. A variety of sizes are available to fit most major brands, so you can get the perfect amount of light while staying within your budget.

The Inspired LED Sewing Machine Light Strip provides ultra-bright light in a thin and flexible package. The strip easily adheres to any sewing machine that has a metal or plastic body and emits 150 lumens of light with only 2 watts of power consumption. An internal switch allows you to turn the light on/off and also control brightness levels between 100% and 50% power. The LED Sewing Machine lights are extremely durable and made from impact-resistant flexible plastic.


  • Easy to Install: Just peel and stick
  • Energy Efficient: Fitting for any home or small business
  • Uses: Sewing, quilting, crafting, reading, hobbies, industrial uses
  • Professional Quality: High brightness and high contrast
  • Super Versatile: Can be cut to any length and sticks to any surface


Inspired LED Light Strip For Sewing Machines


5. EVISWIY Light For Sewing Machine

EVISWIY Led Light For Sewing Machine with Switch offers clear illumination for your workplace. This machine light combines a 3.2-foot flexible neck and a bright, energy-efficient LED task light that illuminates your workspace without harsh shadows.

This Best light for sewing machine is long enough to illuminate a large area, and with an adjustable angle, you can position it just where you need the extra light. The magnetic base and flexible gooseneck are sturdy enough to hold their positions once adjusted. The brightness of the LED lights is excellent, and they produce a nice even illumination.

This lighting is the best value for money, suitable and ideal directly on the sewing machine. It is made of high-quality material so that it can be attached to any metal surface. This gooseneck led light for the sewing machine is a must for anyone who works with their machine. It is the perfect lamp to use when you are embroidering, embroidering, working on the quilt, or even just taking a normal stitch. Easy to install and features a gooseneck design that allows you to rotate this lamp according to your need.

This energy-efficient EVISWIY Led Light For Sewing Machine is the perfect solution. The light For Sewing Machine is high-quality 5W LED that provides bright, adjustable light for your workbench or sewing machine, and can be bendable to illuminate the whole space, which is safer and more convenient than a pocket flashlight. Easily attach the clamp to any machine table, or use the magnets without leaving any scratches! The metal clamp fits tables up to 1.38” thick. This lamp also comes with a USB port so you can charge your phone while you work!


  • Bright: Bright LED lights, which illuminates your workspace, projects and makes it easier to see your work.
  • Flexible: Flexible gooseneck, which can be easily adjusted to any angle.
  • Versatile: Can be used for sewing, embroidery, table lamp, reading light, etc.
  • Safe: No radiation, zero stroboscopic, and not dazzling.
  • Perfect: Perfect for a workbench, lathe, drill press, milling/sewing machine, etc.
  • Good: Good quality and reasonable price.

EVISWIY Led Light For Sewing Machine

6. Brightech Sewing Machine Led Light

Brightech’s LightView Pro Flex 2 in 1 is a powerful and versatile magnifier lamp. You can use this high-quality magnifying glass as a durable hobby and craft light, shop light, or visual aid for professional artisans who do intricate jewelry, makeup, and small repairs.

The lens’ 3″ diameter is made of genuine optically pure glass – not the acrylic that fogs up – and focused to show things at 8X magnification. Enjoy our full spectrum (daylight) LED, rated to last 20 years because it consumes 80% less energy than incandescent lighting

This magnifier lamp packs a ton of brightness and magnification power into a compact package. The magnifying glass lens on the light tilts to almost any angle. In addition, the head of the Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2 in 1 swivel around, giving you the freedom to maneuver it exactly where you need it.

The BrightTech LightView Pro Flex 2 in 1 13.5” flexible magnifying glass with light is the perfect hobby light for crafts, sewing, reading, or tasks that require close work. This LED-lit magnifier has super bright white LEDs and a diopter glass lens that provides 2x magnification without a shadowed area typically found in ordinary large magnifiers.


