5 Best Led Lights For Glass Display Cabinets

led lights for glass display cabinets can help you to make it look much better. The led lights for the cabinet can be chosen according to your needs and your budget. Some people might feel worried about how to install this kind of light. However, the installation is not that hard. Therefore, you could try to buy the led lights for glass display cabinets.

When you are thinking about how to beautify your house, you must consider how to make your house looks beautiful and awesome by adding cabinets. The cabinets can be made of different kinds of materials. One of the materials is glass. Led lights for glass display cabinets are very popular and famous nowadays. They are worthy of decoration because they won’t cause you any problems and worries.

Led lights for glass display cabinets

Nowadays, there are huge numbers of people who are choosing online shopping. And it is one of the best selections to find home goods. We are going to share with you the top 5 Led lights for glass display cabinets because it’s very important to choose the right lighting when you have glass display cabinets in your room. So, read the post and find out some good information about cool lights which can help you to make a decision.

  • WOBANE Led lights For Glass Cabinets
  • LIFX lighting for glass cabinets
  • Sengled Smart Light For display cabinets
  • Armacost led lights for display shelves
  • Enteenly Led lights for glass display cabinets

1. WOBANE Led lights for glass cabinets

WOBANE RGB Led cabinet lights is a complete DIY kit, that includes everything you need to create your own lightboxes at home, also can be used to light up your diorama models. The amazing 9.8 feet in length enables you to have the freedom to mount the lights anywhere in your house. The dimmable feature gives you the freedom to adjust light brightness and color according to your mood.

This is an adjustable light strip kit. You can install the led lights in any place you want because you cut them to length in every 3 LEDs. It is perfect for cabinets, desks, closets, etc. With a dimmer and RF remote controller, it will meet your different wants. WOBANE provides cool white and warm white 2 types of packing, which range from 3000K to 6500K and could satisfy most people’s requirements. Newest designed RF dimmer switch, brightness can be adjusted.

WOBANE Cabinet Lighting Kit, including 12V power adapter and application accessories, has a long lifespan, about 30,000 hours. With adhesive and magnets backing for easy installation. No tools or screws are required. It’s a must-have for all closets, under cabinets, and counter lighting. It comes with an RF wireless remote control, which enables you to remotely dim and turn on/off the LED lights conveniently. Using super viscosity 3M adhesive, the LED lights can be easily stuck on everywhere without other tools.

Why We Like It

  • Remote control: 17-key remote control with timing off, dimming, hot buttons, rematch, and dynamic function.
  • Timing function: The timing function allows you to control your lights during the day and at night.
  • Adjustable brightness: You can adjust the brightness as you like. If you need a brighter light, you can increase it by pressing the “ON/DIMMER” button on the remote control within 2 seconds.
  • Energy-saving: Low voltage design and high efficiency LED light sources to keep the power consumption low. It is safe and reliable.
  • Safe low voltage: The LED light strip is made of high-quality material and safe low voltage (DC12V).
  • Easy installation: All installation accessories


WOBANE Led lights for glass cabinets



2. LIFX lighting for glass cabinets

LIFX  is a stylish light strip that can be mounted on almost any surface and can change colors to fit your needs. Enhance the look and feel of your favorite space with these fun and flexible lights. Each LIFX contains 16 LEDs which are individually controllable and can be connected to other LIFX lighting for glass cabinets is to turn your next project into something amazing.

LIFX lighting for glass cabinets is a vibrant 6.6’/2m strip light that delivers bright, customizable lighting for under cabinets, shelving, or workspaces. Cut and bend to adjust for any space or use peel and stick 3M adhesive strips for a permanent installation. Add a splash of color to your glass cabinets or shelves with the LIFX Color 1000 strip. Make it match your existing lighting, or set a new mood or theme in each room.

With 16 customizable zones along its 6.6-foot length, setting the perfect tone is easy. Use the LIFX app on your phone to add even more colors and program animations such as lightning to set the scene when you walk into any room.

LIFX lights bring radiant color to glass cabinets with millions of colors and warm whites. Brighten or dim to create the perfect mood. Instantly turn on or off, change color and adjust the brightness to fit your mood. Schedule lights by the time of day or sunset/sunrise then set and forget. Control from your smartphone or tablet when you’re not home. No hub required, Wi-Fi ready.

Why We Like It

  • No hub or subscription is required.
  • Thousands of shades of warm and cool white.
  • Expand your lighting system as time goes on.
  • Reliable, bright lighting that’s easy to set up and use.
  • Connect up to 50 lights together for a fuller, more vibrant color.
  • Control your lights from anywhere with your iOS or Android device or from your computer.

LIFX lighting for glass cabinets


3. Sengled Smart LED Strip Light For display cabinets

The Sengled Smart LED Strip lights are ideal for accent lighting in kitchens, bookcases, under cabinets, or to brighten any dark area. With 1800 lumens of brightness and 16 million colors to choose from, they will serve a variety of purposes. Easy installation with the included 3M tape and strong adhesive means everyone can enjoy the benefits of smart lighting.

The Sengled LED Strip Light is a beautiful LED light strip to create a warm atmosphere in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen..The adhesive tape can be easily applied anywhere you want to brighten up your life. The Sengled Smart Light Strip is a flexible and water-resistant strip for indoor and outdoor use that allows you to create dramatic light scenes. The easy-to-use app makes it simple to interact with your lights, from turning on, off, or dimming them, to creating preset scenes and DIY moods.

Smart LED light strip shows more true color than traditional lights, 2700k and 6500k, Enjoy the comfortable scene lighting! Effortless hands-free control of your smart home. Voice-controlled with Alexa and Google Home, you can remotely turn on/off, dim or brighten your brightness in your bedroom, living room or kitchen. Or group devices and control entire rooms with a single command.

Why We Like It

  • Simply plug the smart strip under your cabinet, lay it flat against the wall,
  • Cut the strip to size and shape to fit your space and design.
  • Change the color of your smart strip with a voice command.
  • It has many features that make it unique and competitive.
  • It can highly customizable and adjustments can be made to the scenes
  • It is voice-controllable with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Sengled Smart LED Strip Light For display cabinets (1)


4. Armacost led lights for display shelves

Armacost Lighting’s RGB LED tape lights are extremely flexible, allowing you to create custom installations with ease. They are also dimmable and fully cuttable along with marked intervals without affecting the input voltage or performance. for the most dramatic accent and shelf lighting. Ultra-thin, flexible LED ribbon produces 800 lumens per meter.

A lower profile than standard ribbon light allows you to create a custom look to fit any display case or surface. Flexible design curves up and around multiple shelf levels while maintaining even lighting intensity over a series of shelves. Cut and reconnect sections every 2 inches for precise application. While these lights have been designed primarily for lighting bookcases, display shelves, mantels, curio cabinets, and coves, they can also be used under countertops.

Illuminate any space with this ultra-thin lighting solution. The fully dimmable light looks great in any application, whether you’re creating a floating shelf, an under-cabinet display, or just want to highlight a workspace. Designed for easy installation and custom configurations, this lighting is the perfect way to brighten and beautify your home.

Why We Like It

  • Flexible: It is thin, flexible, and lightweight making it easy to install in awkward spaces.
  • Dimmable: It is fully dimmable and allows the light output to be adjusted to the needs of the space.
  • Versatile: It can be used anywhere that linear LED lighting is needed.
  • Energy efficiency: It has an efficiency of up to 105 lumens per watt. This makes the lighting more energy efficient than traditional lighting.

Armacost led lights for display shelves


5. Enteenly Led lights for glass display cabinets

Enteenly Led lights for glass display cabinets is design makes it easy for you to install the under cabinet lighting. No more worrying about having to buy 2 or 5 meter long strips to fit your cabinets, Total 9.8ft/3m , 6 PCS pre-cut strips, each meter can be cut, all you have to do is install them in the right place. Connectors are included when you need to combine the lengths.