  • Get your lens and light where you need it
  • Adjust the flexible gooseneck to view things at different distances
  • Clamp the light or base to your desk or table for stable viewing
  • A must for needlework and other crafts
  • 6000K daylight color cool light – not yellow lighting

Brightech Sewing Machine Led Light



7. Daylight Company LLC light For Sewing Machine

The LED Daylight Duo LED Art & Craft Floor Lamp is a sturdy, double-headed lamp with advanced lighting technology that delivers brilliant, natural daylight direct to your workspace. Ideal for art and craft projects, it also provides accurate color matching, while the flexible arm directs light exactly where you need it. The touch switch dimmer has 4 brightness levels and the 56 high-quality bright LEDs provide accurate color matching.

The Daylight DUO LED Floor Lamp provides everything you need for crafting and hobbies: Articulated arms reach any position, the dual light heads increase your illuminated work surface, and the touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness settings lets you control the light intensity.  The Daylight Duo lamp has 2 fully adjustable, articulated arms with extraordinarily bright ultra-white LEDs. Each arm provides an illuminating work area, with a combined area coverage of 16 square feet.

The daylight duo-led art & craft floor lamp is a double-headed, flexible adjustable arm design that directs the light exactly where you need it. This stylish lamp has contemporary white styling and is built with a touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels. It’s a great hobby and craft lamp that can also be used for reading, drawing, and hobbies.


  • LED light bulbs never need replacing
  • The double head is raising the level of your bright work is powerful and energy saving.
  • The flexible arm directs light exactly where you need it
  • It has a touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels.
  • 56 High-quality bright LEDs provide accurate color matching.


Daylight Company LLC light For Sewing Machine



8. Brightech Adjustable Lighting For Sewing Machine

The Brightech Litespan LED floor lamp brings daylight hues into your room. It stands 6 feet tall, with a 3-way switch that turns on either the LED Reading light or light For Sewing Machine or both! The task light has adjustable metal shades and bends in many directions to direct the light just where you want it.

The tall pole has a weighted base to stably support the head that rotates 360° to help you focus on anything from crafting to homework. Great for beauty spas, reading, and late-at-night diary writing.

The Brightech Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp combines modern style and high-quality full-spectrum natural daylight lighting that helps you be more productive. Powered by energy-efficient LEDs, which help keep your electricity bills low,  Litespan makes a great eyelash extension lamp.

The lamp uses a non-touchy, push-button type on and off switch. It also features a very handy adjustable color temperature dial that changes the light between warm white (3000K) and bright daylight (6000K). So you can get the perfect light for your needs.


  • Natural daylight color light
  • It is powerful and energy-saving.
  • Modern Standing Pole Light & Gooseneck.
  • Adjust the light to shine where you need it the most.
  • The LEDs stay cool to the touch even after hours of use.
  • Natural daylight color light, 6000K color temperature.
  • Adjust your height and the angle of the lights with the gooseneck.

Brightech Adjustable Lighting For Sewing Machine


9. NOEVSBIG Led Sewing Machine Light

The NOEVSBIG Magnifier Lamp provides the perfect light and magnification that are ideal for people who enjoy a wide variety of craft, professional, essential oils, nail designs, sewing, reading, or working with small items. This magnifier can prevent eye strain better than any other magnifier. With a 4.1” real glass lens and 3 levels of adjustable brightness control(11 LEDs totally), It will let you see the tiniest detail in extraordinary clarity without any distortion.

This magnifying desk lamp delivers light at 5000K color temperature, which is close to natural daylight. Excellent for craft and needlework tasks. The lens can be swiveled up and down, left or right freely. It provides excellent brightness and natural colors in all areas of the lens. This is a combination of an energy-efficient LED desk lamp and a magnifying glass for sharpening your eyesight.

Using this versatile clamp lamp you can illuminate your workspace and magnify your projects. It is a great tool for soldering, crafts, jewelry making, and much more. This magnifying lamp provides a wide range of illumination and magnification which will allow you to see objects 40% bigger than they actually are. Spot small details and solder tiny points with ease. This Magnifying Lamp will make your work more accurate and convenient.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • The flexible arm allows you to increase or decrease the distance between the lamp head
  • The clamp base, from 26cm to 50cm, achieves the optimal distance for the work.
  • High-quality material with strong clamp and adjustable height.