Enteenly LED Under Cabinet Task Lighting, Powered by 100-240V AC and 12v DC, adopting high quality LED chip as light source, emitting even and bright light with soft light. Enteenly under cabinet lighting is widely used in under cabinet, closet, display cabinet, cupboard, wardrobe, bookcase, desk, etc for illumination or decoration purpose.

The Led under cabinet lighting kit can be individually controlled by a switch, 11-key RF remote control, or the smart controller via App. The over cabinet lighting can be controlled individually to fulfill the different needs of the place. And it is easy to control the Led lights for glass display cabinets with the remote control even if it is out of sight.

Effective and energy-saving lighting you can trust. These under cabinet lights are perfect for counters, closets, cabinets, or any hard-to-see area of your home, providing ambient light where you need it most. With multiple dimming settings, you can choose the perfect amount of light to suit the atmosphere.

Why We Like It

  • The flexible and adjustable LED strip lights with remote control dimmer for under cabinet lighting
  • With the waterproof adhesive tape on the back of the strip, you can stick them on the cabinet smoothly.
  • The strip lighting can be cut by scissors to fit your cabinet size.
  • You can join two or more strips to create a longer strip.
  • The remote control can be used to adjust the brightness of the strip lights.
  • You can also use the strip as a flashlight when you’re in the dark.
  • All you need to do is peel off the adhesive and stick the strip to the underside of your cabinet.
  • This product is UL certified and tested to meet the safety standards of the US and Canada

Enteenly Led lights for glass display cabinets


Buyer Guide:-

What To Look For In Led lights for glass display cabinets?

When looking for LED lights for glass display cabinets, it is important to consider the light output and color temperature. LED lights with a high output will be brighter and more visible, while LED lights with lower output will be less expensive but may not be as bright. Additionally, it is important to choose a light that has the correct color temperature for the glass cabinet material.

1. Brightness of Light

One important factor to consider when selecting LED lights for glass display cabinets is the brightness of the light. Many LED lights are available in a variety of brightness levels, from very low to very high. It is important to choose a light that is bright enough to be visible from a distance, but not so bright that it becomes uncomfortable or distracting.

2. Low power consumption

LED lights for glass display cabinets typically have a lower power consumption than traditional light sources, making them more environmentally friendly. Additionally, LED lights are often more durable and last longer than other types of lighting.

3. Durability

When it comes to choosing the right LED lights for glass display cabinets, it is important to consider their durability. Many LED lights are designed to be tough and withstand daily use, but some might not be as durable. If you’re unsure about the durability of a particular LED light, it’s best to consult with a trusted retailer or manufacturer before making your purchase.

4. Wide range of colors

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing led lights for glass display cabinets is the range of colors that they offer. Many Led lights for glass display cabinets come in a variety of colors, so you can find one that will perfectly match your décor.

How to install Led lights for glass display cabinets?

Installing led lights for glass display cabinets is a very simple task. All you have to do is, buy led strips and stick them on the inner part of glass display cabinets. You can use sticky tapes for it. The led lights for glass display cabinets will make the display cabinets look more attractive and will also help in displaying the products.

  • First, mount the power cord and switch to the back of the cabinets.
  • Second, attach the driver and control box to the bottom of the cabinet frame with screws.
  • Third, attach the lighting cables and wall plug to the driver with the wiring connectors. Next, mount the driver to the bottom of the cabinet with screws.
  • Finally, turn on the power.

How do you stick LED strips to glass?

The best solution for sticking LED strips to glass is to use double-sided tape.  Remove the adhesive backing from the tape, stick the tape to the back of the LED strip, and then press the other side of the tape against the glass. The tape will hold it in place. Here is a smart way to stick LED strips to a glass.
  • Using masking tape, find out the center of the glass.
  • Stick the LED strip into the center and make sure it sticks to the glass.
  • Slowly and carefully remove the LED strip from the backing and try to stick it to the glass.
  • Take a look. You may have to reapply some of the sticky ends.
  • If it doesn’t stick, then press harder.
  • If it still doesn’t stick, then wait for a few minutes before you press harder.
  • If the LED strip still doesn’t stick, then you can use the masking tape to fix the problem spots. Also, you should use double-sided tape.


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