NOEVSBIG Led Sewing Machine Light


10. Ever Sewn Rechargeable LED Sewing Machine Light

The EverSewn U.S.B. Rechargeable LED Sewing Machine Light features two extremely bright and adjustable LED lights that deliver superior brightness to your work area. With a low-profile design and magnetic mounting, this light does not block the view to the sewing area and can be mounted above or below your sewing machine for maximum flexibility.

This small, but impressively powerful rechargeable LED light is the perfect solution to illuminating your sewing space. It features two LED lights with a touch sensor to control the brightness of each individual lamp. The USB cord can be used to charge the device and includes a set of magnetic bases that can be placed on any metallic surface.

This makes it the perfect solution for illuminating your sewing machine, using multiple lights for the seating area, or even for highlighting your workspace when scrapbooking or other craft projects. The low profile design won’t interfere with even the highest quality sewing machines and due to its small size, it can be easily removed and stored away when not in use.

This unique light combines two powerful LED lights that are adjustable to any angle, allowing you to see what you’re working on much more clearly. The rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of operation! Easy to attach and use with a USB charging cord or a USB power source.


  • Great for sewing in low light conditions
  • Best for all your sewing projects and special occasions.
  • A lower light setting helps you see small stitches and details.
  • Adjustable, flexible, and removable light that can fit any sewing machine.
  • Best for embroidery, sewing, quilting, drapes, upholstery, and more.
  • Creates an illuminated sewing space for a more comfortable sewing experience.

Ever Sewn Rechargeable LED Sewing Machine Light


Buyer Guide: 

How to choose the best light for a sewing machine?

When choosing a light for the sewing machine, you will need to take into account the lighting requirements for your sewing project, the available budget for the light, and the style of the sewing machine.  Your sewing machine light should be bright enough to illuminate your work surface, but not so bright that it makes your eyes uncomfortable when you look at your sewing project.

Low light and bright light sewing machine lights are available. Some sewing machine lights include a magnifying glass as part of the lighting system, which allows you to see the details of your sewing project without having to bend down to look at the machine. Sewing machines with LED lights are also available, which are more energy-efficient and longer-lasting than incandescent sewing machine light bulbs.

There are many types of sewing machine Led strip lights available in the market. Some of which are clip-on lights, in-built lights, and built-in lights. A good sewing machine should have at least one built-in light and it would be ideal to have a clip-on or in-built light as well.

A light with a long cord allows you to work on objects placed aside and gives you a better view of the fabric. Having a few light sources is better than having one as when one goes off, you will still have the other to work on. Always use a light with an off-switch. Good light is a must-have for a sewing machine as it makes sewing easy.


How do you install LED strip lights on a sewing machine?

LED strip lights can be cut and attached to a sewing machine in a variety of creative ways. LED lights are available in a variety of colors and are used as an enhancement to any project that you are working on.  Here are a few tips to get you started:  You can cut the LED strip lights to any length by using a pair of scissors or a box cutter. You can also melt the ends of the LED strip lights using a lighter.

Try hooking the LED lights up to the ends of the sewing machine.  If you are using the LED lights for a logo on the front of the machine, you can hook the lights up to the end of the sewing machine.  Hook the back of the sewing machine and use them as a decoration for your logo.

You can also hook up the lights directly to the power source.  The lights are small, so you can place one or two lights on the end of the sewing machine.  To ensure that the lights are going to stay in place, you can use double-sided tape to secure the lights.

What kind of light is best for a sewing machine?

The light you choose for your sewing machine should be bright enough so that you can clearly see the needle and stitching. Your sewing machine comes with brightwork lights that are sufficient. For the actual work area, you can use flexible desk lamps. The light should be positioned so that it shines over the area where you are sewing. On the carpet, you can use a clip-on lamp or you can buy a floor lamp. If sewing is your only hobby, invest in a good lamp for your work area so that you can make your best effort.

When sewing is at its peak, the right kind of light is critical to view the stitches and seams. Therefore, the most important factor for choosing the light for your sewing machine is the quality of light. When people sew, they tend to focus the light on the fabric. However, you should be careful not to put the light in the direct path of the sewing needle.

Some people choose a light that uses natural light, which is determined by the time of the day and the weather. So if you are facing low light conditions, you can use a lamp with natural light. However, natural light is not consistent, so you need to check the lamp to make sure that it can be adjusted to an even light source.

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